Top 10 Best Webcam Software for 2019 (Paid & Free)

Best Webcam Software

The webcam on your computer can allow you to do many things other than clicking a selfie or chat with your friends and colleagues on Skype. By pairing with the right webcam software, it can allow you to use your webcam to take wide-angle selfies with your family and friend and even capture videos and use it for surveillance purpose. However, various users use their webcams in different methods, where some only want fancy effects to their own video feed while others are wishing to get their basic work done.

Keeping these distinct points in mind, we have compiled a list of top 10 best webcam software for Mac and Windows who stand out on different parameters such as diversity of editing tools, slick user interface etc. So, let’s take a look at this extensive list.

  1. CyberLink YouCam 7

CyberLink YouCam 7

This webcam software can be for many purposes like capturing images and videos, surveillance, applying filters, etc. This software is from CyberLink, which offers two versions – Deluxe and Standard. They cost at $44.95 and $34.95 respectively. In case you go for Standard version, you won’t get features like beautification tools and dual camera support.

This software brings a lot of options to your webcam captures like adding funny effects, screens, frames, an impressive and enormous collection of emoticons and gadgets, filters, etc. It also has a beautification tool section and workspace for photo editing. Productivity wise this software can be kept in surveillance mode for watching your place while you are away.

You can first start with YouCam 7 Essential, a freemium webcam software with premium features available for 30-day trial.

It is available for these platforms: Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista SP2

  1. iGlasses


This is a minimalistic webcam software for your Apple PC, just for your Macintosh. This tool brings marvellous visual effects and detailed & fine tuning to the photographs you take from your webcam. You can have the premium version of this software for $19.95, in case you don’t want the free trial one. Its simple interface lets you view, edit and change your snaps instantly.

Although iGlasses is kept minimalistic when it comes to features, you won’t miss useful and important ones. You can have deep integration with apps like Skype and Facebook Chat. There are options for the color correction too along with fun effects without compromising on the quality of the output. Apart from this, you get fifty 3D effects and options of a digital pan and zooming too.

This software is supported by these platforms: Mac

  1. Yawcam


This free webcam software is a completely free tool for capturing images and videos from the webcam. This software comes with rich features like streaming video captured by using the cam, taking lots of snapshots in few seconds, motion detection which is useful when Yawcam is used for surveillance purposes. Another impressive feature is the time scheduler. Yawcam’s UI is simple and attractive despite the richness in features. If you wish for a software good at productivity wise, then this is the solution for you.
It is available for Windows XP, 7, 8

  1. Webcam Toy

Webcam Toy

Are you facing big problems in downloading and installing a particular third-party webcam software? Then there is the best option for you, it is WebCam Toy. In case you wish to take a quick photo or even add distortion effects as well as filters to it without actually waiting your webcam software to download, then choose this one.

Using WebCam Toy, you can easily achieve desired results. All you have to actually do is just open the window and then select “Ready?Smile!” button which is followed by clicking the button named “Use my Camera” in order to get started. You are provided with five presets, namely, Square, Mirror, Flash, Countdown and Fullscreen and then you can easily select from a wide array of filters present on the side-scroll buttons. You can also choose to easily save the clicked images either on your computer, locally, only in JPG format, or you ca post them directly to any of the social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, right from the website. Its supported platform is Web.

  1. Photo Booth Pro

Photo Booth Pro

When it comes down to webcam software, the most common issues are slow load speed as well as camera lag but not in this webcam. This software isn’t only zippy but also features a lot of effects as well as filters that can easily be tested in real time before you record a video or even click a photo. It offers effects such as distortion lenses, axial mirror effects, blur effects and artistic filters in order to express your own creativity. Also, there is photo-strip feature which allows you to easily capture four images with various filters and then arrange them in a particular strip whose entire layout can easily be tweaked later on. The images are saved in JPG format, locally and can easily be uploaded on OneDrive. Also, one can easily post these images on Facebook and Twitter from Photo Booth Pro. Also, the recorded videos are in MP4 format with two aspect ratios, that are, 4:3 and 16:9.However, the frame rate and resolution are fixed at 30 FPS and 640 x 360 respectively. The supported platform is Windows 10.

