Top CRM software of 2016 – Salesforce – A Review

Salesforce CRM is considered to be among the best CRM software available in the market, these days. It stands out from many CRM software.

This software is all-round cloud-based CRM software which fits for various types of businesses. With Salesforce Small business Solutions, one can easily take advantage of its capabilities to find and keep the customers, close sales along with the growth of your business.

CRM Features

Salesforce mainly deals with streamlining the sales process of any business with ease and comfort. Its various features are described below,

1. Contact management.

It provides quite a unique contact management system which works better than any traditional address book can do. Along with storing customers’ phone numbers, addresses and various contact information keeping the important data pertaining to the customer providing you a 360-degree view of any customer.

The profiles of the customer automatically add contact’s social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

2. Lead generation.

This software provides the entire picture of the potential leads by keeping tabs on which marketing channels and campaigns they belong including the social media. This allows you to judge which marketing strategy and efforts are delivering any result or not. It also provides each lead’s recent activities along with contact information which also assigns to the right sales representative for timely follow-up of these leads.

3. Opportunity management.

With its built-in quoting and deal evaluation tools, this software provides efficient manage of the opportunities. By making few clicks, the reps can make a detailed PDF quotes with automatic population of the related data like customer information, payment terms, delivery information and much more. It can also send the value of each deal with the deal’s current stage and allows to track the activities and receive multiple alerts about account’s progress through the sale process of the business.


1. It helps in sales forecasting of the business in real time. The Sales reps can easily create sales forecasts based on the types of details along with categories, revenues, and customers.

2. It also helps in generating reports easily which can be further analyzed.

3. It also provides built-in social tools which help the sales reps and members of the organization to collaborate to drive the sales further.


1. Its complexity makes it hard for small companies to utilize this CRM’s capabilities. It can be quite overwhelming for small business.

2. Its pricing is one of the major reasons which drives away the small businesses. Salesforce starts at $25 per user per month and is only limited to five users. The added costs with its features can be a deal breaker for these small businesses.


With its easy-to-use platform, this cloud-based CRM software allows you keep track of your customers, marketing efforts, sales related information and also provides the data on mobile devices also. With its superb features, there are few limitations that make it a tougher choice especially for small business, all because of this software’s complexity and price associated with it.