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With its rising tides, Fotoworks has pushed away all the other boats of photo editing softwares. It has introduced a new feature of adding and clipping masks! Get ready to enjoy the era of clipping masks with Fotoworks. There are a number of unique and new tactics for using masks in Fotoworks (photo editing software). This article will get you all wedged up.

What is Fotoworks masking?

Before going into details one should have to be familiar with the term Masking.

ďIt can be defined as a combination of two images in a layer, one image can pop out through the outline of the other imageĒ

Masking is an additional piece of Fotoworks. It might sound intricate to use and maybe you are feeling panicky to hear about its definition and must be pondering about its use. You donít need to worry at all, itís not that difficult, believe me, itís the best fun feature of Fotoworks. Get ready to mug up masking effects such as gold foil, sunkissed, floral, soft and hard-edged cutting shapes. You will find using masking effect unimaginably easy and convenient. As you are using it, you will actually grasp how easy it is to add masks to your photos.

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Take this womenís picture, for example. Masks are used to create nearly everything you see inside the photo to transform it from an ordinary look. It is a blend of two pictures as a background is merged so well to give an artistic look and the womanís face is popping out from the background:

Nippy and easy steps to masking in New Fotoworks (photo editing software)

It was never so easy to add masks and layers to your photos in order to give them a unique look with the professional touch. Trace your way to awesome looking photos by following the simple, quick and handy steps given below:

  1. Open a blank canvas or a page, click on additional options, then click on the masking effect
  2. Add another graphic or photo that you would like to glimpse through the image.
  3. You can select different graphic shapes, give hard and soft-edged looks to your photos by adding layers. You can amend every layer according to your choice.
  4. Different types of textures are also available as you can also improve textures inside the shape by clicking on the texture tab.
  5. Smart layout and Style, automatically crafts elegant, attractive and share-worthy photos with a single tap in no time.

Modify your mask with Fotoworks:

If you want to reach photo editing perfections, http://www.fotoworks.org provides you with bajillion options to customize your masks. You can transform your mask in so many ways through rotating, flipping, cropping, and changing size and shape. You can also move your mask around its confined shapes.

Saturation effect:

Add a saturation effect to your mask to make it bright or dull.

After making changes to your mask, you can click on blend mode, to blend both graphics. It is a final touch that by adding it, you will experience a whole new and unique graphic design.

All thanks to our cool layering and masking proficiencies, you can now save your mask and apply it to multilayers.

If you are ready or curious to dive into deep graphics masking, grab the Fotoworks masking tool, make your photos cool and fancy with this marvelous feature of Fotoworks.

Fotoworks is striding up amongst all photo editing softwares with its distinguished features. You can behave like a professional graphic designer without any specific training or course. Our guidelines and tutorials are available to escort you to learn every single effect.

Get crazy with Fotoworks to completely transform your photos!