Why is Content The Heartbeat of SEO?

Why is Content The Heartbeat of SEO?

Look at two websites or blogs targeting the same audience, what would you say is the reason why one blog or website performs better than the other? Most of the time, you’ll think that the underperforming site isn’t using the right keywords and maybe, its flouted some rules set by Google or that, it isn’t well optimized. However, a keener look reveals that the variation in performance lies in the content.

Your audience will only stick with you if you are the best Toronto SEO firm and if you share exceptional content. High-quality content that is useful to readers builds trust and results in a low bounce rate because it relays the intended message correctly.

So, why is content critical for SEO? A well-optimized website or blog has all the right keywords, title tags, metadata and the content is unduplicated and readable.

Algorithms: search engines focus on creating the best user-experience and the sites that offer the most relevant content have a higher visibility.  Such sites invest in unique and top-quality content creation techniques which result in visitor-friendly content.

For ranking, the Google algorithm crawls the internet for content and rank great content on top of the SERPs. But, it doesn’t end with great content. The algorithm picks the sites that update their sites frequently and also the sites that share information about varied topics. To increase your search traffic, you have to update your site with high-quality content regularly.

Social media: the use of social media is important in SEO, and a company without social media presence is digging its own grave. Social media hold a large percentage of your audience. Because of this Google and other search engines use social media for ranking. Therefore, in as much as you’d like to lie low on social media, you should. Curate content for different social media platforms for higher ranking and visibility.

Most social media messages will link to specific content and brand mentions increase ranking. So, you shouldn’t undermine the use of great content social media. Pay particular attention to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Great content enhances the brand effect:  if your page is mentioned or appears severally on consumer timelines, you can easily become an authority site in your niche. Some sites started out small, but because of great content, they are considered authority sites and rank highly for all their content.

In conclusion, high-quality content converts search visitors into customers. Most customers attribute their purchase decision to content on blogs.