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Are you an Indian blogger with lots of traffic? Want to make money over AdSense from your blog? Here we are going to discuss the Cuelinks, an affiliate marketing platform.

If your answer is Yes, I have an excellent solution for you with AdSense today to make more money. For an average Indian blogger, one of the biggest challenges is getting started with Affiliate marketing. If you’ve been blogging for a while, you need to be aware of the fact: In the other case, affiliate marketing pays more than AdSense.

The answer I’m talking about here is Cuelinks, and it works with AdSense. But to use Cuelinks, you don’t have to delete advertisements on AdSense.

In this guide, I’ll share everything you need to know about Cuelinks, how to introduce Cuelinks blog monetization on your blog, and how to get paid for all the knowledge that comes from getting started.

Cuelinks is one of the simplest ways to monetize your blog, where after you set it up once, you don’t have to do anything. After receiving approval, it will hardly take 10 minutes to install.

Cuelinks is a network of content monetization that functions like Viglink and Skimlinks. When you sign up for Cuelinks, it will send you a few lines of Javascript code you need to put in your blog once, and it will automatically turn your links to Indian merchant sites into an affiliate connection.

Whenever a reader clicks on these links and makes a purchase on your blog post, you get a nice commission out of it. In short, Cuelinks makes affiliate marketing for you or someone else reasonably simple.

    Minimum compensation is the allocation of INR 500 

    Revenue between Publisher & Cuelinks is 75 per cent:25 percent.

By default, all merchant connections with which they are connected are monetized by Cuelinks. If you want to deal directly with a specific merchant (e.g., Flipkart affiliate), you can send it to the Cuelinks team and delete Flipkart from your account.

For any Indian blog whose target audience is India or getting traffic from India, Cuelinks is perfect. It’s ideal for those bloggers who connect to an Indian website focused on e-commerce or product.

Cuelinks saves your time for individual affiliate program sign-ups separately. Nonetheless, on any of the merchant sites, you can generate a direct affiliate link to the specific page.

Cuelinks Widget For Deals And Cuelinks Coupons

Deal plugin Cuelinks is another way to monetize your blog/website. It fits well with the platform, which is now and then writing about sales & exclusive offers. For the famous store, you can create a widget with coupons and place it on your sidebar page. Click Resource Center > Widgets to create this widget, and generate the widget according to the sidebar of your blog.


Cuelinks works excellent when you’ve connected with merchant sites, but how about when you don’t have a link to a specific site? Cuewords come into the photo this way. It is their latest feature, and it converts text automatically into links. That’s very useful for Indian bloggers who haven’t added many links to their old blog posts.

How To Start An Online Business With Cuelinks?

You can start an online Coupons & Deals site with Cuelinks. You’ll get an email every day for ongoing sales, and you can use it to start your own online company. You can launch your deal site using themes such as CouponPress. Watch the video above till the end, as I shared how you could use Cuelinks alternatives without a blog to make money.

Creating a Free account on Cuelinks Share your experience with Cuelinks if you are an established publisher. Share it with others on Facebook & Twitter if you find this guide useful.

Cuelinks Review

Are you having a hard time making money with your blog? Does your blog have a more significant part of Indian traffic? Cuelinks then is just for you. It is one of the best Indian affiliate programs with the high commission of having many renowned advertisers. Affiliate Marketing is one of the most reliable ways online bloggers can make money. In this review article from Cuelinks, we’ll read what exactly this is, what are different features & ways to incorporate, share revenue & payout thresholds.

I hope you learn about Affiliate Marketing before we get on with the post. If you haven’t started it yet, you can read an article about why you should begin marketing with an Affiliate. You may also rely on advertising networks, but they do not help to earn more bucks according to my experience. Google AdSense is quite a good network, but it’s not a piece of cake to get approval. Although affiliate marketing requires more effort and patience, it will cause you more bucks.

Cuelinks is a network for Indian Bloggers to monetize content. By using 2 minutes of installation (directly downloading a JavaScript code) on your website, it can quickly turn your usual any merchant links into a “revenue-generating connection.” So, you get a commission when any user clicks on that link and generates a lead or purchases a product. It offers more than 1000 + affiliate programs and campaigns for you as of now. You can choose according to your content and niche.

If you are looking for monetizing your blog, Infolinks can help you do that. Check out how Infolinks work?

Single Point Of Payment

Cuelinks holds a payout of NET60. You should then expect to accept all pending commissions within 60 days from the date of the transaction. Since all affiliate system earnings are combined under Cuelinks, the payout (Minimum Payout is around 500) would be reached faster. You will be paid on the next payment days after you raise an invoice. The amount will be transferred to your bank account directly.

Lifetime Link Management

Other partner initiatives stop in the middle or postpone their campaigns. If you want to adjust those connections manually, it will be an annoying process. Lifetime connection management comes to mind at Cuelinks. And when a campaign is stopped or suspended, the page is redirected to an appropriate location.

