Schnapps: Complete Shopping Guide 2020!


European alchemists first-named alcoholic distillation known as “schnapps,” which they believed would be a cure-all, “the elixir of life.” Spirits are one of the most common types of beverages, produced since ancient times in the Middle East, introduced to the West during the crusades and modified little ever since.

Schnapps is a spirit that has long been very popular. It comes with a range of flavors and can be made from a variety of ingredients. In this article, we are going to provide you with the information you need to find the best types of Schnapps to give as gifts or to enjoy at home.

Schnapps is a distilled spirit kind of thing. True Schnapps is made by fermenting fruit juices along with the base liquor, and Schnapps are known as a fruit brandy or eau de vie. The product of this schnapps process is a distilled spirit that is stronger and always smoother, more like a vodka with a light flavor. Schnapps are widely used in the United States to identify a type of sweetened, fruit-flavored liqueurs. Instead of distilling the fruit, liqueurs are often made after fermentation and distillation by steep fruit in alcohol.

Key Facts About Schnapps

The spirits were first made as an alcoholic base for perfumes by the Arab alchemists. It was used by the first Eastern alchemists who studied distillation to remove the “spirit” from wines. The original spirits are believed to have been used for medicinal purposes.

Some spirits are not only a cocktail but are used as a basis for other cocktails and liqueurs. Schnapps and other spirits are produced by distilling the various herbs, fruits, and vegetables.

The substance is not suited for human use in the first and last stages of the distillation cycle. Those are called head and tail; they serve as by-products and are often used to produce other foods or industrial goods.

Both drinks are categorized based on the raw materials used to distill the original “mash.” The types of spirits are rum, tequila, bourbon, and vodka.

Shopping Guide: What Everyone Needs to Know About Schnapps

Schnapps is famous for a centuries-old alcoholic beverage. A broad range of Schnapps is available on the market today, including various varieties, brands, and flavors. We have prepared a shopping guide with the most commonly asked questions below to help you understand more about Schnapps.

What Is Schnapps?

Schnapps are produced by a cycle of distillation, which promotes alcohol fermentation. The method of making Schnapps varies, and while it is mostly made with grain alcohol, it may also be used to distill fruits and herbs. Otherwise, fruit syrup, spices, and other flavorings are applied later in the process.

The word “schnapps” may refer to a variety of alcoholic spirits. Alcohol usually ranges from 15 to 20 percent (30 to 40 proof), but it can be much stronger. In the United States, the term “schnapps” is frequently associated with liqueurs that are often chemically colored and flavored. However, the standard definition is associated with plant products in their natural state more often than not.

Where Does Schnapps Come From?

Strong spirits such as those used as the basis for Schnapps were initially distilled as an alcohol base for use in perfume manufacturing. Throughout the Moorish invasion, the art of distilling alcohol from vegetables, grains, and fruit started in the Middle East and spread to Europe through Spain. Arab alchemists introduced the practice of distillation to the continent of Europe at the time. After that, Spaniard Arnau de Vilanova is credited with inventing the method of alcoholic beverage distillation.

What Is Unique About Schnapps?

When they distilled their first alcoholic spirit, Arnau Vilanova and his friend Ramón Llull were looking for the “elixir of life” They wanted to vacuum a bottle of wine into the still to remove its essence. It created a colorless material that proved its theory when intoxicated induced euphoria.

How Is Schnapps Classified?

According to its raw ingredients, one of the most common ways of classifying schnaps is. Fruit brandies are a kind of Schnapps made from berries, as their name implies. On the other hand, a typical German Schnapp type called Kräuterlikör is herb oriented and includes the famous Jägermeister brand. Whiskey and whiskey can be regarded as a type of grain-made Schnapps, rum as one made from sugar cane, and tequila as agave-made Schnapps.

Most spirits do not have a common name but instead are referred to according to their main ingredients. An example of this is palm liqueur.

What Types Of Schnapps Are Available?

As we have already described, rum, brandy, whiskey, and tequila are the most common forms of Schnapp spirits. More generally, spirits made from grain, apple, and apricot are also found, the latter being very common in Central Europe. In the East, spirits from palm and rice extracts are familiar, although we find them “exotic.” Other spirits that are common in Asia are produced from fermenting milk, such as “tuba,” “Buri,” or Mongolian brandy. Many schnaps have the “Arrac” suffix, a particular word that encompasses any kind of exotic spirit.

Below is a list of the most common Schnapps, liqueurs, and spirits:

Pear BrandyPearsClearFermented inside the bottle or in steel tanks. It does not spoil.Some add the pear to the bottle, others apply the bottle to the pear while it is growing.
Plum brandyPlumRedMade with a variety of plums depending on where it is made.Sweet liqueur.
Juniper spiritJuniper berriesClear Gin is a common example. Also called Anise, from the province of Alsace in France.
Apple brandyAppleClear or amber.Distilled like cider and aged in an oak barrel.Two types: cider or apple spirit.
Grape brandyGrapes and wines.White if it is wine. Amber if it is brandy.Distillation of wine. The fermentation process produces grape brandy.Known as brandy or cognac.
Grain spiritsVarious types of cereals and grains.Clear or amber.Fermented from a paste of crushed cereals, grains and sugars.Depending on the raw ingredients, maybe: whiskey, sake, or vodka.
Cherry brandyCherries and sour cherries.DarkFruit and leaves are crushed together, then fermented and distilled.The best-known variety is “maraschino”.

