How Shoes Affect Your Walk And Posture

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When we are buying shoes, the last thing on our mind is how it affects our health. Of course shoes are all about expressing your personal style, matching with a certain outfit, or even the weather. But our everyday shoes can actually have a huge impact on our health. The next time you are shopping, you should definitely use the born shoes coupon code to get a discount on your new fabulous pair.

There are many factors in your footwear that can cause short or even long-term health problems. You might be surprised that these problems are not just in your feet, but your posture, back, and legs as well.

It is very important that you know how your shoes affect your entire well-being, because nobody wants to wake up in their sixties with chronic pain from wearing the wrong shoes for decades. Footwear that fits you perfectly will have little to no negative impact on your health. It’s the poorly chosen and incorrectly fitting shoes that will hurt you in the long run – such as high heels, loose shoes, and ones that offer no support for your entire foot.

What are these “incorrectly fitting” shoes?

Not all shoes are made the same, and of course they fit differently on everyone. They come in hundreds of styles and various sizes so it can be difficult to find what is best for you.

Research has shown, however, that shoes with “higher heels, poor grip, and inadequate fastenings” are linked to problems such as impaired walking and off-balance accidents. If you continue wearing the wrong footwear, the short term problems like bad posture will develop into serious long-term ones, like back pain.

Keep reading to know about how your shoes affect your overall health and what symptoms to look out for. There is nothing better than wearing the shoes that fit you best – without worrying about any health conditions they might cause.

Short-Term Problems from the Wrong Footwear

The wrong shoes can hurt your feet almost immediately. You may have already experienced this when you tried to break in a new pair of heels, boots, or even running shoes. Below are the most common short-term conditions that result from wearing bad footwear.

  • Athlete’s foot. This is caused by a fungi living in your skin, causing itchiness, inflammation, and flaking. Damp and sweaty areas of the feet make the perfect place for these fungi to grow. Unfortunately, this is contagious and extremely uncomfortable.
  • Blisters. Blisters can happen when you are wearing new shoes or shoes that simply don’t fit right. These occur when there is friction and heat on your feet, damaging the upper layer of your skin.
  • Ingrown toenails. This condition can be very painful because the sides of your nails pierce the surrounding skin. Wearing shoes and socks that are too tight and cutting your toenails incorrectly will put you at risk of developing ingrown toenails.
  • Bunions. The common symptoms of bunions include a bulge outside the base of your big toe, swelling around your big toe, limited toe movement, and calluses between your toes. Oftentimes these can get bothersome and painful so you may need to see your doctor ASAP. The bulge of the bunion may even keep you from finding shoes that fit right.

Long-Term Health Problems

Long-term or chronic health problems will require consultation with a doctor. These could lead to even worse medical conditions so we definitely advise you to familiarize yourself with the following symptoms.

  • Collapsed feet arches (or being “flat footed”). This is caused by tightness in your Achilles tendon and the calf muscles while walking. Unfortunately, this muscle tightness can strain the ligaments that support the arch of your feet, thus making your arch smaller. Your damaged tissues will cause some pain in the arch and heel area, so always opt for shoes that offer good support and feel snug (with enough toe wiggle room, of course).
  • Back pain. Wearing improper footwear for a prolonged period of time actually targets your back. This happens because the stress is on your back instead of your leg muscles, causing stiffness and bad posture. You can avoid this by limiting your use of high heels and if you really need to wear it, buy from a trusted high-quality brand. We recommend using any born shoes coupon code online to save some dollars the next time you buy a good pair.
  • Joint pain (including arthritis). This is very common especially for people who use shoes that offer little to no support. Your knees are strained because they absorb the shock whenever you are walking, running, or even jumping.

Don’t forget to choose shoes that are appropriate for your lifestyle. Athletes and those who walk everyday should have shoes with good cushioning, durability, and fastening. Meanwhile, the dressier shoes like your Oxfords and flats should be wide enough so you can wiggle your toes freely throughout the day (or night).

A lifetime of wearing the wrong shoes could lead to one or more of these problems. So ditch those uncomfortable shoes and invest in new ones that will support you in all the right places. When searching for a new pair, you can even get a discount when you use the born shoes coupon code before check out. Coupon codes will give you as much as 20% off your purchase!

Not only will you have better overall health, but wearing the right footwear will allow you to walk and exercise more – leading to a better and healthier lifestyle.