Best Instant Personal Loan Apps In India 2020

Having a money crunch and looking for a personal loan? Look no further, this article is a blessing for you. We are sharing best instant personal loan apps in India handpicked by the users.

A personal loan is an unsecured loan that helps one meet their current financial aids. One can always consume personal loan from a traditional bank, which can be time-consuming and requires a lot of paperwork. Another option is taking a loan on credit card which usually comes with a high-interest rate.

The quickest, easiest and safest option of opting for a personal loan in India is through Instant Loan Apps. We have compiled a list of Best Instant Personal Loans Apps in India. You can simply apply online with the requisite scanned documents and the requested amount will be credited to your account.


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MoneyTap is the first Indian app-based credit line & have a partnership with leading NBFC’s in India. Whether you are self-employed or a professional, anyone can easily avail a loan from the app. The best feature is one only need to pay the interest on the amount used. The loan provided by the app works both ways, as an instant loan or a credit card. Any individual applying for the loan must have a salary of minimum INR 22,000 in order to be eligible for the loan. The maximum amount of loan offered by the app is INR 5 Lacs. One can easily repay the loan with easy EMI options anywhere between 2 to 36 months.

Visit: www.moneytap.com/


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KreditBee is an excellent app for young professionals to help them achieve their dreams. The entire procedure to avail a loan is online, time saving & efficient. Once the loan is accepted it takes as less as 15 minutes for the amount to be credited directly to your bank account. One can apply for a loan starting from INR 1,500 to 1 Lac. The monthly rate of interest is 3% and you can repay the loan with easy EMI methods. These individual factors make KreditBee one of the best instant personal loan apps in India.

Visit: www.kreditbee.in/

Indiabulls Dhani

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Backed by Indiabulls ventures, Indiabulls Dhani is one of the most reliable and best instant personal loan apps in India. You can get an instant loan using the app starting from as low as INR 1000 and up to 15 Lacs. The tenure for the loans start from 3 months and goes up to twenty. You can apply for a loan from any part of the globe, anytime. While the interest rate charged is 12%, the processing fee is 5% of the loan amount. All you need to do is provide your PAN details and valid address proof to be able to verify for the loan. The money is instantly credited to your account after the approval.

Visit: www.indiabullsdhani.com


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PaySense has partnered with big names like IIFL & Fluteron to provide a smooth experience to all its customers. The digital platform provides instant personal loans to any salaried individual with a minimum wage of 12 thousand Indin rupees. A self-employed individual must earn a minimum of 15 thousand Indian rupees in order to be eligible for a loan. The maximum amount of loan approved by the app is INR 2 Lacs. The interest rate comes to 16.8% per annum. You need to provide your bank statement and KYC documents to establish the eligibility. It generally takes 3-5 working days for the amount to get credited to your account.

Visit: www.gopaysense.com

PayMe India

PaymeIndia is a FinTech app which offers quick cash solutions to corporate employees. You can avail a loan of anywhere between INR 1,000- 1 Lac with an interest rate of 2-6% per month. The entire loan process is super quick, time-saving and paperless. It takes hardly an hour for the amount to be credited to your account once approved. The customer support provided by the app is highly responsive for a smooth experience making it one of the best instant personal loan apps in India.

Visit: www.paymeindia.in


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MoneyView is a handy solution for those broke days. The app provides personal loans that are paperless, flexible, fast & instant. Once approved, within a matter of two hours the loan amount is assigned to your account. One does not need a single physical document to apply for a loan on MoneyView. Through MoneyView you can request for a loan starting from INR 10 thousand to 5 lacs. The repayment period ranges from 3 months to 5 years and is super flexible.

Visit: moneyview.in


Credy is a blessing for anyone living in tier-one cities and is in need of an instant loan. The app requires no guaranteer, collateral & accepts low CIBIL score. The loan tenure is 3 to 15 months and the maximum amount you can loan is INR 1 Lac. The app comes with no hidden cost & the rate of interest is as low as 1-1.5% per month. The only drawback is they are currently functional only in Tier-one Indian cities i.e. Mumbai, Pune, Chennai & Banglore.