What Are The Characteristics Of Schnapps?

Schnapps and other spirits were distilled initially as a treatment for diseases. Usually, 100 grams of spirits contain iron, calcium, and vitamin K. It is also low in salt, and can, therefore, be consumed in most diets. Most pure spirits have few calories, but certain types of Schnapps are sweetened and may have higher calorie content.

Schnapps are usually enjoyed to facilitate digestion after a big meal. It was also used for a long time to boost circulation, to relax nerves, and to relieve tension.

Schnapps is made in America by combining neutral grain spirit with fruit syrup, spices, or other aromas. The grain may be rye, wheat, barley, buckwheat, or oats. Most commonly used are the Rye and the Wheat. The different flavors produce various forms of Schnapps. Schnapps is used in the United States to identify a group of liquors that have historically been at the lower end of the price continuum. There are exceptions, and you will find decent Schnapps at a higher price. Schnapps ‘ alcohol content will range from 15 to 25 percent ABV (30 to 50 proof) depending on the brand.

What Is The Percentage Of Alcohol In Schnapps?

The alcohol content in Schnapps depends on the form and composition. In the United States, what we call Schnapps typically contains between 10 and 20 percent alcohol. Many spirits can have between 30 and 45 percent alcohol concentration. Some very powerful spirits, such as vodka, can be alcohol up to 60 or even 75 percent.

Spirits As A Base For Other Alcoholic Beverages

While the spirits themselves are drinks, others are used as a source for other alcoholic beverages and liqueurs. It is because there’s no taste, fragrance, or even color in many spirits. It makes them perfect as a base for other drinks.

You may buy spirits that are specially formulated to be used as a basis for other liqueurs. They are different from those usually found in the liquor store, as they are not suitable for unmodified use, they have no flavor, and are very solid.

The German word for Schnapps loses one “p” and means hard liquor, beer, and the like in English. Schnaps is used to identify any strong distilled spirit, particularly those with at least 32 percent ABV (64 evidence). The word also comes with a loosely translated “shake,” referring to the spirits ‘ power.

While schnaps can refer technically to any liquor, they are mainly used for fruit brandies distilled from fresh fruit juices. These are also called fruit schnapps, or Obstler. The most popular flavors are apple, apricot, peach, pear, and plum, and many distillers grow their fruit for their Schnapps.

How long does an open bottle of Schnapps last if stored properly?

Some drinks, like whiskey or vodka, can be held long after launch. It can last for years if the bottle is sealed. It is vital that the bottle remains sealed and is stored vertically in a cool, dark position and away from sunlight to preserve its freshness for as long as possible because this can affect the taste

Many spirits like milky liqueurs last hardly as long. It had to be refrigerated securely with the cap closed. Such types of spirits typically have an expiration date written on them.

How Should I Drink Schnapps?

Drinks can be very flexible. They can be eaten effortlessly, at room temperature, which is how it is usually drunk, or you can drink it on ice. Typically at the end of a meal, spirits and liqueurs are drunk along with coffee, as they are known to help with digestion after a big meal. We can also be combined with other ingredients to make endless cocktail options.

Schnapps is a versatile cocktail that can be consumed at room temperature, cold, on ice, or blended in a beer. Seeing that there are so many Schnapp flavors, think about the season and how you want to enjoy your drink. For example, peppermint schnapps on a cold winter day might be the perfect addition to a warm hot chocolate while peach schnapps goes great blended in a fruity cocktail at a summer barbecue.

What Goes Well With Schnapps?

The best thing to have with Schnapps is chocolate because all sorts of sweets and cakes do well. Snaps and other liqueurs complement the taste of cakes, pastries, cookies, sweets, pies, and many other sweet delights. These are also great for coffee-drinking.

Shopping Criteria For Schnapps

As you’ve already noticed, there’s a wide variety of spirits and liqueurs on the market these days. This variety represents numerous processes, ingredients, and end flavors of distillation. Schnapps and other spirits are complicated items, and we have listed the most critical factors to consider when choosing to help you select the correct one.

When you are in the U.S. looking for the German alternative of schnaps, then look for fruit brandies. Many craft distilleries produce excellent apple, apricot, and other flavored brandy bottles that rival many European Schnapps. Be vigilant of brandies with sweeteners; these are not real brandies, but rather liqueurs (or similar to the American Schnapp definition). American Schnapps are often sold in liquor stores.


The appearance of an alcoholic drink says a great deal about the drink. Not just because bottle designs can be pretty stunning, but the design is a part of the pre-and post-purchase appeal. Famous distilleries are dedicated to quality in all respects, and one of them is product design. Like in other things, a spirit of excellence enters through the eye first, and then through the mouth. Each time you show the bottle in your house, the mood is set for the occasion.

