6 Indian Web Series that you should be watching

Web Series

Are you tired of shows and movies? Do you want to stream something different and fun? Well, you would be shocked to know that apart from great food and great culture, Indians also make some mind-blowing web series. The Indian web series has a separate fandom with emerging talents and unique storylines.

If you are on the hunt for some series websites, here are a few we think will be the perfect dip into the web series world for you.

Rudra — The Edge of Darkness

The web series was immense;y popular among people. The series picked up great hype, and to sum it up, it is regarded as one of the most outstanding and impressive web series from India.

The series follows the struggles of a smart and dedicated investigation officer, played by the Indian superstar Ajay Devgan.

Where his duty calls him on one side, his life and loyalty to his wife pull him to another corner. The darkness of the crime world shakes his standing, and thus, problems emerge in his personal life that threatens his relationship with his wife, Shaila.

You can enjoy all the thrilling Episodes of Rudra on Voot in USA or anywhere around the world.

Kacho papad, pako papad

Kacho Papad, pako papad, is an Indian Web series in the Gujrati language. The series ran for 12 episodes and was major on Sonyliv. The mini-series revolved around a couple and the troubles that surrounded them. The 2017 series was directed by Chetan Sharma and was a rom-com blockbuster. But, unfortunately, the Maniyar family has a curse of exaggerating their daily problems.

When Vipul, the son of the Maniyar family, introduces his family to his love interest, who is older than her, it unleashes war.

If that wasn’t enough, they now had a new problem. When Vipul finds himself in a pickle and a love triangle, he does not see what is coming. Will their love survive the unpredicted and unforeseen burden and prevail?

Rocket Boys

Rocket boys is an Indian web series. The biographical streaming series is based on Homi J. Bhabha and Vikram Sarabhai. The web series was exclusively released on SonyLiv, so if you want to binge Rocket boys.

Currently, the series only has a single season and 8 episodes. The cast includes Jim Sarbh, Ishwak Singh, Regina Cassandra, and others.

The patriotic series follows the 3 important decades of India and how they were the moving and prevailing decades in Indian history. The engineering and production of a Nuclear Rocket for India to rise to power amongst people and the dream of making one.

The series is truly magical and wakes the patriotism in you, shocking you with the filmography and friendships, sacrifices it took, and great determination. Thus concluded the launch of the very first Indian Rocket launch post-war.

Scam 1992

Scam 1992 is an Indian series that web series telling a story from the 90s. The series follows the life and height of success for Harshad Mehta, an ordinary stock broker. The biographical web series only has one season for now. It tells the story of how Harshad became the buss in the stock market after taking it to unbelievable heights, exactly what led to his downfall.

The Big Bong connection

The Big bong connection is a humorous and fun Indian drama. The series prevail in many aspects, as a grown man decides to change his career from being a banker to a Chef. The challenging series cleverly injects the idea of adapting to change and following one’s dream.

No change comes without a price. When Rohit sets out to pursue his dream, his fate drags him and drops Sneha.

Rohit now has a savior, but the worst thing he could do to himself is mixed his personal and professional life. With a new entry on an Ex. boss, an Ex. friend, and to make it bitter, an Ex. girlfriend only adds to the horrors of Rohit.

What the ends hols is going to be hilarious, but will it be successful? You will have to watch it t find out yourself.

Little Things

Little things debuted on youtube, and the show’s final season was aired on Netflix. The series follows the life of a madly in love couple Dhruv and Kavya. The show follows their love for food, work, and each other while they navigate their live-in relationship in Mumbai.

Each episode leaves something small that adds together and brings them the best concoction of love. Produced by Dice Media, the series started as a youtube series but was so immensely popular among people that it ended up being a huge hit. Big enough that Netflix picked the web series up.

The series has a total of 4 seasons and encourages people to see how the smallest of things can be fun or a make-and-break factor in their lives. So if you want to watch a series and dip into a more casual and paced show, Little things are the perfect pick.

Wrapping up:

It is fair to say that these 6 are not even the tip of the iceberg, but rather a single hay straw in the haystack. There are countless Indian web series and mini-series you can binge.

These are our favorite picks if you want to kick off and start watching Web series.

From thrillers to rom-com and casual, we have you covered on all fours with the best picks from that genre. If you have watched any, let us know which one is your absolute favorite.