Visit: www.credy.in


Upwards profess to be the quickest instant loan app in India. The app provides personal loan up to INR 1 Lac to salaried individuals. You can be from any job profile, be it a teacher, a retail store employee or a software engineer. With a salary of 15,000 Indian rupees, you can easily get a loan. The EMI’s are as low as INR 2,500 and loan tenures are pliable.

Visit: upwards.in/


FlexSalary is next in the list of the best instant personal loan apps in India. One-time application, one-time approval, instant disbursals, the option to access the credit anytime, the option to decide the loan tenure, and a flexible repayment policyare the USP’s of FlexSalary. One can borrow a maximum of Rs. 2 Lacs through this app. The company has no fixed EMI which makes it super convenient for the users to repay the loan. All you need to do is download the app, provide basic information like address proof and PAN card details. The amount is directly credited to the bank account once the loan is approved.

Visit: flexsalary.com


Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a business owner or a salaried professional, anyone can apply for a loan using SmartCoin app. The company provided itscustomers with a user-friendly and scalable lending platform. One can get a loan even for a small amount of INR One Thousand without any hassle. There is no limit on minimum salaries using this app, unlike the other online instant personal loan providers.

Visit: www.smartcoin.co.in


AnyTimeLoan is an online P2P lending & personal loan providing app in India. The loans are provided to both salaried as well as self-employed individuals. One can apply for a loan of a maximum of INR 10 Lacs which is one of the highest amount provided by any online platform.The annual interest rate varies from 18% to 54% per annum. The service is quick and within a matter of 3-5 working days, the entire amount is debited to your account. The entire process is paperless and contactless.

Visit: www.anytimeloan.in/

Home Credit India

Home Credit India is a part of the Internation Home Credit group. With a presence in 10 countries across Asia & Europe, this is one of the best instant personal loan apps in India. Home Credit India is currently operational in 20 states and over 100 cities in the country. The app sanctions a loan of maximum INR 2 Lacs to the eligible individuals to meet their financial aids. These are unsecured loans with a repayment tenure ranging from 9 months to 4 years. The services provided by the app are transparent. easy to understand and accessible for the users.

Visit: www.homecredit.co.in/

Bajaj Finserv

If you are looking for a quick solution and reliable source during the time of financial issues, Bajaj Finserv will come to your rescue. They have collaborated with 12,000+ partner outlets in over 150 cities making it a cakewalk for the consumers to shop in those outlets. One can log in using the aadhar card or even the social media profiles to apply for the loan. Once approved, the loan amount is disbursed in a mere 24 hours in the account of the beneficiary. The personal loans are offered with a feature using which one can reduce the instalment by up to 45% by paying interest-only EMIs. Once approved, you can borrow as much as you need from your approved loan amount without the hassle of reapplying for theloan.

Visit: www.bajajfinserv.in/


Projected as a salary advance & instant personal loan app, EarlySalary is quickly making its mark among the young professionals. To avail of the loan using this app, no credit history is required. Loan ranging from Rs 15,000 to Rs 2 lakh can be availed using this app. For EMI purchase, this app can be utilized at Amazon, Flipkart, and Big Bazaar.You will have to pay a 2% processing fee for availing the loan through this app. The money borrowed needs to be paid back within a maximum period of 50 days.

Visit: www.bajajfinserv.in/


LazyPay comes with a unique feature where one can find out their loan limit by simply entering their mobile number in the app. You can avail a personal loan up to 1 Lac Indian rupees within a matter of a few hours. The app disburses 1 million+ loans every month making it one of the best instant personal loan apps in India. There are several unique features provided by the app like a fourteen-day-interest-free window for repayment. The EMI’s are pocket-friendly and the entire app experience is user-friendly.

Visit: lazypay.in/

P.S. We have not used any of the above mentioned instant personal loan apps to avail a loan. The information provided is collected from various sources and hours of research. We advise you to read all the terms & conditions carefully before applying for a loan through any of the apps. Do share your experience with us.