Best WordPress Plugins – both free and premium editions

After surfing most of the web for the best WordPress plugins, I decided to create one list of my own. Not because I use WordPress, but because I did not find one single post that has appealed to me.

Another the real fact about WordPress plugins is that it slows down your sites, and some have significant security holes, bugs and poor coding. That is why I have listed free and premium plugins here; I have tested all the plugins myself, and you can trust me on this that your site will never be dysfunctional while using them.

This list will provide you the best WordPress plugins in every possible category that are being used and should be utilized in a proper blog.

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You will be able to solve real problems that WordPress users face and all this with no whatsoever risk. This does not suggest you do not have to try new plugins in the market, but before using any plugin make sure you test it thoroughly and make it a habit to analyze its after-effects.

Enough talks, let’s dive into this super duper list of best WordPress plugins (free and premium).

Best Caching Plugin

W3 Total Cache has to be the one plugin that every blog should install and use. I know its a bit confusing to configure it, as it has so many options like Content delivery network, minifications, page caching, etc. But it is worth giving a little time on your blogs primary requirement, i.e., speed.

Best Page Builder Plugin

Visual Composerhas almost 500,000+ websites installations and more than 70k Downloads, it has some great features of building a page from scratch in just a few mins. There are 40+ readymade elements that can be added to a page with drag and drop. Moreover, Visual Composer has additional add-ons that are paid and can be added to its feature list. Its pricing is $33, and this plugin can create any page you want.

Best SEO Plugin

WordPress SEO by Yoast is the most popular and used SEO plugin in the market. It has almost all the ingredients of making your site SEO perfect. It optimize any WordPress site in many ways and makes it possible to bring you organic traffic. Many other plugins don’t have the features WordPress SEO by Yoast has and that makes it unique and the best.

Best Slider Plugin

Slider Revolution is one of the most popular slider plugin available on CodeCanyon. It can be used to create awesome slideshows, animations, effects and transitions in no time. You have the drag and drop feature than makes it easy to create a brilliant slideshow. For $18 you get this plugin and use it for revolution is sliders on your site.

Best Backup Plugin

BackWPup is a free plugin that makes your WordPress site worry secure by backing up all the files. It has features like email backups and sending backup to Amazon, Dropbox, etc.

Best Menu Plugin

UberMenu is the best Menu plugin that can make mega menus, forms, maps, icons, rows, rows, columns, widgets and shortcodes. Plus many more features that can give your WordPress site an instant makeover. Also pricing at $18, this menu plugin will give you full control of your WordPress menu.

Best Related Posts Plugin

Related Posts for WordPress is one such reliable, fast and uncomplicated plugin that has no competition right now. You will find many related posts plugin in WordPress repository, but all are lousy. Another good thing about this plugin is that it is SEO friendly and it makes it more desirable.

Best eCommerce Plugin

The best plugin in the eCommerce category is undoubtedly WooCommerce. With amazing features, flexibility and support this plugin has gained fantastic popularity in recent years. Don’t look or try any other e-Commerce plugin other than WooCommerce.

Best Social Sharing Plugin

DiggDigg is way simpler social sharing plugin that can add a floating button on your site. With many other plugins in the market, DiggDigg is free and can do the job perfectly. It is light weighted and has the ability to adjust on mobile devices.

Best Search Plugin

SwiftType Search will replace your regular search box with a more efficient and specific query based search results. One of the most simple and straightforward plugin for searching your site.

Best Commenting Plugin

Disqus is a fantastic replacement for the boring WordPress commenting system. It offers many great features like user tagging, spam protection, login options and share buttons.