Dream of a Wedding: Meaning & Significance

A wedding is a ceremony of getting married, which marks the most sacred, beautiful, and exciting moment in life. Itís not rare that the wedding appears in your dreams.

Once you dream of a marriage, in general, it might indicate a new beginning in your attitude to a lover or life.

Different wedding dreams could be interpreted in a wide range of ways. However, the following are associated with some typical wedding dreams and the possible implications.

Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming of a Wedding

1. Dream of the wedding when youíre single

If youíre single, the dream of a wedding could imply that there is some other type of commitment you are embarking on in reality. However, no matter what the responsibility or obligation is, your subconscious will present it to you in the form of a wedding so that you can better understand your role in it.

2. Dream of getting married to a girlfriend or boyfriend

It might signal that you are expecting further progress in your relationship with your partners. If you have such a desire, in reality, you could discuss this matter with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Otherwise, it will become distressed, affecting your life.

3. Dream of your wedding preparation

If the wedding is exactly the one you have been engaged in planning recently, the dream might result from stress. The stress may have resulted from the wedding trivia during the waking hours. Additionally, your tension or anxiety about marriage or responsibility might also cause such stress.

4. Dream of marrying someone unknown

Suppose the individual you marry is not your existing partner; in that case, your dream spouse symbolizes the qualities you desire to scour in your current partner or commit to in your future marriage. The dream reflects your subconscious desires about the love relationship.

5. Dream of other peopleís wedding

If you are the observer of a wedding in your dream, the dream tends to correspond with some situation in your real life where you are not performing an active role. It is often concerned with your friend or family memberís issue, which is kept in mind. It suggests that you need to take some action.

Seeing Marriage in the Dream

The key is to figure out how dreamers feel in the dream to interpret the dreams about marriage.

If you feel overwhelmed when dreaming about weddings, this may suggest that your subconscious is encountering pressure for not being wedded yet or feeling disappointed in your intimacy. By contrast, if the wedding dreams bring you happiness, the dreams might have a positive connotation signifying luck in love.

The above are some explanations about wedding dreams. Dream of a wedding is more or less a psychological mapping and perfection of real marriage, love, family, or the whole life.

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