Monetize Your Blog With The Best Possible Ways

Monetizing your blog is a easy task, you just need to open few websites and sign up for their publisher program and you earn money from home. All these websites have different ways to take leverage of your blog and traffic you generate monthly.

In this article you will find some of the best possible ways you can monetize your blog and earn a handsome amount of money month after month.

To start with, I assume you have a blog (preferably on WordPress), if not then you can read my article on how to make a blog,and I also assume you also have some web traffic.

Let’s get started with my favorite blog monetization option.

Google Adsense (http://google.com/adsense/)

The most reliable source of income for bloggers in the world is Google Adsense. Its my favorite choice of monetizing any blog. It works on the basis of CPC (Cost per click) and CPM (Cost per thousand)Basically you need traffic or visitors that use your website for information. The more traffic you have the more income you generate from your blog with Adsense.


Offer services in a field that you expertise in. For example you can coach people or may be you can start consulting. Being a web designer myself, I both coach and take consulting fee from people that need my services.

Other examples of services can be writing services, website making, theme creation, logo services etc. This way you don’t need too much traffic, but a few clients that can take your service online.


Many people sell products on their blog that they have made or created. For example, E-books and Courses or physical products like T-Shirts, Accessories and Books.

You can create a product, and with proper content marketing you can earn loads of money.

Affiliate marketing

I say the real money you earn is while you are asleep. Affiliate marketing is all about selling products that somebody else has created or made. It means you don’t have to make a product, you just need to sell it.

I have seen bloggers that earn thousands of dollars in a month by doing Affiliate marketing. Few notable websites are: Shareasale, Clickbank and Amazon. There are even different kinds of selling software/plugins to help you integrate these websites and their products directly into your site, such as Overgrowth, Amazon seller software we’ve had great results with.

Product reviews

If you build a decent audience on your blog, and you want to write reviews for products than your blog can attract potential clients who need reviews on their products.

Make sure you always have a services page or advertise here page on your blog, and mention that you write reviews for products. You can earn a good amount of money through it.

Ad networks and Banner Advertising

Like Google Adsense there are many ad networks that allow you to display ads on your website, they have their own CPC or CPM or both ways of paying. Some notable ad networks are Infolinks.com, Media.net.

That’s it I will be adding more depth knowledge of monetizing your blog in my next article, I suggest you to join my email newsletter in the sidebar and receive all the tips and tricks about blogging.