Recommendations on How to Leverage a Spam Test and Dodge Spam Filters

Spam Test

Foreword to Delve into Email Deliverability

When you are into email marketing, itís crucial to stick to beneficial practices like creating a relevant marketing list, designing eye-catching messages, working thoroughly on email content to make it unique and personalized, etc.

Unfortunately, having quality content doesnít always ensure avoiding spam filters. There are plenty of factors which determine whether your messages are delivered and which have an impact on email deliverability. You should keep a watchful eye on them when you send messages to your target audience and make use of tools like an email test. To avoid landing in the spam folder, run a spam test on a regular basis.

One of the ways to boost opens, clicks and engagement of your messages is not to get caught by spam filters. It positively affects sales of the company as well. If you wonder what spam filters are, how they influence deliverability, how to avoid them and to make sure that your messages are not filtered out and are delivered to your customers, you are welcome to read this guide.

The Role of Spam Filters and Email Tests

The number of people who utilize emails is rising as well as the number of sent messages. However, some parts of messages are considered to be spam. The country with the largest number of spam messages which are sent daily is the USA. In 2022 this amounts to about 8.6 billion spam messages.

But perhaps worst of all, spam occasionally works and companies may lose their profit. Some major inbox providers leverage spam filters to secure their users. With the aid of spam filters, itís possible to make certain that emails donít pile up in the inboxes of users or endanger them. They analyze incoming messages and filter out bad messages (in the spam folder or even reject them).

If your messages go through spam filters successfully, they will reach your target recipients. When they are filtered out, there is little chance of being clicked and opened.

To ensure that your messages reach your audience, make use of an email test. It checks messages for inbox placement, typing and layout errors, issues related to formatting or design, etc. On the whole, a spam email test helps to pinpoint factors which hold your email deliverability back. Bear in mind that itís necessary to send a test email online while using a spam test before sending out messages to your customers.

What Do Spam Filters Mean?

Spam filters used to analyze mainly the content of messages. They used to search for signals which identify whether your messages were to be sent to the inbox or not.

At present email providers have more elaborated ways of evaluating your mailing. Every time you launch a new campaign, providers assess usersí engagement and reactions to your preceding campaigns. This data is applied to decide whether your current campaign reaches the inbox. Itís a good idea to leverage an email spam checker in order to assess your chances of getting into the inbox.

When you are into sending messages, you are supposed to get 2 scores:

  1. Score with a particular recipient. If a recipient opens your emails and takes an interest in them, you have success with this individual user.
  2. Score with an email provider. If most messages are opened and evoke engagement among users within one email provider, it means you succeed with it and earn a solid reputation with this provider.

When a decision on your current campaign is made, email providers consider both kinds of reputations.

When spam filters are applied, good and bad signals are distinguished. Letís take them into account.

Signals Which Are Positive for Email Campaigns

Being opened. If your messages are opened, it means that they arenít spam and they are likely to get to the inbox. Ensure that your emails are delivered with an email address spam checker to get the chance of being opened.

Getting replies. When your messages get feedback by means of reply emails, this is regarded as a positive signal for providers and serves as an opportunity to enhance your reputation.

Being marked as not spam. Itís a beneficial signal that your campaigns are worthy of reaching the inbox when your messages are marked as not junk by recipients. However, it is recommended to ensure where your messages land with an email spam checker tool.

Being moved to a different folder. When users react to your messages by replacing them to another folder in the inbox, it signifies that they are important and relevant for you.

Being added to an address book. When your email address is included into usersí address books, it means that the users are interested in getting messages and newsletters from you. Your messages are more likely to be delivered.

Signals Which Are Considered Negative

Moving to the junk folder. When users move your messages to the junk folder, itís a bad signal for providers that your mailing is unsolicited.

Being deleted without being opened. Itís a negative signal when users delete your message without opening it after taking a quick look at its sender or subject.

Tips on How to Dodge Spam Filters

Usersí engagement is essential when it comes to the success of an email campaign. An email campaign is likely to reach the inbox if the previous campaign got much engagement. Donít neglect using spam email tests to comprehend where your emails may land.

 If you are wondering how to ensure that people react to your messages and provide good signals for inbox providers, keep on reading our top tips which can be done to make your emails be delivered.

Send emails to users who have granted permission

 Building your own email list is a crucial step in any campaign. Email addresses, whose owners have opted in, have higher open rates and get less spam complaints. These are regarded as positive signals by email providers.

What is necessary to do to generate a list with authorized addresses? You need to provide excellent incentives (bargains, unique content) and subscribe opportunities to attract new customers and make it easy to access your list.

Leverage ďFromĒ name which is known to users

ďFromĒ name is one of the key elements of an email since the decision of users to open a message mostly depends on it. Some people donít even open messages and delete them if they donít recognize the name. So to increase your open rate, it is recommended to use a name which is familiar and clear to your target audience. Donít use your real name if you send messages from your company, instead write its name.

Apply segmentation to make your campaigns targeted

To facilitate the process of creating emails, it is possible to make use of cold email templates. However, itís a bad idea to send the same message to all users. Itís better to segment the list you possess and send messages to those who are eager to get them. Make use of an email spam checker tool to see where they land. In such a case, your messages are more likely to be opened and not to be deleted, which are considered to be positive signals.

Configure your account to send business emails

When you launch your campaign, generic domains may be utilized by default. Itís preferable to set up your own domain name by utilizing settings in your account. This is regarded as a good signal that you constitute a lawful business and your messages are legit as well, since spammers, as a rule, omit this step. Itís a robust way to increase chances of your messages being delivered. Itís possible to leverage an SMTP service by SendGrid to deliver your mailing via SendGridís servers and rely on their delivery.

Summing Up

Email marketers donít sometimes pay as much attention to spam filters as they need. However, spam filters shouldnít be neglected as they greatly affect the efficacy of an email campaign. Consider the above-mentioned recommendations and use an email spam checker to produce positive signals to email providers, to earn a solid reputation and to stand out from other companies. This helps to ascertain proper landing of your future email campaigns and potential income generation.