Affiliate Marketing for Beginners


Affiliate marketing is an essential part of the digital world today. It became the fastest growing market in 2018. Itís is a type of marketing where you get a commission each time someone buys something through the link you promoted.

How to start? You simply register as an affiliate on some brandís site and promote their service or product. Itís very popular today and many people start doing this in their free time to secure a passive income online.

As we told that itís sort of a trend in the digital world, every business should consider implementing an affiliate program. That should be attractive two both sides, business, and an affiliate. Once an affiliate brings you a new customer, your revenue grows and affiliate gets its commission. Weíll show you how it all works in this article.

Terms in affiliate marketing


This whole process of affiliate marketing for beginners starts with registering on the website you want to promote. Moreover, once you become an affiliate youíll get your link which you will use to promote the brand. Wherever you want to promote the brand you simply paste the link and when customers come through your link youíll get the commission.


Defined as the amount of money you get for each sale. Percentage of the recurring commission for each sale is determined in each organization. It simply depends on a brand you promote.

For example, one of the biggest recurring commissions is 30% per sale, offered by brands like Paldesk. It also provides customers with a 90-day cookie, approval is quick and payouts are on a monthly basis.

Expand your presence

Once you start earning money for affiliate marketing, it will inspire you to continue and grow your business. Also, when you create a sort of reputation, sales through your link will just keep on rising. Therefore, your reputation on the internet will be much bigger. When you have a good reputation, itís easier to expand the targeted audience.

You can see that this is a fairly interconnected program where every step impacts onto the next one. Brands often use influencers as an affiliate because influencers can get on the biggest stage to promote their product.

Starting off as an affiliate

Affiliate marketing for beginners goes through several steps. Those will be explained in the following text in greater detail.


This phase of starting an affiliate website that must come first, even before building a website. You need to determine the niche in which you want to promote a certain brand. It can be for digital marketing, cosmetics, fashion, lifestyle – thereís no limit. With this starts the whole affiliate cycle.

People usually pick a niche that is correlated with their interests and hobbies. Find something that youíre passionate about and it will be easier for you to promote. As well, take care that itís a popular niche where you can earn some money, except if youíre doing it just for fun. Just like in any other business, there will be competition. Donít force a niche where you donít stand a chance against other affiliates. You can do that by researching the right keywords in tools like Ahrefs or a free tool Uber Suggest.

Finding a good affiliate program

Now, when you decided what niche you want, itís time to find the program that will be effective. Surely, there are lots of programs on the market, but most of them have low recurring commissions. Do the research and find the best possible program out there.

Also, when you consider different affiliate programs, you need to make sure that the brand that provides those programs are kind to their affiliates. They need to make you feel like a part of the brand. This will lead to the success of the program you use.

When youíre searching for a good affiliate program, youíll meet thousands of programs. We can recommend you these top 5 affiliate programs.

Establishing a website

The previous ways of starting as an affiliate refer to researching. Now, itís time to turn this strategy into action. Beginners in affiliate marketing need websites to do the job in the best possible way. If youíre new in this, the best solution will definitely be a WordPress website. WordPress is a platform where you can build a site within 30 minutes, that will meet all the modern standards. How? First of all, you need to buy a domain, the next step is to buy and set up a hosting server. Moreover, youíll need to install a theme for WordPress. When you finish setting up itís time to build a site.

Creating content

If you didnít see the purpose of the website in affiliate marketing, this paragraph will make clearer why you need it. You need to create content that is interesting and engaging. Also, you need to do the keyword research and use them in your content. It makes sense that the more products, service or whatever you promote will bring more people to your site.

One of the ďcheatsĒ that many marketers use is giving mini-courses, email series and such to build and expand an email list which will increase the traffic on the site.  Something that you should always have on your mind is GDPR. Your content must be unique without any plagiarism intentions. To improve the SEO performance, your content also needs to be relevant to your niche.


After you did all the previous steps, youíre ready to promote. Youíll need to keep adding values to your site by promoting a certain brand. There are lots of different promoting strategies which depend on what you promote. Some of them include writing reviews of the product, email promotions, promoting in the text with links, promotional images, and videos. Also, itís always good to offer giveaways and discounts.


To sum up, affiliates are people that promote the brand with links. Those links bring them commissions every time someone purchases the product that is promoted. A commission is a percentage of money that an affiliate gets for sales heís credible for. In the end, an affiliate needs to expand his presence and increase the number of his promotions.

Affiliate marketing for beginners takes you through the steps before starting an affiliate program. First of all, you need to determine the niche in which you want to promote something. Then comes the research of the program that will satisfy your needs. Moreover, you need to establish a website where youíll share your content and promote a certain brand.

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