Best Book Recommendation Sites, Book Clubs and Communities

Books are the best friend of a human. Some keeps purchasing new books and are real bookworms. Well its always a tough task to select the best one which suits your need. You will either have to approach your friends or family. But what if their taste is not tuned to yours? Or, they do not understand exactly what you need? Here are some of best book recommendation sites that can do tell you what to read.

Here’s my opinion, instead of wasting your time consulting with normal scoped-humans, have some time on internet. You can search thousands of books suggesting sites to fulfill your needs. Surfing these sites is much easier than having discussions with family and friends. It’s even better then stepping into a bookstore and getting pressurized by the store attendant to purchase book that is not your desire done.

Best Book Recommendation Sites

In fact by using the services of the online book recommendation websites, you won’t have to search your Professor’s book shelf for hours. So go ahead and surf some of the best book recommendation sites I am giving you here.


This site is an attach of many book clubs, publishing companies, and students with a mythical itch to scratch. Check out the genre-specific lists or your friends’ bookshelves, rate and analysis books, and make a wish list of expectations reads. This is first choice from best book recommendation sites.

Reddit Community – Suggest me a Book - and many more

A Reddit community with 19k+ users and have loads of cool book recommendations from real users. The best about these reddit communities are they all have great discussion going with votes and all. You can really use it for finding some new and fresh books as well.

more reddit communities : BookclubBooklists, FreeEBooksPrintSFHorrorlitAudioBooks

What Should I Read Next?

Generally we all asked this question occasionally. After that time you do, click on over to this website and enter an author or book title in the search engine. WSITN? We will create a list of related books and authors based on a database of over 80,000 titles and more than one million reader recommendations.


Stop thinking about a Sub-Saharan African safari; cruise the curious cyber bookshelves on this site, powered by Amazon. Shelfari is a community-supported encyclopedia — the social network of the book world, if you will. Make a profile, then build your own effective library with your favorite titles, and see what your friends are reading.


Its offers interesting proposals based on your mood — gradient scales ranging from “Optimistic” to “Bleak,” “Larger than life” to “Down to earth,” and “Expected” to “Unpredictable,” among others, allow you set the tone of your next big (or small) read — or on character, plot, and/or setting preferences. Although these aspects are surely unique, the site’s book and author options are limited; still, condition you like Which Book’s suggestions, the “Borrow” and “Buy” buttons re-direct you to a library catalog and Amazon, correspondingly.

Library Thing

Library Thing
Show over one million members and a book file nearing 70 million titles, this site is for serious book lovers. Alike to Shelfari and GoodReads, Library Thing lets you make a profile and view what your friends are reading, as well as browse their substantive catalog. Connect one of the online discussion groups, or check out the more-or-less-live message board; a social and active book network waits!


Its sites are not completely for books — it also includes categories for movies and music — but the literature map is a different aspect. Type in an author’s name and a spread list of relevant author names will show, with those most closely aligned with the original author’s style or genre closest in nearness. Another unique feature is “Gnod’s Suggestions,” which offers an author who might fit your taste based on reader recommendations.

The Staff Recommends

Definitely you’ve seen the staff suggestions when you enter a bookstore, but does anyone really heed their opinion? John Warner, a McSweeney’s editor-at-large, is hopeful you will. As TSR’s chief writer, Warner manages all of the site’s recommendations, so if you trust his view, this website is for you. And for the reason that TSR wants to give surety readers that they’re giving their honest opinions, any money the site receives from user purchases through their affiliates goes directly to First Book, a non-profit that donates books to children in necessitate.