Top 4 Plagiarism Checker Apps for Android

Plagiarism Checker App

Writing is one thing, but making sure you produce quality and unique content is another undertaking. For most students, however, copying and pasting content when doing assignments has become an indispensable act. Whether it is writing an essay paper, doing research assignment or crafting term papers, they would rather lift information from other sources than go through a laborious process of researching, citing and referencing. One more way to do your research is checking essay samples on the sources like PaperAp.

For them, plagiarism is like a disease that is incurable. And, so, here is the catch. How do you make sure to write an original essay that is notwithstanding 100 percent unique? The truth is that with finding your best free plagiarism checker, anyone can get it right with essay writing, content creation or book manuscripts. Therefore, you must first of all, understand that cut and paste work will get you nowhere. So, read on how to check your writing for plagiarism.††


Hundreds of plagiarism proofing tools for Android phones

Now, considering the fact that there are hundreds of tools that help authors, bloggers, and students with proofing their content for uniqueness, it is important to choose the best one. A question then begs, how do you do it? Well, you may want to draw a comparison among some of the best Apps and thatís okay.

But, for college rookies who are not well-versed with the best Apps, here are top features to look for in the best plagiarism tool for your android phone:

  • Security of an App is crucial. Ever heard of people losing vital information to third parties after installing an application in their phones? Well, that is not an exception when it comes to using plagiarism check software. Go for an application that wonít compromise your privacy.
  • Go for a tool that ropes in a huge database of information from all around the web. The catch here is that a good checker should have access to multiple sources such as websites and repositories (private and public) for it to qualify as efficient and effective.
  • Does your App support many file formats? If not, then you have every reason to discard it. A dependable and effective plagiarism tool for Android should support many different file formats such as .txt, .rtf, .htlm, .pdf, .doc, .docx, and others.
  • It is also advisable to download a tool that generates a comprehensive report. Whether it is displaying content similarity or other undesirable aspects of a write-up such as misspelled words, a good App uses different colors to highlight different cases. Thus, it becomes easier for a student to make corrections while learning at the same time.
  • The multiplicity of functions is another core feature to look for in plagiarism software. In this regard, you should ask questions such as does it have a citation and referencing feature? What about Deep Search Technology?
  • Moreover, before you download an App you would like to use for uniqueness test, find out if it is possible to download and share reports.
  • Free checks. Do not pay for an application that does not come with free checks. It is imperative that students test a product before they decide on whether to go for the paid version or not.  Most of the times, the above features play significance at this point.

Top Plagiarism Apps for Android

Thus far, letís take a look top 4 apps you can install in your Android phone and straightaway begin checking your articles for uniqueness.

1. CopyLeaks

CopyLeaks is a top plagiarism App for students, writers, teachers and bloggers.  With it, you can take picture of a physical paper and scan it, check files, online content and paragraphs.  Moreover, it is easy to use and generate real-time check reports for analysis.

2. SmallSeoTool

Another App for testing a write-up for uniqueness and which is also compatible with Android devices is SmallSeoTool. It is also useful for grammar check, article rewriting and other vital functionalities such as running an SEO score for a website.

3. My Turnit Plagiarism

If the first two Apps do not fit the bill as the ultimate tools you need to test your essay, thesis or any other write-up for uniqueness, then My Turnit Plagiarism is worth giving a try. It is an effective tool for detecting similar texts, thanks to its huge database of information. The good news is that apart from it being Android-compatible, My Turnit Plagiarism generates a similarity index after running a uniqueness test.

4. Skandy

Users of Android phones can also try out Skandy, a top plagiarism checker in Google App store.  It comes with free checks and users can choose to register or not. Moreover, paid version starts from 10 credits depending frequency of use, hence you donít have to part with a single coin. 

When using Skandy, you can take a picture of your write-up with your phone, upload it to the app, and run a scan test or upload a document. Skandy supports all text and image formats you can possibly imagine, making versatile and reliable. Moreover, it is ideal for SEO test, hence useful for bloggers.


Using plagiarism checking tools is indeed a solution. And not only when you have to use multiple sources to complete an assignment, but also when you are writing everything from scratch and on your own. Unintentional plagiarism is a real thing, and these Android-compatible apps will help you avoid it and get the best grades!

Image Credits: Plagiarism Checker App from fizkes/Shutterstock