What To Do If You Canít Afford A Car Repair

Car Repair on a Lift

It certainly hurts when your car that youíve grown to love throughout the years has refused to cooperate. It appears that no matter how much youíve cared for it, the old saying is true: nothing lasts forever. Unfortunately, thatís not the end of your problems – your car has not only broken down – whatís worse, you also donít have enough money to repair it. What now? Well, thereís a couple of options. In a second, youíll learn what you could do to repair your car if you donít have enough money. Letís go!

Could it wait?

Depending on the severity of issues with your car, you could decide to ignore those problems until you have enough funds to pay for the repair. Just be reasonable – if some essential part of your vehicle is malfunctioning, it could endanger you and other people on the road.

Get a second opinion!

If you think that there are better mechanics out there, you could try getting a second opinion. It is risky – if despite having more extensive knowledge, he proposes the same solution to your carís problems, you will have to pay an extra amount for the same job.

Fast and easy personal loans

If you donít have any doubts about your ability to pay it back later, you could take out a personal loan. If your credit score isnít good enough, you wonít be able to take out a loan in a regular bank. It means that personal loans might be your only option if you need to repair your car quickly.

Buy used parts

If you donít care about the highest quality of the parts, you could purchase used ones. Sure, they might not last you as long as brand-new ones, but if you need to repair your vehicle as quickly as possible, then it might be a wise choice. For instance, When shopping for used engines or transmissions, it is essential to know what to look for to avoid buying a defective unit.

Do it by yourself!

If you enjoy doing repairs on your own, you could try fixing your carís problems by yourself. You should rather avoid attempting things that are far beyond your skills, but remember that Youtube is an endless source of all kinds of tutorials. It means that if you arenít easily intimidated, and can follow the instructions, you could avoid spending money on the visit to the mechanic.

If you donít think that you could fix your car on your own, you could ask one of your friends for help. It is likely that at least one of your friends loves cars, and could help you repair your vehicle for a nice bottle of scotch whisky

Lend money from your friend

If you would rather avoid taking out loans, you could just talk with your friend or a relative if they might help you out financially. Explain to them the situation that you are in, and if they think that youíre a trustworthy person, they are likely to give you a helping hand.

Make payments

If the bill is large enough, your mechanic might allow you to make payments. Not everyone will agree to that, but you can try your luck. Remember to talk with the mechanic about that before he repairs your car.

Sell your stuff

If you need your car repaired as soon as possible, you should consider selling some of your personal belongings. It can be difficult to part ways with items that bring great memories, but remember that you donít need to sell all of your stuff – just enough to pay for the repairs. If you have no idea what you could sell, check your basement and attic, and you might find long-forgotten treasures. Selling some of the things that you havenít been using for a long time might also help you finally declutter your home.

Sell your car

It might be a tough decision to make, but if your car is pretty old, and repairing it would require a lot of money, you should consider selling it. Sure, it might need repairs, but thereís a chance that someone will buy it from you. Not everyone needs the latest model.

Alternatively, if itís in quite a poor state, you could junk it. You wonít earn a fortune, but itís better than to let it rot.

Not the end of the world

No one enjoys visits to a mechanic. Itís even worse, though, if you donít have enough money to pay for the repairs. If you live in a big city, you should be able to manage without a car for quite some time. If public transportation is not a viable option, you need to find a way to deal with the situation at hand. Some of those options might be more difficult than others, but with enough determination, you will find a way to fix your car. Good luck!