Best Gag Gift Ideas for 2019 Christmas

Christmas will soon be here, and one of the major activities of the season is gift-giving. Does every gift you give at Christmas have to be serious? What about gag gifts? A gag gift is a present you give someone to make them laugh. The best of these gifts are the ones that (good-naturedly) poke fun at the recipient. Of all the holiday gifts you’ll be giving, why not throw in a gag gift, or two? There’s nothing wrong with this kind of gift thrown into the mix for some good old-fashioned fun. So what are some of the best gag gift ideas 2019 has to offer for Christmas? 

1. Toilet Nightlight

 Many of us put a nightlight in the bathroom. We do it so that we can see where we’re going and so that we don’t have to turn on the bright lights in the dark. Following that theme, one of the funniest gag gifts out there is a toilet nightlight.  ToiLight makes a motion-activated night light, fixed to the toilet, that pops on when you approach the toilet. The colors you can choose from, such as pink, baby blue, purple, yellow, etc., are designed to soothe you, not jar you awake. This is a gag gift you can give in general, or to poke good-natured fun, and it’s great for a kid or an elderly loved one who often leaves a little bit on the toilet seat by accident. 

2. The Hungover Cookbook 

Got a fellow college student or a friend who loves to party, and as a result, suffers the next day? The Hungover Cookbook is an excellent gag gift to tease him or her. The cookbook, by Milton Crawford,  has recipes designed for the various states of mind you may have while hungover. Crawford takes P.G. Wodehouse’s six hangover titles – The Sewing Machine, The Broken Compass, The Atomic, The Comet, The Cement Mixer, The Gremlin Boogie – as a starting point.  You get recipes for each one to deal with a hangover, and along with the recipes are things like games, quizzes, and more.

3. Men’s’ Funny T-Shirt 

Are you a guy? Do you have a brother you love to nudge a little, or maybe a lot? How about a t-shirt that says, “World’s Okayest Brother” by Crazy Dog. You love your brother, and he knows that, but the two of you have been kidding each other since you were kids. This good-natured t-shirt by Crazy Dog is a fun way to celebrate that one of the best gag gift ideas 2019 has to offer.

 4. Gamer Socks

 Got a gamer in the family? Is he or she a gamer who loves playing video games more than anything else? If so, how about these “Do Not Disturb, I’m Gaming” cotton socks. On the bottom of one sock, it says, “Do Not Disturb.” On the bottom of the other sock, it says, “I’m Gaming,” along with an image of a game controller. Your recipient will enjoy wearing these socks while he or she is gaming away.

Have some fun this holiday. These four best gag gift ideas 2019 has to offer for Christmas are sure to bring your friend or family member a lot of joy.