How Does Affiliate Marketing Work

affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money. The concept in itself is simple – advertise a product or a business and receive a financial reward for it. The commission model can vary from one business to another, from revenue share to fixed fees.

Firstly, what you need in order to get paid is to have an audience. The channel is not as relevant as the number of people who you manage to reach. It can be a blog, a Youtube channel, so long as it has enough visitors for a business to be able to benefit from the exposure.

The most important thing, however, if you want to build a growing business is the quality of the content you provide. It is essential for affiliate sites to be unbiased and offer unique, honest content in order for the audience to trust the site’s recommendations.

Here are a few examples of different industries which are simple and easy to work with.

Online gambling

This is a very popular industry in India right now and all you need is a basic understanding of what a successful online casino should offer to their players in order to be able to start a comparison site. It is important that no matter how much a business offers you for the advertisement, your review of their product is 100% honest. You want your site’s readers to find your reviews interesting, informative and trustworthy. You can find a good example of a comparison site to draw inspiration from here.

Physical products (health, fashion, beauty, tech)

There are countless retail stores out there who are offering great commission plans for reviews of their products. Once again, it is important that you only offer raw and honest reviews to your audience to ensure your the growth of visitors to your channel, whether it is a site or any other platform you choose to go for.

Here is one example of a health and nutrition affiliate site.


This may come as a surprise to many, but there is a lot of money to be made from the pet industry. There is a big audience of people who are looking to improve their pets’ quality of life and it can be things like high-end food products, luxury clothes & accessories, grooming etc.

If you’re wondering about the execution of the entire marketing process – it is exactly as it is in any other industry – you need to provide your audience with informative, quality content and offer your genuine recommendation for different products.

Check out this example of a dog food affiliate site.