G-Download Manager – A Good Tool To Have

The importance of a good download manager is known to most of the handheld device users as everyone needs a simple solution to download useful contents such files, videos, etc. on the internet.

Most of the smartphone and tablets have inbuilt download managers which allow downloading files off the internet, but this doesn’t happen all the time. Few people don’t like to use these inbuilt download managers as it is quite difficult to organize the downloads. In such situation, a right download manager enters into the picture which also accelerate your download too.

Reasons to choose an external download manager are:

1. Categories

These download managers assists in automatically organizing your downloads according to their type (music, videos, documents., etc.) in various folders. A right download manager should be carefully chosen before making it your default download manager. Different files will be separately and the manager will also allow you to keep track of downloads and will make it easy to access the files when needed.

2. Accelerated Download

A single file is partitioned into different sections and using many simultaneous connections to download each section from a single server which in turns makes the file download reliable and faster.
That’s why a good download manager will provide decent download speed, and access of files gets faster.

3. Queuing

When you wish to download a file, you can either download it instantly or schedule the download as per your requirements. You can then set up the download queue and can define the maximum number of parallel downloads. Queuing assists in managing your downloads on basis of categories and priority.

G-Download Manager

g-download manager

If you are looking for a download manager which not only organizes your downloads effectively but also download things from the internet with ease, then we would like to recommend you G-Download Manager. Its simple UI with amazing features makes it popular among its users. This app has many salient features which we are discussed below:

Feature #1 – Automatic Link grabbing

If you wish to download a video, then just press on the video long and this app will automatically copy the link and will ask for the address to download the video. Many download managers lack this feature. This great feature makes it the best app available.

Feature # 2 – Sharing files

With its inbuilt transfer features, this app makes sharing of files easier. You can either opt for Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to send your content to other devices. It also comes with QR scanner which allows other G-Download Manager user to get easy access to your downloaded files.

This app’s transfer feature runs at swiftly and is quite helpful when you are using multiple devices and wish to access your files through all your devices.

Feature #3 – User interface

Its simple to use interface makes it easier to use by anyone. Its design provides any user to access this app’s functions with ease and also ensures seamless running of the app. The UI of this app due to its unique design is an eye catcher.

Feature #4 – Multiple Download

This app comes with simultaneous download feature which allows up to three files to be downloaded at the same time while others are added to the queue.

Some other features worth mentioning are:
a. It streams music and videos to anyone near you with this app
b. It has pause and resume feature for downloading.
c. It allows file access through a computer.
d. It has inbuilt browser with multiple tab feature to surf the web.

This app is recommended for websites like Facebook, Metacafe, Dailymotion and other websites for downloading different files, music, and video, and really soon you will also be able to download YouTube videos.

In the end, we recommend this app for its great UI, multiple download support, its great sharing feature and ability to stream music and videos. Try this download manager and let us know what you think about it. Don’t forget to mention your reviews in the comment section.