Cuelinks API

You can incorporate Cuelinks with your software if you have a Smartphone app. You can change your website redirection script to redirect links via the Cuelinks server, and they will take full responsibility for your monetization.

Cuelinks Support

You will be assigned a different account manager when you sign up at Cuelinks. Within your dashboard, you can search for their contact information. You can contact them by email or by phone if you have any trouble.

Cuewords will help you cut down your affiliate ties manual work. By adding the Cuewords JavaScript to your website, Cuewords will automatically put appropriate affiliate links for the right money keywords in your blog post material.

How To Refer Publishers To Cuelinks?

    By writing a review of Cuelinks with your reference link 

    Sharing your referral link on social media 

    Placing Cuelinks banners on the sidebar of your website 

    Emailing Cuelinks referral link to your subscribers, you can refer publishers to Cuelinks.

These are only a few avenues for Cuelinks to get some referrals. If you’re imaginative, you’ll figure out more ways for Cuelinks to get references.

It is the one that matters most. Scams on the internet are rising day by day. So, did anybody make a pay-out at Cuelinks?

Cuelinks A 2 Minute Sign Up Program Features

  • Simple to enter & get approval 
  • It needs a domain/website name, valid email and mobile no. 
  • Comprehensive reports for each activity such as hits, EPC, etc. but can be enhanced to 500 + merchants 
  • Various ways to getting started: widget, JavaScript code, or links Single place & net60 days (a bit slow) payment system 
  • Minimum payout is INR 500 
  • Revenue distribution is 75 per cent:25 percent

What Is EPC In Cuelinks?

EPC  in Cuelinks refers to earning per click. 

Cuelinks is an excellent affiliate management tool for any blogger/publisher from India, who receives the target audience. If you’re running a niche blog, fashion or jewelry blog or any similar niche based on e-commerce, then Cuelinks can help you a lot in monetizing and save tons of hours on blog monetization.

Its Sign Up Process

It’s pretty quick to sign up, and everyone can sign up for the Cuelinks content monetization program. Have a domain name, valid email ID, and mobile number ready. Fill in the name of your domain or website, the full name, email address, password, and mobile number. If you have and the region, select the service, that is it. You have done so with the process of signing up. It’s effortless, and I don’t mind signing up for Cuelinks.

By accessing the account details and payment information tabs from your dashboard, you can add your address and payment details later.

After filling out these fields and registering, in just two or three days, publishers will receive a confirmation mail. There is very little chance that the website will be denied until and without the involvement of the site in any illegal activities. The Ad network also endorses new blogs and websites. Even the network approves Subdomains. Publishers may sign into the dashboard immediately after registration and start using the campaigns. Publishers must allow cue words, which transforms specific words in the blog into affiliate links to realize maximum benefits. Once registered, approved publishers get auto-approval for all the partnering merchants.

It is an additional way open to publishers to monetize their blog or website. That works best for sites that now and then write about exclusive deals and offers. Publishers need to click Resource Center widgets to create the widget, and generate the same based on the space available in the sidebar of the blog.

Cuelinks Merchants 

It’s Cuelinks ‘ beneficial app, where you can access the hundreds of merchants’ affiliate network with a single button. Sign in to your Cuelinks account and click on the Merchant Search tab in your dashboard to go there.

By using the search box, you will see the list of e-commerce marketplaces and other merchants, or search for a specific merchant. You may also categorize the results of the quest and type of payout.

If you find the merchant you’re looking for, then with one button, you can go with that merchant. You will also see commission rates for the specific merchant. Cuelinks can guide you to another page when you click on a particular merchant’s connection. On this page, you can find prices for merchant URLs and commissions. You can connect the merchant URL to your affiliate ID at the bottom of the page to get your exclusive affiliate connection to benefit from your affiliate promotion. 

Cuelinks built-in URL shortener can help you connect shortening & hiding the actual affiliate connect with a single click, and you can promote the link on your forums, social media or emails, etc.

The same process can be done for external links using the link package, where you can convert standard external merchant links to the affiliate links. Or, if you are using the Google Chrome browser, you can directly use the Cuelinks Chrome extension. In both cases, you will only need to sign in your account and connect the merchant URL or deep connect to the specific product page URL to earn commission benefits from the Cuelinks account.

Learn how affiliate marketing works?

Cuelinks API

The linking of individual goods is often time-consuming. So Cuelinks offers a unique JS code for its publishers to put on their blogs/websites. When you add this code, all of your usual links will automatically be converted to affiliate links in Cuelinks. If anyone clicks on those links and buys the product, you will earn the commission.

Just before the < /BODY > tag (usually located in the footer section), you will only need to copy and paste the JavaScript code provided by Cuelinks into your website’s template. If you don’t know how to do that, or if you install JS code on your blog, ask your affiliate account manager for assistance.

Cuelinks WordPress Plugin

One way of using Cuelinks on your blog/website is to use the WordPress plugin ‘Cuelinks-Affiliate Marketing Tool.’ Plugin installation is the same as other plugins running WordPress. The Cuelinks settings are instantly available in your WordPress dashboard’s Left Navigation sidebar.

