Top Seo Mistakes That You Can Avoid By Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency

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Do some research on any thriving business, whether large or small, and you will realise that SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, had something to do with it. SEO is more effective when handled by a professional digital marketing agency like https://www.seoquotes.com.hk/.

According to research carried out in early 2020, over 70% of enterprises in Hong Kong entrust their businesses to a digital marketing agency.

This may seem like an unwise move considering that not every agency is reliable. Additionally, it may be expensive, depending on the type of agency you choose to work with.

However, this belief is far from true as one of the benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency is they help lower advertising costs.

Raising the rankings of your establishment sounds easy, right? Simply pick the right keywords, let Google Search Console or Bing Webmaster Tools show that your website is functional, and youre good to go.

Unfortunately, this isnt the case.

SEO Requires So Much More

From thorough research to identifying the right technique for your specific type of business, there is more to SEO, and only a digital marketing agency has the skill to take your enterprise to the top.

If you are new to SEO, your best bet for your establishment’s success is to employ a digital marketing agency. Otherwise, you will make some unfortunate errors such as:

  1. Using the Regular SEO for Your Local Organisation

Many search engines, including Google, have special services for local establishments looking to reach their local clients. Using regular SEO minimises your chances of reaching your target since you appear alongside international businesses.

A digital marketing agency understands that many search engines handle local searches differently. Therefore, the agency can put your business in the right place by including region-specific keywords in your meta descriptions and page titles.

They can also add a local phone number and address on your pages – either in the footer or header – so your enterprise pops up in the local results.

  1. Using a Similar Anchor Text for all Your Links

One of the key secrets to success when working with SEO is to embrace variety. Sure, you learned about hyperlinking and anchor texts, and you put your knowledge into practice. The problem is, by using the same anchor link for every text, your content looks odd.

Users may not go too far since it does not look original as well. As for search engines, they interpret such a move as an attempt from you to game them.

A digital marketing agency can restore some order by adding variety. They can either use a URL to make it look natural to search engines or use variations on your enterprise’s name or phrase.

  1. Publishing Unoriginal Content

Speaking of non-original content, this is one of the most common blunders that enterprise owners make.

Duplicating content wasnt much of a big deal a couple of years ago. Things have changed drastically these days, and aside from discouraging this tendency, many search engines go as far as penalising you for copying someone elses work!

Using software that spins the content is not good enough. The only solution is to hire a digital marketing agency.

After learning about your business and what you are hoping to achieve, they can use their expertise to come up with authentic content to bring your hopes to life.

  1. Paying No Attention to Analytics

Optimising your SEO is one thing. Following up on the progress and if it is yielding any fruits is another. Many business owners who have given SEO a try give up after a year or less because things dont work out as they expect.

The simple explanation for that could be that they do not track the progress. A digital marketing agency follows up on its efforts by setting up plus reviewing analytics frequently. Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics are some of the trusted tools they use.

  1. Using The Wrong Keywords

Keywords are the fuel required to propel your establishment higher. As such, not just any keyword will make the cut. Most business owners make the error of neglecting the preference of users and search engines for long-tail keywords.

Going against the rules always yields unpleasant results.

A digital marketing agency like https://www.seoquotes.com.hk/ can make everything right. They understand the exact keywords that potential customers may use to refer to your items. These keywords are non-generic and are suited to appeal to clients from all walks of life.