Laptop Specs for Gaming and Visual Effects

Laptop Specs

The gaming and graphics world is evolving fast not only because of the growing PC technology but also due to the fall in prices of PC parts. It’s now possible to get laptops with high-end components that support quality visual displays, stellar performance and more storage at lower rates.

Manufacturers understand that the gaming industry is growing and they’re keen to net in profit from this sector by optimizing their laptops to give optimal results. Here’re some of the changes they’re making to the PCs.

• The monitor and technology it supports: Screen Sizes, viewing angle, Refresh Rates, Resolution and Variable Refresh Rate are the monitor specifications people examine when buying gaming monitors. It is now possible to get 144Hz screens with maximum viewing angles and quality displays. However, for portability, 13 – to 15 – inches are the best.

• Graphics and frame-rate smoothing mechanisms: for better display, PCs now have GPU blades in addition to CPU to supports in rendering animations, videos and images to the screen. GPU facilitate zooming, 3D rendering, and fast motion. They also support complex mathematical calculations and techniques needed to get smooth pictures and motion. GPUs make Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality possible by facilitating technologies such as Asynchronous Spcewarp.

• Best cooling mechanisms such as multiple fans with high speed for better performance

• Battery life: gaming laptops have high-end GPUs, and CPUs, therefore, consume more power. To compensate for this, large capacity batteries are needed to last through a few gaming sessions.

• RAM: high speed and huge storage capacity RAMs equipped with effective cooling technologies such as heat sinks are the best for VFX and gaming

• Wireless SSD: wireless drives enable high-speed performance and networking enabling quick uploads of created animations and storage of downloaded games

• Other accessories include backlit keyboards

• Processor: latest generation processors such as i7 Intel Quad-core 2.80 GHz is recommended. For example, if you want to utilize virtual reality technology the Nvidia GTX 1080 with huge VRAM and a 1.3
HDMI port is recommended.

Having said that here are some of the best laptop for graphic design and gaming.

1. Apple MacBook Pro

This laptop from the Apple brand is equipped with i7 Quad-core processor for fast speed. It has a distinct graphics card with its RAM to make it a popular VFX laptop in the industry. It can process intense 3D graphics while freeing up the CPU for other processing needs. Additionally, it has a wide 15-inch screen with 2880 x 1800 resolution for the quality display. All these coupled with the 512 storage space and 2133 MHz memory speed make the Mac suitable for gaming and graphics work.

2. Alienware 17

Equipped with a 1080 NVIDIA GTX card that has an 8 GB VRAM the Alienware has been optimized for running Virtual Reality systems to make a person achieve new exciting gaming experiences. The monitor is 17.3 inches with wide viewing angles that make multi-person gaming possible. The intel generation is i7-7820 HK core processor capable of up to 4.4 GHz processing speed. Together with high-speed RAM and massive SSD, the Alienware is optimized to support gaming needs.

3. HP Zbook 15u Notebook

The HP Zbook has a 16-inch screen with 1720 x 1080 pixel for wide and quality display. It runs on the i7 2.7 GHz processor with a 16 GB SDRAM making it capable of supporting lots of video editing and graphic design software such as Adobe, VFX works and more. With the 512 GB SSD and wireless compatibility, graphics can be created, stored in the PC or uploaded to the cloud quickly. The FirePro W4190M graphic card is fast and powerful making design and rendering possible.

4. Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop

This brand features an integrated GPU graphics chip. The NVIDIA GeForce chip is integrated to the I 7 Intel CPU chip to carry out parallel processing of vivid graphics and mathematical computations. This integration supports frame-smoothing techniques such as the Asynchronous SpaceWarp that make VR possible. The screen is 15.6 inches with excellent resolution for a beautiful display. In terms of RAM and storage, it has a powerful 16 GB ram and 256 GB SSD. Additionally, it boasts of excellent cooling capabilities such as dual high-speed fans that make extreme processing possible.

In a nutshell, the gaming and graphics world is experiencing massive shifts towards comfortability because technology is making it possible to get high quality displays, fast motion, a comfortable keyboard, portability, connection, and vast storage spaces. Accessories are also getting cheaper making it possible to acquire highly configured PCs without many hustles.

Image Credits: Laptop Specs from Phira_60/Shutterstock