How to Keep Your Cat Engaged Indoors


We’re often told that cats are wildly independent creatures. We’ve adopted mindsets like “they don’t need attention,” and “they’re fine alone.”

However, this actually couldn’t be further from the truth! Cats can actually suffer from boredom more severely than humans, especially if they’re left alone for hours or days. Cats are made for hunting! So, being stuck inside a safe, homey environment all day can lead them to become destructive. Your furniture and carpet may suffer.

To avoid this, here are some tips to keep your cat entertained at home while you’re away.

Add Cat-Specific Furniture

Cats love to climb, lay, lounge, scratch, and explore. Most human furniture isn’t conducive to this sort of cat lifestyle.

Online retailers like maupets.com make specialized furniture just for cats. It doesn’t have to be ugly, either; you can find things to match the aesthetic of your home, even if they may be higher priced.

Consider adding a cat tree, window perch, or scratching post to your current aesthetic.

Create an Obstacle Course

Again, this doesn’t have to look drab or tacky. It can be as simple as a series of shelves/stairs along the wall of your living room. It can be a tunnel of boxes in the garage. You can use treats to mark the path along the obstacle course to get your cat used to it.

The best part about this approach is that you can be as creative or simple with it as you want! There are also pre-made obstacle courses online that only require setup.

Set A Play Date

Cats are actually pretty social creatures, despite popular beliefs. If you know your cat gets along with a certain pet, consider setting up a play date during the week so your cat has a buddy to play with. You can also try taking your cat to a pet daycare a few times a week.

This solution helps in a lot of ways:

  • It makes sure your cat stays socialized.
  • It also makes sure someone is keeping an eye on kitty.
  • It will tire your cat out so they don’t tear up furniture at home.

Keep the Blinds Open

Cats are naturally outdoor creatures. Therefore, they love looking outdoors, especially if they’re stuck inside all day. Keep the blinds open during the day, and let your cat look outside. The movement and bustle outside will keep them occupied.

Bonus: they can even play with the blind tugs and amuse themselves in the process! Cats also love napping in sun spots. Leaving the blinds open will provide them the perfect nap spot. If you can’t leave the blinds open for whatever reason, leave the TV on with sound.

Get Lots of Cat Toys

Most cats love toys that move around, like feathers, rolling balls, and of course, string! Get an array of different cat toys to engage your cat with.

Playing with your cat for up to 15 minutes a day can really make a difference in their attitude. If you’re away often, consider getting a remote-controlled toy, or a mechanical toy that can be set on a timer.

The Takeaways

Cats are lonelier than you think, especially if left alone in a house all day. If you leave in the morning, spend all day at work, and come home late, chances are your cat is bored out of their poor minds.

Show your fur baby how much you care about them by providing some mental stimulation throughout the day. Cats, like humans, need entertainment too, after all! As much as they need your love, they also need to play.