Photography is one of the finest arts of modern time. Photographers mostly love to customize their cameras based on the type of light, location and type of photograph they wish to click. This is why photographers prefer DSLR cameras with which they can customize according to their requirements and can also change the lens for the scenario accordingly. With the best quality DSLR camera and manual controls customized perfect for the scenario and you get the best pictures.

For the budding photographers who are not professionals, Basic and budget DSLRs are the best to choose as they can explore and learn how actually a DSLR works and how to customize it to get the best output out of it. But for the amateur photographers to buy a DSLR under Rs.20,000, There are very few options that they can look forward to. But everyone needs to keep in mind that low budget DSLR also gives the equal quality of Photographs.

Most of the top rated Smartphones like Sony, Vivo etc.. are armed with the best camera lens and claims to give best quality HD Photographs under 20,000 category but talking in a real sense no smartphone can give the high resolution photographs as a DSLR does. Some of the renowned brands in the Optical Industry like Nikon and Canon offer DSLR cameras in the 20,000 category which gives incomparable images with the images shot by high-end smartphone cameras. But one has to know few things about DSLR before buying one. There are some important things which needs to be considered for someone who is buying a DSLR for the first time or trying to upgrade.

Review of Best DSLR Cameras under 20,000 in India.

This article for all those who are visiting all the shopping sites to buy a DSLR for the first time, Scratching their heads on what to choose and not knowing what all factors that are needed to considered while buying a DSLR. Here we give you all the information you need to buy one without any confusion and help you make a best choice.

  1. Canon EOS 1300D

Best DSLR under 20,000.

Canon is one of the renowned brands in the Optical Industry. Canon EOS 1300D is considered as the best DSLR under 20,000 in India as it offer almost all the qualities a top rated DSLR camera has. It is said to be the best as it gives the best image quality and can be customized according to your need and also offer automation which helps the budding photographers to learn.

It offers HD Video Recording which produce great quality High Definition Videos with the 2.7 TFT Color LCD Screen which provides a great visibility while you record. The 18 Megapixels CMOS Image Sensor gives the best quality HDR photographs.

Effective Pixels/ Resolution 18 MP
ISO 100 6400(expandable to 12800)
Video Resolution 1920 * 1080
Optical Zoom 35X
Connectivity Wi-Fi and NFC


  1. Sony H400/B 20.1 MP Digital Camera.

Easy to handle superb image quality.

Sony is the most renowned brand with its wide range of products spreading its wings across the globe well known for its electronics and Smartphones. Most of the DSLR cameras fail to reach the expectations and required output in low lighting conditions but Sony H400/B 20.1 MP Digital Camera is the one you have to choose if you wish to get the best quality images regardless of the lighting conditions. Sony H400/B 20.1 MP Digital Camera performs way better than many DSLR cameras under 20,000 when it comes to low light photography even though it’s not a DSLR.

It is equipped with Optical Image Stabilization and has a 63X optical zoom which can capture detailed images from a longer distance. Even if it’s not a DSLR, It can capture great quality images with the 20.1MP sensor which is the best to use occasionally for someone who is not a professional photographer as it doesn’t have the features a DSLR supposed to have like the manual settings to customize it according to the situation. It is considered to be the best for wildlife photography due to it’s zoom quality and as it’s supports low light photography.

Effective Pixels/ Resolution 20.1MP
ISO ISO 80-3200
Video Resolution 1280*720
Optical Zoom 63X
Connectivity WiFi and NFC


  1. Canon PowerShot SX540HS

Compact and Effective.

When you search for a DSLR cameras in any of the shopping sites you will be confused with lots of options but when the range to confined to Under Rs.20,000 you will be left with so less options. But Canon is the Unbeaten leader in the field of Cameras and Photography as it provides numerous features at budget prices. Canon PowerShot series offers you the best DSLR experience even at lower prices.

It is the best DSLR camera for the non professional photographers who are using the DSLR for the first time and do not want to get into the complicated customization of the DSLR as it offer features just necessary for you to get High Definition images with some automation. It has a resolution of 20.3 Megapixels with a size of 1 / 2.3. It gives best quality images with a maximum resolution of 5184*3888 and is not bad for any lighting conditions. It has ISO range from 80 to 3200.

Effective Pixels/ Resolution. 20.3 MP
ISO ISO 80-3200
Video Resolution 1920*1080
Optical zoom. 50X
Connectivity WiFi with NFC


  1. Canon PowerShot SX430B.

Best for Travel Photography.

Canon PowerShot SX430B is another foremost DSLR camera in the Canon PowerShot series which is considered as the best for Travel Photography due to its compact size and ease to handle. You can use it very easily as it’s so handy and it gives pictures of great quality at affordable price. As it does not occupy much space and suitable for almost all the situations you can take it along wherever you go.

It also offers you best quality photographs even in the low lighting conditions. It is well equipped 20.5 Megapixels CMOS sensor at a size of 1 / 2.3 inch and powerful 45X optical zoom lens which lets you click amazing photographs even from farther distance. Low light photography is one of it’s biggest assets.

Effective Pixels/ Resolution 20.5 MP
ISO ISO 80-3200
Video Resolution 1280*720
Optical Zoom 45 X
Connectivity WiFi with NFC


  1. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H300.

Best suited for all situations.

Here is one more choice from the foremost electronic brand who desire to have a camera with DSLR features in the range of Rs.20,000. It has a compact size which you can carry almost everywhere and easy to handle. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H300 looks like a DSLR camera even though it’s not one but has the almost all the feature a DSLR camera offers. It gives best quality High Resolution pictures regardless of the lighting situations even in the low lighting.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H300 Comes with a 3 inch LCD Screen which provides a great visibility while you click a picture or record a video. The 20.1 Megapixels Sensor gives the best quality HDR photographs. It offers a zooming lens of 35X which gives a detailed picture of an object distant from you. It also has the features of WiFi connectivity and Panorama shot which allows you to click the pictures which does not fit in the display.

Effective Pixels/ Resolution 20.1 MP
ISO ISO 80-3200
Video Resolution 1280*720
Optical Zoom 35X
Connectivity WiFi


Final Verdict.

The above given are the best cameras under Rs.20,000 INR with all the features and specifications which makes it easy for you to choose the best. All of them are from the well known and trusted brands which gives you no second thought about the quality of the product and you will never regret your selection from the above given list of cameras. Happy shopping.