The most famous brands have very professional designs and bottles that have fascinating shapes. The labels are typically rather distinctive and may identify the distillery’s history or context. Other brands are selling their beverage in luxurious packaging, of course, without this necessarily reflecting the nature of the drink itself.  Over several years, the best items have been on the market, and remain popular beyond their packaging design.


Several distilleries have a long history of producing spirits of excellent quality. We list, for example, the ten most popular tequila houses in Mexico. It is a significant thing to remember as many of the best spirits come from the most famous distilleries.

There are so many options that are available today for Schnapps as well as other drinks that you can browse through hundreds of different wineries and distilleries. We suggest that you select one from a long-standing distillery because they have years of experience and often use family recipes passed from parents to children.

Pure or Mixture

Pure spirits are made of one raw material only. You can find spirits focused on fruit, cereal, and vegetables on the market. These are the typical, luminous, full-bodied spirits. These are high in caffeine and are generally consumed as liquors after meals.

They distill mixed spirits with other components. The most popular form, such as Sambuca, is made from anise. Fruity variations like plum or apricot brandies are also available. Many blended spirits are made of gin-based juniper berries, and some other exotic spirits are based on milk.

Type Of Spirit

As previously mentioned, the varieties of spirits are almost infinite. The best way to categorize them is by their principal ingredients. One example is rice spirits, including sake or soju, which are characteristic of Asia. In the West, wines or those made from grains are the most popular spirits.

American: Usually, “American “-style schnapps are made by combining flavorings and sugar with a neutral spirit of the grain. This term does not generally refer to Schnapps of German origin made in the U.S.

Imported german: Usually imported Schnapps come from Germany, and come in two varieties, fruit and herbal. Fruit-based Schnapps, such as brandies or Eaux-de-vie, is distilled from fermented fruits like strawberries, cherries, prunes, or pears. They are pure spirits, around 80 or higher, without added sugar. Kirschwasser (cherry), slivovitz (plum), and Poir William (pear) Eaux-de-vie are related products. As with other liqueurs, herbal Schnapps are flavored by herbal infusions (such as peppermint and cinnamon).

European: Schnapps have long been made at home in Europe by intense aromas in neutral grain spirits. Schnapps that boast an “initial recipe” or “traditional German recipe” comes from this tradition and are typically favored by infusions of herbs or fruits.

Premium schnapps is usually unsweetened and made in the German style, either by fruit-based distillation or infusion of herbs. These can be immediately chilled and eaten, as aperitifs and digestives.

Sweet Or Dry

The spirits are usually distilled without additional sugars. Pure spirits are a form of alcohol with very few calories, and all of the sugars are removed through the distillation cycle. Such drier spirits, made with conventional recipes, are more natural and contain organic plants.

Some drinks also contain sugar, such as tequila or rum. Schnapps and brandy derivatives with sugars are also added following the fermentation and distillation cycle. These drinks may be delicious, but they are less conventional and less ordinary.


Spirits typically contain between 30 percent and 45 percent volume of alcohol, but the word “aguardiente” can refer to almost any high alcohol content beverage. Some spirits can hit alcohol by 75 percent.

Be sure to test the alcohol content before you purchase any liqueur or spirits, whether you’re going to have it up or blended for a cocktail. In everyday use, the most definite strengths are those of alcohol between 30 and 45 percent, more than that can be very heavy for the tastes of most people.


While spirits can be consumed straight on their own, they can also be used as a base for adding to other distilled liquors as well. When you are planning to do this, use a distilled base built for this purpose, because it will be much cheaper than commercially available models, because they have no taste or smell and are manufactured to this end.

Schnaps is most commonly found in Germany, where it originated for medicinal use. Austria, Denmark, and Switzerland are heavy on the Schnapps as well. European drinkers seldom mix their schnaps into drinks, instead preferring to enjoy it straight from the bottle and sometimes before or after a meal.

It is very different because American Schnapps appear to be much sweeter and are mostly used as a mixer due to the solid, and typically sweet, flavor.

Schnapps is humanly regarded as the oldest distilled cocktail. It is a traditional liquor made from organic fermentation and distillation. It is a spirit drink that is drunk all over the world, particularly after a big meal as a final “digestive” because it helps with digestion.

You will find a large variety of spirits on the market these days. The basic ones, like grapes or grain, are made from a single raw ingredient. Mixed spirits are typically sweeter and used as a basis for a particular liqueur or wine. In this article, we discussed how the best spirit on the market could be found and picked based on your tastes and preferences.

“Schnapps” is a German word for a strong alcoholic cocktail, flavored with fruit or herbs and spices, either by the distillation process or by combining neutral spirit ingredients. Of particular interest are flavors such as raspberry, apple, peppermint, and cinnamon. Schnapps has excellent versatility in drinks and sweets, thanks to the extensive range of flavors.

Schnapps is a very strong alcoholic drink. Further, in Germany, it is distilled using fermented vegetable matter like rosemary, carrots, asparagus, garlic, and rowanberries!

Hope this guide will help you buy the Schnapps as per your choice.