Should You Get Rid of Cable TV in the Era of Streaming Services?

Streaming Services

Do people really give up their cable television packages in favor of services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu?

The cable bundle is a creation of the 1970s and ‘80s. It is still one of the main ways many people in Hollywood make money. Even though most people think streaming services are the new alternative that will replace traditional television for good, we would have to say we are still not there yet.

Since its appearance in 1997, Netflix was set to revolutionize watching TV. Today, the subscription-based service has over 148 million paid subscriptions worldwide. Apart form Netflix, there are many other streaming services out there. You would think people would no longer need cable TV to watch movies or television shows.

It’s no secret that the new streaming services are providing us with more alternatives than ever. In fact, some of these services even carry individual movies and TV series. So, you would think that it makes sense for people to give up their cable TV packages and direct their dollars to the content they care about most.

So why the note of caution? Most of these cable-style streaming services have their limitations, and it is pretty difficult to have only one service that can provide everything you want. Therefore, although “cord-cutting” has become a popular concept these days,

chances are that you won’t cut ties with your TV provider any time soon. Not only because, you probably have the same fast broadband internet service provider that also offers phone service, but also because it is very unlikely for a streaming service to cover all your needs.

So, before deciding whether or not you should cut the cord, here are a few reasons why we recommend you do not:

You may pay more for Internet services One of the most commonly mentioned reasons why people choose to cut the cord is because they want to reduce some of their household expenses. You would think this makes sense when you already have a paid subscription to a streaming service.

However, chances are that at the moment, your cable television provider also provides your internet connection. Therefore, you most likely got a more advantageous package price from your provider for both services and the advantage to pay just a single bill for your TV, internet, and, most likely, home phone services.

Now, the bad news is that if you cut the cord from TV, you’re likely to find out that you will be paying more for the same level of internet speed. Since the streaming services only work when you’re online, your monthly internet bill may actually cost more than the whole package of TV, internet, and home phone services.

Special events that you can’t see elsewhere Let’s be honest, Netflix is excellent in terms of the vast array of movies and TV series.

However, you won’t find special events such as the Super Bowl, the Olympics, the Grammys, the Oscars, or Eurovision there. Especially if you are a sports fan, streaming services are very unlikely to satisfy your needs.

Sure, you may be able to get the highlights online or watch the game or event later, but that will never equal the excitement of watching such events in real time. So, if you are a fan of these types of events that you won’t be able to find on streaming services such as Netflix, you should at least get a basic cable package to watch your favorite teams and sports events.

Streaming services may or may not have what you are looking for The cancellation of Netflix’s famous sitcom One Day at a Time, and the removal of the sitcom “Friends” that almost happened, plus the decision of Hulu to not order a second season of “The First”, showed exactly what may be wrong with streaming services.

To be more precise, the kinds of shows that were canceled or almost got canceled are exactly the kind of shows that streaming services are supposed to support. These types of shows have a relatively small, yet very loyal audience. However, the small audience is often too small for streaming services to justify a second, third, etc. season.

So, the very purpose of the streaming revolution that promised to break down all the barriers that exist in the TV industry seems to be anything but real.

Streaming services don’t offer media

Let’s be honest, no one goes on Netflix or Hulu for news shows because they simply aren’t there. Sure, you could be thinking that you can read the news online these days, but you know you will be missing a lot of details when reading an article compared to watching the evening news. So, if you are a fan of news and want to stay informed at all times, you still need your cable television for media.

Cable TV offers options for the entire family If you’re a loner who enjoys watching movies and TV series by yourself, a streaming service seems the most advantageous option for you. If you are part of a family, in which all

family members have different TV habits and needs, it is doubtful that a streaming service will cover all your needs. Among the advantages of cable TV that will make you think twice before cutting the cord is the fact that all of you will have the type of content you prefer watching.

In conclusion, before deciding to cut the cord and rely solely on streaming services, we highly recommend you to think about your TV habits. As you can see, there are a lot of things that you will be missing out on if you enjoy live sports, special events, and news. Plus, if your consideration is that you’ll be saving some money by cutting the cord, keep in mind that your Internet connection costs may be higher than a full package of services.