Best Fully Automatic Washing Machines in India

There were days when people used to wash their clothes with their own hands from cleansing them to drying them off at places where there is circulation of air. Then there were days when people used to use washing machines which are semi automated which needs manual help to wash the clothes and dry them off. In today’s world we see fully automatic washing machines which doesn’t need any human help except for putting the clothes in the washing machine. We have seen people transforming from being completely manual to being completely automated. Now here I’m going to present you 7 best fully automatic washing machines in India.

In Today’s chasing world, one have to get done with the things as soon as possible which is same when it comes to washing machines too. No one wants to do extra work and waste time cleaning their clothes. The trend of fully automatic washing machines has started for people like them who have a fast paced life and who cannot afford to waste time. Washing clothes is done just with a click.

I’m giving you the basic buying guide of the best automatic washing machines in India which helps you in making a right choice in choosing a washing machine which can meet all your needs as washing machine is something which you buy once for a long period of time.

Washing machineTypeCapacity
IFB 6 Kg Diva Aqua VXFront load6 Kg
LG 7 Kg FH0B8QDL22Front load7 Kg
Bosch 8 kg WAT24168INFront load8 Kg
Intex 6KG WMA62Top load6 Kg
Whirlpool 6.5 kg WHITEMAGICTop load6.5 Kg
IFB 7 Kg TL-SDGTop load7 Kg
Samsung 7.5 kg WA75M4000HPTop load7.5 Kg


We have two types of systems in these fully automatic washing machines such as Agitator system or impeller which is usually tough for people to choose between. Even with Top brands like Samsung, LG, Godrej, Whirlpool, etc… giving many options to choose from is really confusing but the thing we have to be always having in our mind is that the features they have should be compatible to your usage.Presenting you below the list of 7 Best automatic washing machines in India.

Best fully automatic washing machines in India 2017 :

  1. IFB 6 Kg Diva Aqua VX ( Front load).

Overall Best

Clothes are majorly affected by the hard water and IFB 6 Kg Diva Aqua VX is the best at dealing with the hard water and cleansing your dusty and washed clothes and the germs present on the clothes and making clear and clean. You can have the best experience with the IFB front load with a loading capacity of 6 Kg per single wash. It is recommended for a family with 2-3 people to cover all their dirty clothes in a single wash and there is a feasibility of stopping the wash at any point and restarting it from beginning if you miss out on any clothes while you were putting your clothes in the washing machine.

IFB Fully Automatic Machine Specification.

Capacity6 Kg
FunctionFront load
Washing MethodTumble wash
Maximum spin speed800 RMP
Water consumption45 L
Wash modesCotton, Cotton Eco, Mixed Fabrics, Gentle, Woollens, Additives/ Rinse, Drain + Spin
Power consumption2150 W


IFB Fully Automatic Machine Features.

It consists of Aqua Energy Mechanism which will be a great help when it comes to dealing with hard water circumstances.

It has 2D Shower System which makes sure you wash your clothes neat and clean not letting you leave any stains behind.

Enhanced Wash- The Float Ball Valve lets the water out while keeping the detergent in

Anti Crease- It prevents rumps and crease
You can always add the forgotten laundry in between the cycle.

Auto Imbalance Sensing & Control.

Audio & LED Indication.


  1. LG 7 Kg FH0B8QDL22 (Front Load).

Rust proof

LG is one of the renowned brands in India known for its durability and long sustainability

Home appliances. The full form of LG is Life’s Good which undoubtedly describes what the company is best at. It ingests less amount of water when compared to other front load washing machines. It has a very big and durable drum which is made of Stainless Steel Special Rust Proof and can accommodate dirty clothes at least 4-5 people which makes it a best pick for small to big families. It gives a very fine and sharp wash not letting the clothes interrupt by any agitation which is a boon given by the beautiful inverter direct technology. I prefer to use the pre wash and time delay facility to get a complete washing experience and make the best use of it.


