Steam vs. Origin vs. Uplay vs. GOG vs. Windows Store: The Battle Between the Digital Distribution Platforms

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On the off chance that you’ve purchased another game on the PC over the most recent couple of years – be it digital or retail – you have presumably gone over either computer game store, from Valve’s dispersion stage Steam to Electronic Arts’ Origin. Be that as it may, there are different alternatives past those two, and relying upon the game you get, you may have a couple of choices to look over. There are advantages and disadvantages to utilizing each store, which thus has confounded things for players.

So in view of that, here’s an examination of the Windows Store, Steam, Origin, Uplay, and GOG.


Microsoft’s Windows Store appears as though it was intended for tablet screens with its enormous symbols, and it concentrates more on client audits rather than trailers or recordings. Steam seems awkward and severely sorted out so it’s elusive what you need. For instance, Project Cars show up in the Sports class, which should just be under Racing.

EA’s Origin does its best to recommend redesign choices for its diversions, planning to get more cash out of your buy. Ubisoft’s Uplay doesn’t do anything extraordinary – and the store area shows its site in a shell-like Steam and Origin.

GOG has the cleanest look of the parcel, and the unmistakable isolation of store and downloads on a similar screen enables clients to get all the data in a jiffy. Inception utilizes blurb kind thumbnails and enormous orange purchase catches to coordinate buys, making it the quickest to explore. In usability – Origin and GOG are the best.

Games Variety

Steam has most diversions from outsider distributors, and it additionally brags of the greatest library of recreations. Different stores are to a great extent dedicated to first-party recreations, with Uplay having just 75 games in India. Origin stocks couple of outsider recreations other than EA’s, however regularly, Steam has it beat on estimating.

GOG has a gigantic gathering of DRM free diversions, but since of that, it just has a sum of 1,584 recreations. This includes a couple of prominent games, for example, The Witcher 3 and No Man’s Sky, however, all things considered, it doesn’t have a large portion of the best new recreations either. Not out of the blue, Steam is the champ on assortment, however, every one of the stores brags of extremely prominent special features.


Computer game costs are for the most part recorded in US dollars as they will, in general, be evaluated by the buying intensity of Americans who established the vast majority of the worldwide market. That hurt clients in different nations including India as players would need to spend on money transformation rates and other obligatory charges. That has changed as of late, however, it has been actualized in various ways.

All of Windows Store, Steam and Origin use INR estimating, yet Valve is the just a single to modify evaluating as per obtaining power, making it the best spot for Indians to look for recreations as a rule. Both Microsoft and EA convert costs straightforwardly from US dollars to INR. Uplay and GOG don’t have INR estimating so far, with the last’s “reasonable arrangement” of keeping USD as a standard over the world harming it here in India against any semblance of Steam. Ubisoft shows the European store for Indians, so you need to pay in Euros. On account of INR evaluating that considers nearby qualities, Steam is the best store here.

Payment method & Policy

Windows Store, Steam and GOG acknowledge both universal charge and Mastercards. Birthplace and Uplay just acknowledge Mastercards, however, Ubisoft has a possibility for Paypal with GOG. Steam likewise permits Skrill and Bitcoin.

As far as gifts, you can utilize both Steam and GOG to send diversions to loved ones. The others don’t have any choice like that. Steam appears the best choice regarding installment strategies, however generally speaking it’s sufficiently nearby not to issue to the vast majority.

Steam offers no-questions-solicited discounts inside 14 days from buy and two hours of game time. EA’s arrangement for discounts with Origin goes this way: inside 24 hours after you first dispatch the diversion, inside seven days from your date of procurement, or inside seven days from the game’s discharge date in the event that you pre-requested, whichever starts things out. With GOG, you can get a discount inside 30 days of procurement.

Windows Store and Uplay have no discount strategy. Whatever buy you make is conclusive and official, so reconsider before you snap to purchase. GOG is plainly the best store regarding discounts.


Windows Store and Uplay have no network highlights.

Steam has a functioning network wherein designers, players and media can participate in their posts. It even has a Workshop that gives many mods to recreations in an incorporated manner, and afterward, there’s Steam Greenlight where you can vote in favor of new diversions as of now being developed and that you’d like to see on Steam. Valve’s stage is additionally the just a single to have a versatile application out of the five stores we’ve thought about here, and it works admirably of giving access to for all intents and purposes everything – you can peruse and purchase recreations, take a gander at your profile and companions’ movement, send messages in gatherings, etc.

While there’s no network in Origin, EA has Origin Access, a gaming administration with a month to month membership with more than 25 diversions and new ones being included constantly. Also, Access gives you 10 percent off on the entirety of your buys. GOG has a worked in network alternative to talk about gaming, explicit recreations and a network list of things to get include where players can “propose, examine and vote” on new application highlights and games they might want to see at GOG.

On the off chance that you’ve made it this far, you more likely than not utilized either online PC diversion store. We’d love to know your contemplations. Tell us in the remark segment underneath.

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