53 Best Free Tumblr Themes With Great Designs

Listed here are the best free Tumblr themes that are gracefully made by several creators to give you an enhanced blogging action. Features like responsive design, infinite scroll, grid designs and the flat look are available in each of them. The look of a Tumblr theme gets improved with endless scrolls for single columns and multi-columns structures.

For any microblogging fan, Tumblr would be a choice. With a great community and broad user base, Tumblr has come out well in social networking. You can also integrate Tumblr with existing blogs and can create or modify pre-defined templates in an easy way so that people see you interesting content in many customized styles.

However, if you are a newbie in microblogging or you have not heard about Tumblr then I must tell you that making a Tumblr blog is too easy. You have all the necessary options like posting images, audio, videos in a straightforward way.

You do not have to look for a professional service to open a Tumblr blog. Single column themes are more liked by personal bloggers while photographers and practitioners use styled grid theme. So, start making your content and add a new theme right away.

Below we have provided preview links that can help you install theme directly. You can also download the theme if you want.

Without further ado, let’s check out the list of 50+ best free Tumblr themes that you’ll find useful and enjoyable.

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Demo | Source

Wallstocker is a three column layout with a responsive design providing elegance with a free download for your Tumblr blog’s theme.



AppBlog is a free theme that has modern colors and an attractive flat design. A beautiful aspect of this theme is the obscured sidebar navigation. This theme is totally responsive.


Demo | Download

A free theme that looks premium and has a single layout that is best suited for bloggers who write daily.



Sky theme is a simple Tumblr theme with a fresh design and easy to be installed.


Demo | Download

Infinite scroll and large post updates can be seen in this free Tumblr theme that is also made in a responsive layout.

X Tumblr theme


The X Tumblr theme is a totally free item and is highly customizable.

Bus Full of Hippies

Bus Full of Hippies is an award-winning theme that is extremely popular.

Start from the end

Start from the End has custom images and custom colors.


You’ll not miss the sidebar on this theme. If you get rid of the disturbing background, the changed layout looks kind of cool.


Stationery is a free Tumblr theme with group blog support.


Deluge is a luxurious grid-based theme for Tumblr fans.

The Classical

This is a pure and cool theme that you can quickly install. You can also customize it the way you want.


Neptune is a free Tumblr theme and has a footer that slides in at the bottom when you scroll downwards.


The theme Oak is very much similar to AppBlog but has a visible slider. Also, it’s not responsive.

The Basic

This is another free Tumblr theme that support pages and can be easily installed.


Effector can improve the general customization and has some extra features that you’ll surely appreciate.


Osprey is a free theme that has the infinite scroll, two photo permalinks, sidebar image, etc.


XO is a responsive theme that has a clean look and excellent media support.

Bright Day

Bright Day Tumblr theme does not have a sidebar but a unique design.

1000 Suns

1000 Suns has some cool features like search form, twitter button, reblog credits and Google Analytics.

Vacant v1.2

Vacant is a 2 column theme that is designed to display the content of a large scale.

Target Slider

Target Slider has many neat features, such as custom colors, localization and custom colors that make it the desired theme.


Tidy is a responsive, minimal, clean and one column theme. It also has all types of social media icons required by you.

Pulchra Papilio

Pulchra Papilio has great features like custom colors, custom images, and high resolution.


This is a tantalizing Tumblr theme with attractive magazine style design and full-screen images on the background.


Volcan is a theme that can be highly customized. It has 23 alternatives that include infinite scroll, background color and sidebar image.


Euphony is a responsive and free theme having a flat design.

On Side

On side is easy to install and has a cool simple design. It can be easily installed and is free.


This is a clean theme having large text and bold borders and is ideal for sharing your most precious things.


Blank has features like infinite scrolling, version four, rounded photos, side bar image and sidebar position.


This is a theme produced by the developers of Zen Themes. It has four unique designs for each theme and you’ll fall in love with the navigation.

Easy Reader

Easy Reader has features like custom colors and custom images.


Footnote is an ideal theme for writers and publishers. The premium design of this theme includes customizable bold colors and rounded images.


This is theme with a customizable blog width, customizable colors, endless scrolling, disqus comments etc.

Pyramide 2

Pyramide 2 is perfect if you want to post a lot of images regularly.

Cute n Curbie

Cute n Curbie is a cute and free theme with custom images and colors.

Editorist Infinite

This is a striking theme which allows your posts to shine with many options.


Inamine, developed by jBam, is a free theme which you should definitely check out.

Urban 4

Urban 4, created by maxdavis. is a free theme where you can find various styles for every theme.


Inkhorn is a neat theme which focuses on readability and simplicity.

Modern Grid

Modern Grid is a grid-based theme having huge color highlights along with a modern masthead that is expandable.

Oh My Grid

This theme uses jQuery and emphasizes on displaying content in a concise and clear manner.

Ultra Tiles

Ultra Tiles has a cool sidebar and adds value to the blog.

Tiny Bubble

Tiny Bubble is an attractive free theme which has custom colors and images.

Retrospective Grid

Retrospective is a free theme ideal for photo blogs.


This theme allows users to display instagram photos.

Without Shadows

Without Shadows has a tiny sidebar and is a dark theme.


Circle has a simple and cool design and can be used by everyone. You can set your desired background and install it with ease.


This is a refreshing theme meant for content of high resolution and has an extraordinary lightweight design.


UltraZen is a one column theme and is perfect for any kind of Tumblr blogger.


Stacky has a typical layout with a sidebar and three columns.


The features of Astronaut include custom colors, custom images, high resolution, localization etc.


The magazine is a full-featured and modern theme with large headers.

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