Student Smart Traveler: Popular Websites Where You Can Get Travel Discounts

Student Smart Traveler 1

Of course, college students are not the church mice, but they often feel broken. Itís all about money! Young people always want to have more money to study, hang out with friends, arrange parties, even to travel abroad. Every trip is challenging. How to cope with the situation? Easirent car rental Florida in the same way as in any other touristic places offers enough tasty car rental proposals for under 21 drivers. It means a lot! Otherwise, you canít find a cheap car to spend beach weekend with friends. Students have a rule to take advantage of every purchase and get as many discounts as they can find. Everything that is cheap, transportation, lodging, attractions, is tasty-looking.



Air transportation is needed if you are going to another country. The tickets prices can be impressive. You canít get anywhere without proper transportation. Donít worry. There are websites that are ready to help to get sales for the flights. Pay attention to STA and Student Universe. They have attractive offers special for American students. Also, such websites as Travel Cuts and OneTravel are ready to help Canadian students to buy the cheapest tickets. Whenever you live, try to make a search and find out the best discounted company for student flights.


What if you donít need to waste money for flights? Try to get to the place you need by train. This method is very popular among students when they are not good at driving, especially in Europe. Students can get up to 35 % off! Try Rail Europe or Amtrak. The second one gives special discount cards for traveling students in America. You can buy cheap food, clothes, tickets, entertainment. The discount can be about 50%.


Traveling by car is the most popular way of traveling. Students prefer renting a cheap vehicle and share the price for all passengers. For example, such student helpers as Megabus and Eurolines provide a high-class transportation by bus. There are special student tours where you are offered to travel through many countries in the short time for sale. If you plan to rent a car, try This is an opportunity to find more about different rental offers, prices, available sales, and rental policy. Want to travel auto stop? Ride Finder is for you.


Where to stay? As a rule, hotels take the biggest part of your budget. It is better to save some money on hotels and spend them for attractions, museums, visiting interesting places. Try Hostel World and youíll get the list of interesting hostels around the world. Is it good enough for you? If not, you can find a cheaper proposal from Couchsurfing. Donít forget about Airbnb. Anyway, you are offered to spend less than what you would spend at a hotel.


Students canít live without attractions. Such popular websites as We Love Citycards and CityPass give you more than 100 interesting places to visit and a few dollars discount per each activity for card holders. The card program works in more than 20 countries.


If you have some time for traveling but have no ideas about where to go, go to Contiki, WSA or something like that. These tour companies have hundreds of ideas about where to go this weekend. Students are welcomed. Whatís the difference? You will pay less than you are asked to pay in the standard agency. Also, these companies have special educative tours, where you can go and learn languages, practice crafts, sport.

Museum Discounts

No matter what country you are traveling through. Make sure you have your student ID in the pocket. Why? All museums and interesting places you visit have special discounts for students. If you are not lazy, go to RetailMeNot. You can find a lot of coupons and sale codes to get a discount for visiting one or another place.

Students Discount Cards

Student discount cards help you to get a discount for everything: clothes, food, restaurant, hotel and hostel, transportation. How to get that magic card? The most popular organizations you can contact to are International Student Identity Card (ISIC), International Student (ISE). By the way, International Youth Travel Card (IYTC) is also popular. How much is it? You should pay for the card about $20-30. The discounts and benefits are available in different world locations.

Are you dreaming of a travel tour with your friends? There are many helpful websites where you can get the useful information about where to go and what to see, and how to get the discount. Student discounts help you to get the best travel deals and visit places you would never visit at a full price. Check these resources when you will plan your trip the next time.