Finding the right niche as a Twitch Streamer in India

Twitch Streamer

While YouTube still might be the ultimate destination for Indian streamers, Twitch is growing steadily but surely to capture the attention of Indian viewers. There are a number of reasons why Twitch is experiencing a surge in popularity with one of the major ones being cheap and fast internet becoming widely available.

Unlike YouTube, Twitch is still relatively unsaturated when it comes to content creators and it is much more likely to find success as a Twitch streamer in India as compared to being a YouTube streamer.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at how to increase your chances of being successful at being a Twitch streamer in India by finding the right niche for you.

Types of Twitch Streamers

Since there are a lot of streamers on the platform, it is important to select a game or category that you can excel at. Here are some of the up and coming niches that you can specialize in to maximize your chances of being successful:

  • One game streamers

    One game streamers are Twitch streamers that typically just play only one game on all of their streams. These streamers are very skilled when it comes to playing the game of their choice and are usually on the level of professionals.

    If you’re really, really good at a specific game, it makes sense to only stream that game. The audience you’ll grow using this approach will usually be extremely interested in that game and it is really important to provide them with valuable content which is why it is important to select your game carefully.
  • Variety streamers

    Variety streamers are the opposite of streamers that play only one game. These streamers play a wide range of games and are more concerned about building a brand or community around themselves instead of the games they are playing. If you want to be a streamer in general and do not want to tie yourself down to one single game, this is the right approach for you.
  • Online casino streamers

    A new growing trend on Twitch is players who play online casino games. These players play live on online casino sites and play a wide range of games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, and slots. While this category is not as established as the others listed here, there is still a lot of scope for growth.
  • IRL Streamers

    Lastly, Twitch IRL streamers are streamers that don’t post any gaming content. Instead, they use Twitch as a vlogging platform and post content based around various other things such as music, comedy, or even their day to day lives.

Consistency is the key

Selecting the right niche for you is only one step of the process. Once you’ve selected your niche, it is important to commit to it and be consistent with your content to create an audience over time.

Lastly, while it might make sense to select a niche based on what you think will be the most successful, it is better to select a niche that really resonates with you as it makes it easy to be more consistent and create better content in the long run!