LG 7 Kg FH0B8QDL22 Specifications.

Capacity7 Kg
FunctionFront load
Washing MethodTumble wash
Maximum spin speed1000 RPM
Water consumption38 L
Wash modesRinse Hold, Baby Care, Crease Care, Cotton, Delicate, Wool, Intensive Wash.
Power consumption1700 W


LG 7 Kg FH0B8QDL22 Features

It combines 6 different types of motions- Scrubbing, Rolling, Stepping, Swing, Tumbling and Filtration for the clean wash.

It consists of Inverter Control System helps in consuming required electricity than to extra one which is consumed due to fluctuations.

Smart Diagnosis System.

Program Selection Option.

It also offers the Baby care feature with which the temperature is automatically reached upto 95 degree celsius and kills all the enzymes & bacteria.


  1. Bosch 8 kg WAT24168IN (Front load)

Best wash quality

When it comes to washing machines, Bosch has showed utter level of excellence in maintaining the quality of their washing machines. It washes the clothes with utmost perfection and brings back life to the cloth removing all the dirt on the clothes. Bosch 8 kg WAT24168IN is a perfect example of their manufacturing beauty. It is a front load washing machine which can serve up to 5-7 people in a single wash with a loading capacity of 8 Kg. You can easily put in your untidy clothes in it, sit back and relax till the cycle completes and once it’s done you can witness premium washed clothes.


Bosch 8 kg WAT24168IN Specifications.

Capacity8 Kg
FunctionFront load
Washing MethodTumble wash
Maximum spin speed1200 RPM
Water consumption60 L
Wash modesRinse Hold, Baby Care, Crease Care, Cotton, Delicate, Wool, Intensive Wash
Power consumption2300 W


Bosch 8 kg WAT24168IN features.

It gives an assurance for a perfect hygienic wash with AllergyPlus ECARF.

Anti-Crease Cycle prevents rumps.

AntiVibration Design lets you wash clothes easily.

Drum Interior– The interior LED light will automatically switch on whenever you’ll open drum.

SensitiveDrying System.

Wash & Dry Programme 60 min.


  1. Intex 6KG WMA62 (Top load)

In Budget

Intex brings out Intex 6KG WMA62, the best fully automatic washing machine for middle class population or bachelors who wish to have a fully automatic washing machine which does all the washing of your clothes at a single go at an affordable price range. It can take clothes of weight up to 6 Kg per a single wash which means it can serve up to 3-4 people of a family. It also has a advanced features which adopts its wash to the kind of water you supply which can be either soft or hard and produces a compatible wash to your clothes. For the ones who have water supply only at particular timings you can even set the 24 hour in advance programme which works according to your water timings in the span of this 24 hours.


Intex 6KG WMA62 Specifications.

Capacity6 Kg
FunctionTop load
Washing MethodPulsator
Maximum spin speed700 RPM
Water consumption26 L
Wash modes12 wash modes
Power consumption400 W


Intex 6KG WMA62 features.

Pre-wash Cycle helps in cleaning the clothes in advance.

Rinse-hold and Water-saving Cycle.

Rust-free Plastic Body.

Zero Water Pressure.

12 Wash Programs for the variety of fabrics.

Child Lock.


  1. Whirlpool 6.5 Kg WHITEMAGIC (Top load)

Express wash

Whirlpool is one of the well known brands in India for its quality home appliances. It always maintained it’s product quality yet making advancements which wide range of varieties in its products. Here comes Whirlpool 6.5 Kg WHITEMAGIC with Express wash system with a single tub. It serves upto 3 people in a single wash with a loading capacity of 6.5 Kg. It has a durable drum which can bare the high spin speed of this fully automatic washing machine to dry the clothes more faster.

Whirlpool 6.5 Kg WHITEMAGIC Specifications.

