The Best Infrared Thermometer? Read Our In-Depth ThermoDetect Pro™ Review Before Buying

ThermoDetect Pro

Today we’re reviewing the ThermoDetect Pro™ thermometer gun, a USA government certified infrared thermometer which is helping protect tens of thousands of American homes and businesses.

The ThermoDetect Pro has sold over a million units worldwide, and is the number one recommendation by leading preparedness brands like SurvivalMag.

As the whole world reels from the COVID pandemic, we are all struggling to get life back on track. Social distancing has become the new normal, and everyone needs to be monitored everywhere they go. You have to be careful where you go and what you touch. But most importantly, you have to be careful of those around you.

We can’t really tell who’s completely healthy and who’s not just by looking at them. However, one of the most telling symptoms of the coronavirus is a feverish temperature, which typically you can’t detect without being too close!

Enter the USA’s favorite no-contact thermometer. The ThermoDetect Pro™ is an FDA-Approved IR thermometer that can measure a person’s temperature from a safe distance.

Using infrared technology, this temperature gun detects the thermal and infrared energy that a person emits within less than 1 second and with accuracy greater than 0.01°.

This IR thermometer supports both Fahrenheit and Celsius for both regular and scientific use. It also features a tri-color indicator screen depending on a person’s temperature for an intuitive user experience.

A green screen means that the target’s body temperature is normal, while orange means a slightly raised temperature, and finally red means your target’s body temperature is dangerously high. This helps avoid confusion and keeps you and your family, customers, or workers safe in one single glance.

There’s no need to worry about babies or the elderly, as this thermometer gun is safe for babies, children & adults. This makes it easy to protect yourself, your family, or your employees by screening visitors. These IR thermometers are a great choice to help you ensure that everyone can be safely scanned for any sign of fever before entering your property.

The temperature gun itself is lightweight, compact, and incredibly durable. Anyone can use it for a whole day without having to lug around heavy equipment. You can even carry it anywhere you go! Its compact size has a satisfying heft to it, despite being lightweight. Once you pick it up, you know it’s well-built and made from good materials. It would appear that no corners have been cut during manufacturing!

Speaking of all-day use, the ThermoDetect Pro™ has a very conservative power drain, letting you check thousands of bodies per charging cycle per thermometer gun. It runs on replaceable batteries for ease of use, which lasted us for several days of testing no problem.

The best part is that every single IR thermometer is sent from a warehouse in California via the United States Postal Service. This ensures that you will receive your ThermoDetect Pro™ on time while minimizing the risks of damage from improper packaging.

All these things make the ThermoDetect Pro™ one of the USA’s top-selling no-contact thermometers. Get yours by visiting and let us know what you think in the comments.

Our overall rating: 9/10