The Best Uninstaller Available on Windows is…

We all have encountered many problems with Windows Add/Remove Programs applet when we have tried to uninstall any program. Its limitations and lack of features are annoying for most of its users.
Considering these factors, many freeware programs were created to do the complete removal of programs, including files, shortcuts, folders, and registry entries.

Mentioned below is the list of Program Uninstaller subdivided into two categories: Application Uninstallers and Windows Uninstaller Replacements.

Application Uninstallers

1. Revo Uninstaller

This uninstaller removes leftover documents, files, folders, etc. without any need to monitor before an installation. The major feature of this uninstaller is that it cleans failed install and small footprint. The major drawback of this uninstaller is that it can also delete other unrelated files resulting in disastrous consequences. It is also very slow in scanning. This uninstaller is available for free.

2. ZSoft Uninstaller

Among many of its best features of this uninstaller is that it monitors the installation process before you do the installation. It also monitors after installation to remove related files and registry entries. One issue that we didn’t like that it requires the user to tell the uninstaller to monitor any installation before the user do the install. This software is available for free.

Windows Uninstaller Replacements

1. MyUninstaller

This software is a better alternative to Windows Uninstaller as it is more capable than the latter one. It gives detailed info of program installed in the system. It removes obsolete entries of uninstalled applications. Its appealing feature is that it stores all the installed programs in a text file. Another major feature is its ability to sort programs on the basis of their installation date.
This software doesn’t require any installation as it can run from a CD or any USB drive.

2. Safarp

This Windows uninstaller replacement can execute as a standalone program or integrated into the Control Panel. This software loads up swiftly.

The major disadvantage of Safarp is that it cannot remove DLL, defunct program files or obsolete registry entries. To remove such files, we need an application uninstaller which is a program that scan and monitor install as it tracks the changes made during installation.

Hope you will find our list helpful enough. Use any of these programs to do the uninstallation process and mention your experience or review in our comment section below.