3 Best Org Chart Software & Buyers Guide


Web-based solution Help businesses Create graphs and presentation slides Professional layouts Templates frames Designed for small to large businesses Design resumes Create social media graphics Render vector images 


Diagramming tool Built-in collaborator Simple Easily convert thoughts to visuals Flowcharts Advanced info-graphics Productive Business analysts HR professionals Network engineers Extensive colour Customization 


Easily create Share org charts across business Integrate with HRMS or CRM software Bulk photo upload Print on multiple pages Break by department, level, or top role Export to PDF PNG CSV Powerpoint 

Org Chart Software

Org Chart Software is solution for creating a graphical representation of organization’s team structures and reporting relationships. The organization chart showcases the relationships throughout functions, departments, and workforce. Org chart software will assist in creating a professional org chart swiftly thru a template or custom org charting features.

Advantages of Org Chart Software

Varying from small business to big enterprises, org chart software will assist in creating clear team and workforce hierarchy delineations for helping with succession designing a future org structure, planning, and sharing existing organizational structure with the employees.

Visualize organization’s structure: Using a template or creating custom charts and graphs for reporting relationships, showing hierarchies, and team structures. Various tools offer conflict lines, icons, and/or informal reporting lines to visualize the power structure in business.

Standardize org chart: The software auto-formats chart when added, moved, or deleted a position or reporting relationship to keep the chart compliant with design regardless of who is making the updates.

Include details for each position: Display position details like current department, compensation, employee photos, and custom fields for giving a fuller picture of the resources are allocated where across the organization.

Plan for future : Creating succession plans and modelling what-if scenarios for helping to manage and plan the growth of the business.

Integrating with HRMS: Syncing data with existing human resource management system for eliminating double-entry and the possibility of missing the position changes.

Features of Org Chart Software

Org chart builder: Using an organizational chart template or creating a custom diagram for organizational chart. Many tools have the ability to visually showing direct and indirect reporting lines and some other features for helping clearly to show the hierarchy and structure of the business.

Employee database: Storing position details, contacting information, and employee data.

Data import/export: Importing and exporting information for generating reports, sharing data, and performing bulk uploads and downloads. Data sources can be an active directory, Excel spreadsheet, or Google Sheet.

Publishing/sharing: Sharing org chart for collaboration efforts with department heads or as a read-only file for employees to view.

Employee photos: Uploading and storing photos of employees. Many tools will surely integrate with existing human resources software for syncing photos.

Version control: Tracking revisions and updating to org chart with details like what changes were made, who made the change, and when they were made.

Cost of Org Chart Software

Most products in the market are priced on a per user, per month basis. Pricing can be divided into three pricing tiers based on the starting price.

Considerations while Buying Org Chart Software

Ask the seller for a free trial. Many sellers are happy to provide a free trial of the tool to test out the look and feel of the software before purchasing. Using the tool for making an org structure and evaluating whether the features needed are available or not. try checking out org chart maker for custom fields and reviewing how templates lay out the organizational structure.

Considering integration with HRMS: Sync the org chart to active directory or HRMS system with minimal room for error to keep both systems updating simultaneously. This will help in enhancing HR analytics by including a clearly defined hierarchy chart.

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