How to delete a page on Google Doc? The Easy Method For Deleting Page On Google Doc!

In this piece, we are going to share the answer to how to delete a page on Google Doc. Find out everything you should know below.

Google docs application offers you smart editing and stylish tool, you can easily use hundreds of fonts images and drawing, etc. Moreover, you can choose a wide variety of templates such as resume, report or according to your requirements. You can design your work much better and easier through this application. The main benefit of this application that you can get all these features free. People who use Google Docs application for their different purposes, they find that there are unwanted blank pages in this. Deleting this unwanted page is a commonly rising problem during creating a document. Here in the below article, we discussed some simple and direct ways to delete or edit unwanted pages from our document.  

Highlight and delete 

This first option is a very simple way. In this option, place your cursor at the top of the text on the page. This page is to be highlighted when you drag the cursor from top to bottom of the page. When the page is highlighted then simply hit delete and you’re unwanted page will disappear.

Remove an empty page is the end of your document | How to delete a page on Google Doc?

If you want to know how to delete a page on Google doc. Click your cursor on the last page and make sure that you are not on another page. For deleting this page your text line is on the specific page, which you want to delete. You need to make sure that your cursor is on the first line of the last empty page. After doing this you just simply press the ‘Backspace’ button on your keyboard your last page is to be deleted. You find that your text line is after the last word on the previous page.

You can also use this another way for deleting your last empty page. When you clicking the cursor on the last line just after the word. When your text line appears after the last word simply press the ‘Delete’ button on your keyboard. The empty page will be deleted.

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Remove a blank page in the middle of your document 

When you have a blank page in the middle of your document. Blank pages do not always appear at the end of your document but mistakenly it may create in the middle of the document. 

In this case, you can also follow the steps we mentioned above point. But it is very time-consuming and technically it is also not correct. By pressing the Backspace or delete button you are not removing the blank page just filling the empty space or adjusting the text on the blank page. So, if you are looking for how to delete a page on Google Doc, this is the best piece for you.

To remove the middle blank page from the document this is the only way to select the whole blank page from the first to the last endpoint as we select a word or sentences. Once you select your blank page you simply press the delete or backspace button. Blank page disappears from the middle of the document.

Moreover, if you think that these steps are difficult to remove the blank page from Google Docs. Then you can try one more thing to avoid creating a blank page. When you write in this application, then you reach the last end of your page a new page is automatically added below. Then you do not press the ‘Enter’ button on your keyboard. This also helps you to not create a new page without your requirements. 

Adjust margins | How to delete a page on Google Doc?

When we are thinking about deleting the page then adjusting margins is also a good option to eliminate extra spacing. By doing this you can adjust margins, go to file, page setup, and adjust the margins. Many times the unwanted page is to be created when margins are not adjusted so to solve this problem adjustment of margins is necessary.

Custom spacing 

In this way, we are looking for a line spacing after a paragraph. It is necessary to give space after finishing a paragraph but sometimes it creates an extra page that is not to eliminate this space adjust Format, Line Spacing, Custom Spacing.

 The crux of the content is that we discuss the problems and solutions of Google Docs that we commonly face. In the above content, we discussed some problems and solutions in briefly. You can go through this content and make more comfortable and perfect in this application.

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