The Latest Wedding Trends

Wedding Trends

If you have found the one whom your soul loves, then it is time to arrange the best wedding ceremony this year complete with new, up and coming ideas.

We update you here with some 2018 wedding trends that will make your wedding ceremony the talk of the town.

Bridal Trends 2018


Don’t wear heels this year.  The new trend of a flat ballerina is being adopted in most contemporary weddings. Your shoes should match your dress or wedding gown. It is advisable that you buy your wedding dress and shoes together so that you can match the designs and colors of both.


Long gowns are monotonous this year; the new rising trend is a short dress.  Yes, brides, now you can flaunt your shoes around prominently. Short dresses are pretty, comfortable and cute. Cold shoulders are also considered to be a new trend for the bridal dress.


Hire a hair stylist who knows your hair better than anyone else. And the thing which he/she should know is what hairstyles are in style right now. Whether you have curly, straight, medium, long or short hair, whatever type of hair you have, your style must go well with the things you wear.

Groom’s Trends 2018


The majority of grooms choose the all-time-choice, a tuxedo, which isn’t a bad option. But the trend for 2018 is different. You can choose a more comfortable look instead of going all Daniel Craig. You will find a lot of traditional urban formals coming out this season with floral shirts, polka dot ties, and light colors.


Do not opt for the conventional black footwear, instead try informal wear such as loafers that match perfectly with your suit.


Style up your groom’s appearance by adding a couple of things to his suit. It’s as vital as the bride’s elegance. Studs on the groom’s shirt can be customized by penning the wedding song on it, or the date of the wedding.

The pocket square of the jacket is also an important thing, as it should match the wedding colors.

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Wedding Décor and Theme


Improvements in food can be made. One new idea is bringing in food trucks loaded with snacks. Your guests might enjoy brunch-style food at your wedding. You can also serve a casual meal.


The food and decorations will look great when you choose the right location for your wedding function. Brides and grooms in Iceland are conscious of this. The venue of any wedding in Iceland is carefully selected by the bride and groom. Make sure the location complements the overall theme of your wedding.

Wedding Cake

The most popular cake in 2018 will be a tiered cake. Don’t choose cupcakes; they are going out of style.

Exotic and classic cakes are out. Serve a simple, undressed cake. You can also consider metallic cakes. Consider a simple, yet beautiful metallic wedding cake for your wedding ceremony.

Image Credits: Wedding Trends from Dmytro Buianskyi/Shutterstock