Writing a Cheque : How to Perfectly do it

Writing a Cheque is just-so-easy and important skill every 18+ should master. The more you write cheques, the more natural it will become.

To write a Cheque, fill the name of the recipient in the “Pay” field, the current date on the line in the upper right corner, the numerical amount next to the dollar sign ($), and the number name of the same amount on the line beneath/over it. Sign the Cheque on the bottom right line in the exact manner as you did in the records for the bank. Do try to add a “memo” about the Cheque’s purpose on the lower left line or on the backside of the Cheque.

Writing a Cheque : Steps to Consider

Step 1

  • Write the date on the line in the upper right-hand corner. There must be a blank space next to the word “Date.”
  • Remember that as a Cheque is considered a legal document, therefore, the date must be written always be the day on which you sign on the dotted line on bottom of the Cheque.

Step 2

  • Write the name of the recipient. Write the name of the person or company to who you’re sending the money through the Cheque. It is next to the line that says “Pay to the Order of.”
  • Always make sure of the name, either of the person or the company, to whom you are paying, must be right before you write the Cheque.
  • You can also just pay the Cheque to “Cash,” but it is risker because that means that anyone can cash it, so, be careful.
  • Include both first and last names if it’s marked to an individual. If they are, in any case, a ‘Jr.’ or a ‘Sr.’ you should include this as well.
  • Write full name if the Cheque is going to an organization. Do not use acronyms unless specially mentioned to do so.

Step 3

  • Write the amount of the Cheque to the right of the dollar sign.
  • Write the exact amount with dollars and cents. If the Cheque is for forty dollars, write “40.00.”

Step 4

  • Write the monetary amount of the Cheque in word form below the “Pay to the Order of” line.
  • Make sure to write “even” or “only” at the end of the amount so that nobody is able to add more money to the amount.
  • If you’ve written a Cheque for $40.00, write either “Forty dollars and 0/100 cents,” “Forty dollars even,” “Forty” or just “Forty dollars only” .

Step 5

Sign the Cheque on the line in the bottom right corner. The Cheque remains invalid until it is not properly and personally signed.

Step 6

  • Fill out the memo section on the bottom left of the Cheque.
  • This section of the Cheque is optional
  • It can be helpful to remember what was the purpose of the Cheque.
  • You may write a small technical word, just to remind you, whenever needed. Many companies or landlords need that you provide some information in the memo section.
  • Some companies want you to write ID number in the “Memo” section, and if you’re writing a Cheque for the accomodation, you should write the accomodation # right in the memo section.

That’s all folks … all the above information and careful steps will help you write a cheque in most secured and correct way.