5 Upcoming Android Phones That You Should Wait For

Every year we see hundreds of smartphones being launched and 2016 will be no different, today we will be featuring the upcoming android phones that we love to have in our hands.

Unlike iPhone, Android phones are for greater audience, has more variety and different hardware manufacturers. Although we can argue that iPhone has better performance compared to counterparts, but still they way over-priced and the top end Android phones have competed very closely to iPhones.

Let’s see which of the phones in 2016 will be seen in the market and what can we expect from them.

Starting from our very own Google who own the Android platform.

Google Nexus 6 2016

Well according to the rumour in air HTC will be makingNexus 5 2016 the Nexus 6 2016 by Huawei.

So according to a Chinese industry analyst Nexus 6 2016 will be a high-performance handset that will be running on Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor.

This chip will be 40% better in performance and efficient that any other previous chips.

With this chip you can also expect the X12 LTE modem, Hexagon 680 DPS and quad core Kryo CPU that will bring double performance and power efficiency.

And of-course Android next OS, after Marshmallow will also come out with this new phone that is being called as Android N.

Samsung Galaxy S7

This is another phone i will be waiting for, GS7 speculated rumours are 5.1 screen AMOLED at 2560×1440 , 3000mAH, non-removable batter, Snapdragon 820 and the microSD card will come back but only for the Edge model.

The camera we will be getting would be closer to 12MP and 16MP, but with better performance in low light situations. The date of arrival is expected to be February.

HTC One M10

It can be released around March 2016, with expected increased performance and general improvements all over the device.


The next on our list is the LG G5, that will be a Metal frame phone that can have two camera on back and it can capture photos at 135-degree.

The size of screen can be expected to be around 5.3-inches. With removable battery and 2800mAH, the exciting part is the a new slot for 360-degree audio am, camera and much more.

Nextbit Robin

A Kickstarter project that got funded with $1 million is about a smartphone that will run on a cloud-first. This means you will never be out of space, no memory full messages.

It is expected to arrive in February.