Ways To Make Money Online If You Are A Current Student

Make Money Online

Clean Out – And Sell Stuff Online

In order to earn some money quickly, it is worth cleaning out the closet and looking through boxes in the basement. Maybe you will find jewelry, books, films, or other items that are worth something there. There are numerous ways to sell these things online. You can sell your used textbooks directly to other students. Admittedly, you won’t generally get rich with decluttering, but it’s always a sensible idea and it might bring in the necessary amount to bridge financial bottlenecks.

The Online Marketplace Airbnb

Do you live in a shared apartment or your own apartment? Anyway, there is good money to be made with Airbnb, especially if you live in larger cities where living space is limited. If you don’t know it: Airbnb is an online marketplace where you can rent rooms or apartments. So, if you live alone in a room and go home for the holidays or in a shared flat and are away for a few days, you can use this time to earn money. Of course, in consultation with your roommates and on the condition that you leave the guest a tidy room. By the way, Airbnb charges a very low service fee of 3%.

Fill Out Online Surveys On The Side

This is an income opportunity that is not incredibly lucrative, but this method can be used to make money online quickly. There are numerous providers on the Internet who will pay you money to take part in online surveys. Registration for such portals is usually very quick and you will then receive an email with a questionnaire on a topic, product, or service. The time required for the surveys is between five and twenty minutes and they can be conveniently processed on the television. Of course, the more surveys you do, the higher the compensation you get for it. A good option from this field is also to apply to one of the best writing services and create high-quality essays for other students. You could earn money this way and improve your writing skills.

Do Small Services

There are a lot of apps that you can use to do small services and make money online. On the one hand, there are orders that are tied to the real world – for example, you have to find out where products from certain companies are placed, what the opening times of shops are, or you have to give ratings for purchases. Alternatively, there are also platforms on which you can do “virtual” tasks, such as creating content and graphics, providing paper writing service, as well as research. This job is particularly suitable in times of the pandemic because you can do it from home. You won’t get rich with this either, but you can earn a decent amount of money depending on the time you spend.

Make Money Online With Upwork

Upwork is an English-speaking network for freelancers with a total of 12 million registered freelancers. Around 3 million jobs are advertised every year and there are a number of potential job advertisements for your dream job every day. Upwork is particularly worthwhile for ambitious students who would like to work in their own industry. The advantage is that you can carry out this activity remotely and the job advertisement already states how much effort is involved – and how high the hourly wage is. The portal is suitable for pretty much everyone – from the fields of marketing, IT, finance, languages ??, and many more. Just create a profile, a good CVU, and apply for one of many positions. In addition to Upwork, there are many other portals where you can make money online, like on us.masterpapers.com.

Sell Your Own Pictures With Stock Photography

Attention amateur photographers – you too have the opportunity to earn money online with your hobby. Namely by selling your pictures online. Suitable portals for this are Shutterstock or Adobe Stock. Hobby photographers can upload their pictures here and be paid for each picture sold. The payment for a picture is not particularly high. The advantage, however, is that the pictures can be bought several times, so the sale of your own pictures can develop into a profitable source of income. Compared to the other online learning opportunities, it is a passive source of income, and the sure-fire success allows you to concentrate on your studies.


Financially, life isn’t easy for students, especially when you’re away from home. Fortunately, there are more and more earning opportunities through the Internet, with which you too can make money online. Usually, you won’t get rich with it – but if a few hundred euros are already enough to enable a better life or to finance the desired lifestyle, then it is definitely worth resorting to one of the six suggestions.