Should You Wear Sterling Silver Jewelry?

Silver Jewelry

Most emphatically yes! Yes, you should wear sterling jewelry. Sterling silver is not only gorgeous, but also durable, plus it gives you the timeless yet fashionable impact of great jewelry. Sterling silver jewelry pieces are loved for their simple designs that are suited for a wide range of individual tastes. 

Moreover, sterling silver is competitively priced. Many people hesitate to buy sterling silver because they think; maybe it is not the real deal. First off, sterling silver is an alloy (a mixture of several metals). 

However, the bulk of the percentage making up this alloy is silver (92.5%). The rest (7.5%) is taken up by the other metals which include copper. You will know sterling silver by the assayer’s mark that marks it. 

Are you searching for silver rings for women, to add lots of character to your outfits? Sterling silver ones may be the perfect option. They certainly make your eyes sparkle and get you lots of attention. If you are yet to jump on the sterling bandwagon, the benefits listed below should nudge your mind towards buying it. 

1.    They Are Timeless

Sterling silver jewelry is always in style as it can be worn for any occasion. A silver ring can add some glitter to your outfit, show off your style, or even make a statement. It is versatile and can be designed to fit a variety of styles such as:

  • A large pendant
  • A delicate statement ring
  • A charm on a chain

Silver goes well with colours such as blue and purple as well as black. It makes these colours pop and adds character to a sombre outfit. 

2.    It is Enduring

Sterling silver is not easily rattled by the elements. You will get some good wear out of it. Also, this aspect makes it suitable for everyday wear. Take good care of your sterling silver ring and it will be yours for a lifetime. You can even pass it down to your generations. 

3.    Easy Maintenance

Sterling silver may look a tad jaded after wearing it for a while. However, its snapback game is unrivalled. It is very easy to clean and restore it to its original lustrous condition. There are a few cleaning methods you can use to get the glossy back:

  • Put a dash of mild detergent and rinse your jewelry and follow up with a gentle scrub
  • Remove dirt and blemishes with a sponge or cotton 
  • Remove stubborn stain with a baking soda paste and toothbrush

Maintain your silver ring well and it may never require professional cleaning. 

4.    Pocket-Friendly

As mentioned earlier, sterling silver is not expensive. For a product that has the qualities it has, it is very competitively priced. Compared to other materials such as gold and platinum, it is relatively cheap. Moreover, its value does not depreciate which makes it ideal for reselling. 

5.    You Can Upgrade Your Collection

You can easily grow your sterling silver collection with the most recent trends or one-of-a-kind pieces. It also complements various metals which makes it great for accessorising with different metals. For instance, you can mix up gold and silver rings or bangles for a unique effect. 

6.    It is Hypoallergenic

Some people are allergic to some metals. Their skin may break out into rashes or worse when it comes into contact with some metal. Sterling silver is the solution for such people. It even soothes your skin and keeps it free from rashes due to its silver and copper qualities. 

7.    It is Valuable

Do not let the cost fool you. Sterling silver is valuable despite the low cost. That is why it is ideal. It doesn’t break your wallet but it is beautiful and durable. Sterling silver jewelry is the perfect gift because it is tasteful but cost-effective. 


Sterling silver is the perfect way to revamp your jewelry collection and have pieces that suit every occasion. Whatever you want it to do: boost an outfit or show off your fashion flair, a sterling silver ring will do it for you. Also, you have excellent jewelry for everyday wear.