11 Sureshot Tips And Tricks To Increase Your Twitter Followers

From politicians to celebrities each one in today’s web world is using social networking sites. Twitter for example is one means of social communication that has witnessed the ever increasing number of people registering. In other words, the graph of people joining twitter is shooting up high.

Why is Twitter craze increasing day by day ? Well, bloggers around the world have the right answer. For some people, its a source of communication while for bloggers it’s the source of marketing and advertising. Blogging is one field that asks for social marketing and bloggers know how to make optimum use of such social networking sites like Twitter.

Being an effective marketing platform, Twitter if used efficiently and smartly does helps blogs get good revenue. The next step after registering is how to make optimum use of Twitter to generate traffic. The mantra or I must say the secret is that you have good tweets and a good number of followers. Although you can buy Twitter followers on UseViral to boost your profile rapidly, you must try to grow organically.. In my post, I have shared few tips and tricks to increase your Twitter followers. If you’re a newbie then this article is certainly gonna be of great help. Run your eyes down!

1) Appealing Design : First and the foremost thing that should be kept in mind is your treatment towards the design of your twitter page. You need to keep in mind that your twitter page just like your website deserves special treatment. You can’t just increase the number of your followers if the design of your twitter page is not attractive. Make sure you spend some time to make your twitter page look eye-catching.

2) Genuine : Fake Ids are big NO. One should fill in complete genuine information in bio section and other areas of twitter page. If people find that the twitter users they are following are genuine they will stick and follow your tweets else you can lose your followers thereby hampering your blog traffic.

3) Follow other people : If you’re using twitter as the social marketing media so are others. Following other people lets them know that you exist and this will certainly ask them to follow you and read your tweets. It increases your exposure and number of followers.

4) Interact with your followers : Next step is interacting with your followers and re-tweeting. If you’re following someone and vice versa that doesn’t mean your job is done. You need to interact with your followers letting them know what you’re up-to and know about them. Sharing words does the trick. Be social!

5) Resourceful updates : If you want to increase your followers and want them to stick, you need to be really particular about your updates. High-quality interesting update makes it impossible for your followers to leave. Your updates should be highly resourceful and interesting.

6) Follow people of same niche : Find people with same interest as yours and follow them. Following people of your niche with great number of followers will help you increase your followers.

7) Hash tag : Wondering what’s hash tag in twitter? Well, some people search twitter through categories, so if you tweet about ‘Blogging Tips’ use the hash tag #bloggingtips. If your followers enjoy similar content in which you have posted on they might follow you for more updates.

8) Make your followers aware : The next step after you have updated your twitter page is you need to make the efforts and make your followers aware about your update and ask them to retweet the same if they like. Put your Twitter profile link everywhere be it facebook fan page, email signature, myspace and other social network spaces you feel will do the justice and help making people aware.

9) Reply to the tweets and questions : Besides updating your blog, take some time out and reply to your tweets and questions. You should also re-tweet and yes, don’t forget to welcome your new followers.

10) Tweet during peak hours : Stats show that twitter activity is maximum from 9 am to 5 pm. East and West Coast time. Tweeting during the peak hours will have more eyeballs on your feeds and people will be curious to check your tweets. More and more people of same interest as yours can be expected to follow you.

11) Organize and participate in twitter contests : By organizing the twitter contests on your blog and participating in contests organized by other blogs. Follow more people and you are certain to see the increase in number of your followers.

To sum up, if you know the art of using Twitter smartly, nothing can stop you to increase the number of followers and your blog traffic. I hope, the tips listed above help you in your endeavour. Your valuable comments are always appreciated.