Best Motorcycle Covers in 2023

Best Motorcycle Covers

Motorcycle covers are the best option to protect your bike from elements like rain, snow, dust, sun ray, and many more. It is a necessity to protect your motorcycle from harsh weather to maintain and get a high-value ROI

Irrespective of your wealth, regular replacement of your motorcycle parts is a culture you want to cultivate. However, this guide will reveal a list of the best motorcycle covers suitable for your bike and affordable for your budget. Let’s ride in. 

Best Motorcycle Covers

Audew Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

Made of High-density 210D Oxford fabric, this Motorcycle cover is lightweight and easy to put on by one person. It has luminous strips that help you see them when parked in the dark. It has a waterproof coating that protects the motorcycle in rainy seasons. It also has an ‘anti-rust’ Lock-Hole design.

It has a two-wheel strap that secures the cover against whirlwinds. It comes with a storage bag for safety when not in use.

Price: $23.17

XYZCTEM 300D Outdoor Bike Cover

The XYZCTEM 300D outdoor bike cover, is a high-quality motorcycle cover that can protect your motorcycle from sun rays, whirlwinds, rain, and dust. It comes with a zipped bag for convenient storage when not in use. It is also available in different sizes: Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large, and XXX-Large. It also has three buckles (front, middle, and back) that help cover the bike’s top during windy days. 

Price: X-Large =$40.99, XX-Large = $42.99, and XXX-Large = $44.99

Oxford Aquatex Bike Cover

Oxford Aquatex Bike Cover is packed with many protective features, designed for indoor and outdoor use. It has double-stitched polyester for strength and durability; exterior and interior protection, which protects from rain and dust.

It comes with a zipped carrier which is used to store it properly when not in use, and also available in 6 sizes; Scooter, Medium, Large, and X-large, including Mp3 and High-screen bikes.

Price: $33.81

Held advanced Motorcycle cover

This Motorcycle cover is made of high-quality waterproof 150D polyester. It has a large window for the plate number, an elastic band at the front and back, openings at the side for security locks and chains, and straps and buckles. It prevents corrosion by allowing flow through its vent.

It comes in 6 sizes; Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large, and 3X-Large.

Price: $35.18

Oxford Scootleg Cover

Oxford Scootleg is a cover that protects a Scooter leg from sun, snow, rain, and dust. It comes with safety brake buckles that can be detached easily in an emergency. 

It has lock holes and reflective prints on the front and sides for visibility in the dark. It also has an integral seat cover for weather protection when not in use.

Price: $54.79

Bike-It Motorcycle Top Cover

If you are looking for a large-sized cover with PVC construction, elastic edges, Under-bike securing straps, and reinforced holes at the base for security chains, there you have it! All in one.

The under-bike strapping and an additional webbing strap have been included to give you a closer fit.

You can get the medium size which fits up to 600cc; the large size, which fits up to 1000cc or the X-Large size, which fits from 1200cc and above. Just ensure that you go for the correct size.

Price: $55.34

MotoGP Rain Cover

MotoGP Rain Cover is a waterproof protective rain cover with a 210D nylon shell. However, the nylon is lightweight and flexible yet strong with a smooth finish and subtle sheen.

 It has a full protective lining, a heat-resistant section, and an adjustable under-bike webbing strap with Klik-fast buckle and mirror section venting.

It’s complete with a storage bag with a printed design and fits up to 600cc.

Price: $55.78

Tucano Urbano Bike Start Cover

The Tucano Urbano Bike cover is a 100% polyester waterproof fabric with inner taped seams. It has reflective print details, which makes them visible in the dark, with elastic edges near the wheel region.

It is quick and easy to position with front identification tape and comes with a Drawstring bag which helps you store it conveniently when not in use.

It comes in Small (Scooter), Medium (Scooters with top case and screen), and Large (Scooters and road motorcycles) sizes.

Price: $83.03

XYZCTEM 420D Waterproof Bike Cover

The XYZCTEM 420D waterproof motorcycle cover is made with ultra-thick 420D waterproof material with a water pressure resistance of 300mm, which makes it able to protect your motorcycle from heat, rain, wind, and dust. It comes with waterproof zippers on the sides, which aids easy installation, and also has reflective panels which make them visible in the dark. It is available in XXL size.

It has an innovative design that is heat resistant(up to 300°C), so you don’t have to worry about them melting due to contact with your engine and muffler.

Price: $39.99

Oxford Protex Stretch Outdoor Cover

The Oxford Protex Stretch Outdoor Cover has water-resistant seams, a solar charger pocket, and a 2-way stretch that helps protect against rain, sun, dust, and snow. It also has lock holes to protect your motorcycle from theft.

It offers both protection from weather conditions and theft. Its soft lining protects it from scratch and is ventilated to reduce condensation, with a rear window displaying the plate number.

The Oxford Protex Stretch outdoor cover is one of a kind and comes in Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large sizes.

Price: $99.62

R&G Racing Tailored Dust Cover

This Motorcycle cover is tailored to fit the Ducati Panigale, protecting it from dust and other environmental conditions. It is made of a specially designed polyester fabric that is soft yet durable and made from a breathable material that ensures constant air flow through them.

It is very suitable for Superbikes and Street Motorcycles.

Price: $106.60


These are just a few options to protect your motorcycle and help it serve you longer. A Motorcycle cover is available for whatever budget you might have made. Caring for your bike is not rocket science, and when choosing your Motorcycle cover, pay attention to the size to avoid ending up with an under-sized or oversized cover.