Capacity6.5 Kg
FunctionTop load
Washing methodAgipeller
Maximum spin speed740 RPM
Water consumption35 L
Wash modesNormal, Speedy, Heavy, Delicate, Whites
Power consumption350 W


Whirlpool 6.5 Kg WHITEMAGIC features.

It had ZPF Technology which helps you get done with things early with a less tub filling time saving a lot of time.

In-built Auto Restart.

Error Indication Icon Lighting (No Water / Voltage Fluctuation).

Low Spin (Delicate Spin).

Express Wash assures to give best washing experience.

Adapts to Low Water Pressure.

Child lock.


  1. IFB 7 Kg TL-SDG (Top load)

Smart sense

IFB has comes up with a smart way to save water with its brand new IFB 7 Kg TL-SDG a fully automatic washing machine which is equipped with smart advancements and capable of using water according to the weight of the untidy clothes you put in the washing machine. With the use of IFB 7 Kg TL-SDG we don’t need to waste water on washing our clothes anymore. It has has the Aqua Energie feature which activates the water molecules and gives a neat and today wash to your clothes. It has a loading capacity of 7 Kg weight of clothes which can serve up to 5 people in a single wash and preferred as the best pick for families with 4-5 people.

IFB 7 Kg TL-SDG Specifications.

Capacity7 Kg
FunctionTop load
Washing MethodTriadic pulsator
Maximum Spin Speed720 RPM
Water consumptionDepends on the weight of your clothes
Wash modesCotton, Cotton Eco, Mixed Fabrics, Gentle, Woollens, Additives/ Rinse, Drain + Spin
Power consumption370 W


IFB 7 Kg TL-SDG features.

Aqua Spa Therapy rejuvenates your clothes.

3D wash- Soft Scrub Pads, Swirl Jets, and the Mechanical Centre Punch action

Aqua Energie for hard water circumstances.

Tiradic Pulsator makes sure that clothes they’ll come out sparkly clean.

Smart Sense, Bleach Dispenser, Drum Lamp, Hygiene Plus and many more options.


  1. Samsung 7.5 kg WA75M4000HP (Top load)

Wooble Technology

Samsung is the most renowned brand with its wide range of products spreading its wings across the globe well known for its home appliances and Smartphones.Samsung 7.5 kg WA75M4000HP is almost similar to IFB 7 Kg TL-SDG using its advancements in detecting the weight of untidy clothes you put in the washing machine and using the water accordingly reducing unnecessary wastage of water on washing clothes. It also has a feature called Aqua Energie which makes sure clothes get a perfectly tidy wash regardless of the type of water. This is best when you are treating with hard water which energises water and give back life to the clothes full of germs and dirt.

Samsung 7.5 kg WA75M4000HP Specifications.

Capacity7.5 Kg
FunctionTop load
Washing MethodWooble pulsators
Maximum Spin Speed680 RPM
Water consumptionDepends on the weight of clothes you put in
Wash modesCotton, Cotton Eco, Mixed Fabrics, Gentle, Woollens, Additives/ Rinse, Drain + Spin
Power consumption330 W


Samsung 7.5 kg WA75M4000HP features.

Wobble pulsators generate a dynamic
Tempered glass window lets you clearly keep an eye on an ongoing wash cycle.

Magic Filter prevents your drainage from getting clogged.

Diamond Drum ensure that your clothes do not get trapped or damaged.

Eco Tub Clean feature keeps the tub clean without chemicals.

Activwash+ you can conveniently place and wash delicate items, or pre-treat heavily soiled clothes.


This article helps you make a decision on which washing machine in these range of fully automatic washing machines. The basic things that you always have to keep in mind is whether the washing machine you wish to have is maintaining compatibility with your budget, your family size and usage or not. Because when you have a family size of 6 people buying a washing machine which can only serve 3-4 people would be troublesome by complicating the wash and consuming a lot of your time. You can easily figure out what is close to your needs looking at the features and specifications of the washing machine.

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