Great Ground Cover Plants

Couple planting young plant into the soil

Introduction – Everyone wants their yard to look nice, but yard maintenance can be so expensive and time consuming. The water to keep grass green and growing nice adds up and gets expensive. Then the time and effort to mow the lawn every week during the summer gets obnoxious. Instead of doing all that maintenance then consider these three low maintenance ground cover plants.

Vinca Minor

Vinca Minor is in the periwinkle family and is a hardy ground cover that is perfect for many different environments. It can tolerate many different types of ground, so it is perfect for homes even if they have rocky or intolerable soil. So, if you have a front yard that doesn’t handle grass very well then Vinca Minor may be your next best option.


Pachysandra is the largest of the ground cover plants. It is super hardy and is perfect for many different types of environments. Unlike the other types of ground plants, this plant is more of a shrub. So you would need an additional ground plant to go along with this plant if you were going to use for an entire front yard. It is hardy and has a beautiful bloom.

Partridgeberry plant

Partridgeberry plant is a hardy and perennial. They are very low maintenance. They enjoy organic forestry soil and enjoy being in the South East United States. When it flowers it has a beautiful berry that can add a spark of color to your yard.


Bugleweed is a very beautiful vine plant. It has a minty taste and smell. So you can have it as your front yard or you can take a snippet for your next baking adventure. It flowers as a pretty purple flower and has a gorgeous cover. It is very hardy and very low maintenance. It is also a perennial. So there is no having to replant and replant. It blooms May through June so it is a perfect start to your spring.


Yard work can be a thing of your past if you consider doing a yard cover plant versus the traditional grass. It can look nicer and be much less maintenance. If you are in need of a ground cover plant then consider the vinca. Or for a more shrub type plant check out the pachysandra. Or the partridgeberry for a beautiful blooming plant. Then to finish the look try the bugleweed. Try any of these great ground cover plants.