The Best Torrent Sites for downloading software, movies, music

What is Torrent? A torrent file is a file that is small in size and associated with specific content that related to downloading files. Moreover, its downloading speed totally depends on seeders, leechers, and peers.

Torrent Sites is the best place available on the Internet from where you can quickly download approximately all kinds of files. You can find Movies to software and games everything here.

As the internet users are increasing, the torrent users are also increasing. The torrent sites were got famous in the last few years. Moreover, now a day’s Torrent becomes that much famous that all internet users are mostly using Torrent sites for downloading their small as well as large size files.

The files that shared on Torrent sites every month they are not in the number of Millions but on billions. By this figure, you can easily judge how much torrent site matters.

As the popularity of torrent is increasing the number of torrent sites are also increasing day by day. In today’s scenario, you can find more than thousands of torrent sites that are available on the web.

With the increasing number of torrent sites, it is also become very hard to find out which one is the best torrent sites and for worthy to visit.

So for giving you a better Torrent experience, we are sharing here a list of Best 10 Torrent Sites for Movies, Games, and Software.

Best Torrent Sites for Movies, Games and Software:

Kickass Torrent (

The Kickass Torrent founded in 2009. It is a very popular torent. It is a well known torrent site for Games, movies, Software and other downloading material. It has a vast database of various categories. After its development in no time, it got popular.

Torrentz (

Torrentz It is also known as a torrent search engine. This site never hosts any files from their own. Although it provides you the direction to search other torrent sites as per your search needs. It is one of the best torrent sites in the world.

ExtraTorrent (

ExtraTorrent is also very popular and one of the best torrent sites. It is mainly popular for Movies, Tv shows, and Software. You can get Movies, Tv shows and Software with no trouble from this torrent site. This site is very easy to operate.

TorrentBox (

TorrenBox is the most popular Torrent Sites of 2015. It is a new site still it got popular in a very short extent of time. It has clean navigation. This navigation tool helps you to navigate through various categories, which includes Movies, Games, Music, and software.

The Pirate Bay (

The pirate bay is not a new player in the Torrent sites. In past, The Pirate Bay was king of all torrent sites. However, because of plenty of legal issues it got blocked in more than ten countries. That is why this site got a big loss. Still, it is famous and also getting a tremendous success. The Pirate Bay is now also blocked in some countries including India.

Bitsnoop (

Bitsnoop is at the 6th position in our list of best Torrent sites 2015. It is also famous torent in the world.

1337X (

1337X is also one of the best torrent sites. Its mainly known for its Movies and Software files. It provides the facility of downloading both Fi9les and magnet links file from the torrents.

TorrentDB (

TorrentDB is also a well known torrent site. It has a vast database of torrent files that are from all the popular networks. It is index all famous torrent sites and also add the latest collection in its database. Moreover, its site navigation is also fairly easy.

Rarbg (

Rarbg is also a new site that is doing well in the field of the torrent. This site was founded a few years ago and within no time it got some huge success.

isoHunt (

In our list, the last torrent site is isoHunt. The closed because of some reason in 2013 and afterward this team came up again with their new version of the site that is now known as

That’s it.

Now a day’s Torrent sites are getting in trend in the online world. Almost all internet users are friendly from torrent sites. Moreover, this list of 10 Best Torrent Sites will surely help you to download your files related to Movies, Tv shows, and Software.