Best Paid Apps for Android

Before we start our list of best paid Android apps, you must know that the major portion of Android users have a mindset that free apps are enough for any Android user or device. But if you want to experience something exceptional, then the list below can change your mind.

There are Android apps that are available when you pay for it, but believe me when I say – they are worth paying for.

If you haven’t used any of the paid apps before that usually cost less than a coffee at Starbucks, you are missing something big.

Google is trying to make it simpler for people to buy Apps. For this purpose, Google has recently started selling Google Play gift cards at offline retail stores. Moreover, now you can even purchase these gift cards online too.

So, let’s see which apps are worth paying for your Android device.

1. Nova Launcher Prime

Download Nova Launcher Prime | Download Nova Launcher (Free)

Few years ago, people downloaded the launchers to duplicate the stock Android look on their skinned OEM devices. However today, launchers are much more than just that. Nova Launcher Prime offers you deep customization, with much more gesture actions than any other platform.

The free version is also good, but the Prime version makes it better. It offers you gesture actions like swiping down anywhere on the home-screen to bring down notifications or pinch out to launch Hearthstone. Nova Launcher is covered for icon packs, and hiding apps also that you do not use.

To get the full functionality of Nova Launcher, you need to purchase its Prime Unlocker that will offer you fully execution. You can download Nova Launcher Prime by spending little bucks, and Nova Launcher is a free download app.

2. Solid Explorer

Download Solid Explorer Unlocker | Download Solid Explorer (Free)

On every Android device, file managers play a crucial role. Many of them offer desktop level management and also support drag and drop from the PC. My favorite file manager is Solid Explorer Pro, and its latest version is also one of the best designed apps.

These file managers’ support various cloud services, such as – FTP, USB OTG, and many more. Nova Launcher is a Solid Explorer that offers you a free trial version and a paid version with unlocker.

3. Pocket Casts

Download Pocket Casts

Mostly developers give their concentration on iOS first for their products. Still, Shifty Jelly is excellent for their support on Android. Pocket Casts is the best app for all platforms. It is one of the high profile apps that get updated with new features on Android before iOS.

Pocket Casts has a huge feature set. It looks great. Not only has this but it worked on the cross platform also. After the release of primary OS, it has updated soon. It has customized URL sharing also for podcasts.

4. Weather Timeline

Download Weather Timeline

When we think about the best looking apps on Android, at that time Weather Timeline by Sam Ruston is the first one that come to the mind. It has set up the bar lines that much high with Weather Timeline that it is approximately impossible for any other app on Google Play to stand there. So, other apps fail in this comparison.

It is an outstanding weather app that has a huge number of widget options and weather sources too. You can squeeze the app as per your liking with lots of icon sets and themes too.

5. Fenix

Download Fenix

Twitter has become very unfriendly by restrictive with the apps that are available on Android. I have purchased multiple apps on Android. Moreover, I have seen with most of them are got discarded for different reasons.

Currently, Fenix is the best on this platform for an overall Twitter app. I do not like its default theme, but its dark theme and customizations for highlighting the colors offers it a great look as well. It has strong muting support for multiple latest Twitter features. Fenix is one of the most powerful Android Twitter apps. All the shortcomings that are in an official app such as – ads, awkward scrolling and many more are also not present in Fenix.

6. Battery Widget Reborn

Download Battery Widget Reborn

Mostly Android phones display the battery percentage in the status bar. However, none of them shows you detailed graphs and stats the way Battery Widget Reborn do. This app provides you a notification shade. By this app, you will be aware of the usage of your battery also. It can be expanded to reveal a graph of battery usage and various battery statistics.

May be you think its name is misleading. However, its name is Battery Widget Reborn because it is not only a widget but also a functional app too. It offers battery details of history and many more. It is free available for the trial purpose.

7. Evolve Wallpapers

Download Evolve Wallpapers

There are a vast number of wallpaper apps that are available on Google Play. Right now I am using Muzei but if you use a match of Evolve paired with Muzei, then it will give you the experience of heaven. Evolve has different categories of wallpapers as per your need. So, that you can get a stunning wallpaper on spending just a little time. Now you need to spend your time to search wallpapers as per your expectations.
I like to use wallpapers from the category of Landscapes. Moreover, they look so beautiful that anyone can think that Google’s design team worked on it. Evolve supports Muzei live wallpapers, of classical art.

8. Shuttle+

Download Shuttle+

Mostly people recommend Poweramp on Android. I am a person who does not listen to too much music, as compare to dealing with an interface. Shuttle+ is an app that has the best parts of Material Design. It merges the designs with impressive features for delivering an excellence of music apps for Android devices.

Its paid version offers you to browse any of the folders on your phone. It is not only the music app but also it provides the facility of casting your music to Chromecast enabled devices and edit id3 tags. All these features add lots of value to this stunning app.

9. iA Writer

Download iA Writer

iA Writer is text editing app on Apple platforms. It is one of the most well known apps. Moreover, now it has at last made the jump to Android also on earlier this year. Currently, iA Writer is the best markdown editor that is available in the market. This Android app is worthwhile to download. It is the best paid app for you if you edit the text on the go or just like to enjoy writing on your Android phone.
I love its quick action bar that is above the keyboard. Expectantly, the future update of this app will make its interface a little steadier.

10. Light Flow

Download Light Flow

The LED notification light is one of an essential function of Android devices. It is very useful hardware feature. Regrettably, for most apps the default setting for this purpose is not consistent. If you cannot customize the functionality as per your need on Android then frankly speaking it is not a satisfactory situation.

The Light Flow comes into the picture format. It offers an attractive, sporty look. This Light Flow provides you the customization of each LED notification that is displayed for each and every app. It offers you the controlling power for color and frequency too of the LED on every app. Moreover, you can even disable the LED Light Flow for some apps also.

These are the list of best ten favorite paid Android apps that we have searched for you after lots of research. These apps are not only iOS supported but also offer you the best quality with lots of features and facilities.

You can comment us which best paid Android app you want to select and for which app have you paid for, and why? If you have any query then also you can leave a comment below.