Configure the plugin for your publisher’s name. You will find it under the Account Settings tab in your Cuelinks dashboard, and it will be like 01234CL01234. Save changes and trigger the plugin. Saving the changes would automatically add some lines of JavaScript code to your website design, and after each good sale, you will receive money for your affiliate promotion.

Cuelinks Chrome Extension

Yeah, if you have a content blog and you want to make money out of it, convert your usual links to affiliate connection, by doing this you will increase your earnings, let me understand you, suppose you have usual links to your content (visitors going by connection but you not getting single penny out of it), install Cuelinks plugin in your WordPress site, it will convert your all-day site.

The Internet has shifted several revolutions from earning money offline to making money online; it’s been a new transition for many potential bloggers and online marketers. In affiliate marketing, there are many forms of service or tools available for starting something new.

Let’s speak about Cuelinks, the latest network for affiliate marketers with a small share of sales rate, approximately 25 percent of Cuelinks earnings.

Are you searching for the best affiliate choice to currency a website/blog along with Adsense, If yes, then here’s the affiliate website monetize guidance “Cuelinks” is the best affiliate monetize solution for bloggers to promote website content for additional revenue.

Cuelinks is a 2-minute content monetization tool for bloggers, online shopping, coupon related websites, some kind of forum websites, and other outbound traffic websites like Finance, Matrimony, Travel, Online shopping. With the aid of Cuelinks, you can uniquely promote website/blog content, and use AdSense of the same while.

How To Kick Start Your Career?

Sign-up is very simple and convenient. 

  • The following details are needed before signing in to complete the sign-up process; (Official Name, Working Email Address, Phone Number & Blog URL).
  • To complete the signup process, click here, and fill out the application form and apply the information accordingly.
  • When the signup process has been completed, check the email and wait for account approval for a few days, it will take a little bit longer to approve the submission.
  • Once the account application has been accepted, then start an affiliate with various Cuelinks merchants such as say: Flipkart, Paytm Mall, Amazon, etc.
  • Generate the Cuelinks from the product chosen.
  • It looks like a long and long link; on the same cue link page, it is easier to make short links.
  • Upon shortening the link, take the link and paste it into your own website/blog.

Cue Links is one of a kind of Ad Network monetizing content similar to SkimLinks and VigLinks, but much better than both networks. When a publisher signs up for the Cuelinks ad network, they are provided with a JavaScript code that is then put on the page; this code will then turn the links for the merchant sites into affiliate links. By clicking on those links placed on the blogs making a purchase, visitors are rewarded with good commissions to publishers. In short, the network generally changes how affiliate marketing happens.

Cue Links, known as an affiliate link management service, recently started in India. The business has its headquarters in Mumbai and primarily focuses on Indian Publishers who gain through affiliate marketing. The business was founded to provide publishers the best possible partner connections and reporting solutions.

Designed For Merchants And Dealers

Cuelinks is an outstanding affiliate marketing network working with distributors and publishers alike. It allocates to its publishers 65 percent of its revenues generated from its merchants’ affiliated products. For high performing publishers, the figure goes up to 75 percent. The best thing about this network is its one-time setup application. When ad codes are mounted on the website, at, any outbound connection from the site is indexed by the Cuelinks program.

The network gives all types of publishers, whether large or small, equal opportunities to monetize their blogs. If they are sincere, it approves them and allows them to start earning immediately. Also, its rules are not that stringent compared to Google AdSense, which terminated publishing immediately when it violates its laws. Its automated features for building links lets content start making money within minutes of registering.

The Network offers equal incentives for all forms of publishers, big or small, to monetize their blogs. If they are serious, it approves them and helps them to start earning instantly. Similarly, its guidelines are not that strict compared to Google AdSense, which automatically terminated publishing when it breaks its laws. Its automated link building features allow content to start making money within minutes of logging in.

It partners with some of the best merchants like Flipkart, Expedia, Airtel, Croma, Shop Clues, Free Recharge, Food Panda, Jabong, Myntra, eBay India, HomeShop 18, Big Bazaar, Future Bazaar, Goibibo, HDFC Life, HostGator, Jet Airways, etc. The Dashboard cue Links is one of the best and very easy to use.

It provides accurate information about current earnings and the latest details of pay-out, along with the date. For publishers with all the recent clicks on the links and the number of transactions made through those clicks, the earning table has been made clear. Only clicks that made the order would attract commissions for the publishers.

The dashboard reporting tab will help publishers produce output reports in a variety of formats, including XLS and PDF, and are of three categories, namely, merchant reporting, traffic reporting, and transaction reporting.

Cuelinks is an excellent ad network that turns all links to the product into affiliate links and helps publishers monetize the same. It shares 65 percent of its revenue with its publishers and pays them through the links placed on their web pages when purchasing. Also, publishers may recommend the link to their friends and relatives to allow them to buy through the connection and get adequately paid.

Here is the complete guide on affiliate marketing.