Important Features of SERP Optimization

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SERP (Search Engine Results Page) is known as Google’s response that triggers depending on the search query by users. SERPs will include video results, Knowledge graph, Featured snippets, Paid Google Ads, and Organic search results. It is also possible to say something or type your keyword to Google for getting the best results. SERP Optimization will assist to provide the results to the users. Google can provide numerous SERP features to utilize for appearing on your website on the first page. The most important two categories are organic results and paid results.

SERP (Search Engine Results Page) – Organic & Paid

  • Organic results are referred to as Earned placements. Google’s algorithm will determine to showcase the overall relevant and best results for your given search.
  • Advertisers bidding will utilize the paid results on keywords through Google Ads. Ad relevancy within your account through Google Ads will place the highest bidder essentially.

SERP Features

Within the results, Google will showcase numerous SERP features to test the upcoming and new ones. Find below the list of some SERP features to provide more web traffic or data sources to your website:


Video results are commonly known as Organic results and enhance using a video thumbnail. Embedded videos webpages are only eligible to showcase within the results. Google will generally display the uploader name, duration, and upload date within the SERP. Most of the videos displayed within the results are from the  YouTube channel. However, it may also reflect the same from other websites as well.


Sitelinks are common links to other webpages with the ranking page’s other parts or on the ranking website. It can enhance the regular organic results by using the SERP feature to display as an Extra link. Some of the Sitelinks benefits are as follows:

  • Users will access the website link within the SERP to gain more organic web traffic
  • Users can browse & locate their search results much faster

Tweets Boxes

Within the carousel, the Tweet boxes will showcase the recent popular tweets. You can access your official Twitter account along with the query to display more tweets across the multiple accounts. If you search for any brand, Google will display the recent tweets that are generated from the official Twitter account. For any non-brand search, the Tweet box will show the relevant tweets that are generated from the official Twitter account.

Shopping Results

Shopping results are also commonly known as PLAs (Product Listing Ads) to display the paid advertiser’s relevant products. Search results will showcase the special offers, show reviews, retailer details, pricing, and product name. Some shopping results for any queries will be based on commercial or transactional investigation search intent. For example, your search query might be like “best protein powders” or “buy protein powder”.

PAA (People Also Ask)

People Also Ask (PAA) boxes will display relevant queries from searchers to ask Google. Your question will reveal an answer and fetch the same from any webpage and works similarly to Featured Snippets. Google will update numerous related queries regularly for identifying or revealing an answer.

Knowledge Panel

Knowledge Panel will deliver the information depending on your queries’ main subject. SERP is available on the right-hand side screen corner on desktop and top-hand side screen corner on mobile. Knowledge Panel can utilize the data from trusted sources like Wikidata& Wikipedia or even from Knowledge Graph. Sometimes, Google will also link to various other partners and social profiles.

Featured Snippets

Featured Snippets will display the content snippet from the available top-ranking websites. Within the top-side screen of the SERP, you can view the entire search results. Some of the common snippet formats are as follows:

  • Some featured snippets are not always in Text form
  • Table
  • List
  • Paragraph

Google will only showcase the featured snippet if your query is listed within the top five positions. In this case, it is advisable to optimize your website to display within the SERP page.

Image Pack

Image Pack will display the numerous thumbnails and just tap on it to access the Google Images. It will appear within the SERP page and display down the webpage. Even website images will display here and access the link for redirecting to Google Images instead of your website. However, just access Google Images and see the link to view the image source.