  1. Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

In case you are looking for a fluid interface along with vast toolkit in your webcam software, then you can certainly choose this one. As per our opinion, it is best choice for the purpose of clicking images, capturing videos and recording audio files. The home screen of this software contains only basic controls but after you have opened the settings menu, you will come to realization that it offers all the vital tools and options which allow you to record all of your screen activity in whichever format or form you like.

It can save images in different formats, namely, PNG, BMP, JPG etc. while the videos can easily be recorded at frame rates which range from 5 to 60 FPS in a significantly wide array of types of files like WMV, MP4, AVI, and FLV as well as many others. You can also choose from various codecs as per your choice. In case you are wondering, this software boasts of its integration with Google Drive and Dropbox which allows you to quickly store all of your files on the cloud along with the option to easily share them on video sharing platforms like Vimeo and YouTube. The supported platforms are macOS and Windows 10.

  1. IP Camera Viewer

IP Camera

Along with video chatting and live streaming, webcams play a key role in surveillance. And among the best software which is suited for this particular task is IP Camera Viewer, which is a webcam software that essentially allows you to monitor as well as safeguard your workplace and home through IP camera. This software has support for more than 1800 various IP camera models and also allows the users to easily and separately configure as well as customize the properties of the videos like frame rate, orientation, coverage area etc. of every IP camera which they have actually added to their network.

This software can easily record videos in three distinct resolutions which are 720p, 480p and 360p, whose different properties like contrast, sharpness, saturation etc can easily be adjusted manually. Also, the users can easily perform digital zoom on a particular frame in case their IP camera doesn’t have its own zoom functionality. This software allows the users to add up to 4 camera and also allows them to view their video feed at the same time on a single screen. Its supported platform are Windows Vista, XP, 2008, 2012, 7, 8, 10.

  1. Camwiz Webcam Recorder

Camwiz Webcam Recorder

It can easily be defined as among the simplest webcam applications that you can find in this domain but its only drawback is that it is actually exclusive to the macOS platform. This means that the users which are registered on the Windows can’t actually use it. Keeping this limitation aside, it does have a clean UI along with all of the core recording tools which are located on its home screen thanks to the very simple three row arrangement that contains recorder tools, camera toggle and tuning options. The further inspection of this software’s settings menu reveals that it comes with few additional great features like Remote Webcam, Motion Detection and Screen Cam capture. Users can easily apply different effects like night vision, time stamp and video flip to their videos that are recorded in different resolutions which range from 240p to 1080p. Also, you can use this software as virtual web cam for different other apps on the macOS device of yours.

Its supported platform are macOS 10.9 or later.

  1. Windows Camera

Windows Camera

Even though it is third-party software which has lots of editing tools as well as effects, this software essentially gets your job done as a capable webcam software. It comes with refreshing features as far as any webcam software is concerned as it comes with a minimalist UI that only features the core recording tools present on the home screen which occupies almost entirely the entire view in webcam’s sight. It can capture photos in two different aspect rations, 4:3 and 16:9. It also comes with four distinct grid options that include Golden Ration and crosshairs among different others. However, the videos can only be recorded at only 30 FPS frame rate and can activate a time lapse mode which duly allows you to capture different multiple shots in quick succession until the particular camera button is duly pressed again. Its supported platform is Windows 10.

  1. ManyCam


It isn’t just a webcam app. It can easily be called as a complete video editing tool owing to the plethora of filters, presets and effects that area available to the users. You can easily add different beautification effects like face masks, transitions, emoticons and backgrounds to stream and record few of the most artistic videos. Along with this, it has Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode, YouTube integration and green screen as part of its diverse sets of features which this software has to offer. You can easily choose to record your videos from wide range of resolutions which are 240p, 480p, FullHD, HD etc. at frame rates which ranges from 5 to 60 FPS in different formats like MKV, MP4 and FLV etc. You can also adjust the audio bitrate values from 96 to 192 kbps and also apply its unique noise suppression feature that works quite well. It has wide range of editing tools and effects which makes it among the best webcam software whether it comes to creating tutorials, live streaming or recording screen activity. It is free for use while the paid versions start at $24.

So, let us know which among the best webcam software you use for editing, surveillance and recording purpose? What were your experience and your reviews? Mention this along with your suggestions in the comment section below.