The Most Creative Resumes Ever Made

If you are looking to get a new job, then you should see the following creative resumes that we have collected. Creative resumes are very popular among people looking for a job. As when it comes to job hunting, the first thing that comes to our mind is a making a resume that outshines other people’s resume. And when we think of creating a resume, we mostly think of something that is clean and contains detailed information that can impress any employer on a given day.

So, if you are artistic in nature, you can do hundred plus things, this not only will show your creativeness but also willingness to work.

In this post, we are showcasing the 100+ creative resumes that will set an example for people looking for some inspiration. Some of these resumes are used by the public while giving an interview, and some of them are only concepts.

We welcome people to drop in the links to their resume so that everyone can see what could be achieved with this art of creative resumes making.

Resume by XiruXiru


In this creative resumes, the designer has used different fruits along with the caption “Full of Vitamin Creativity”. This gives an appeal to it.

Infographics resume by Chen Zhi Liang


Resume by Riccardo Sabatani


Infographic Resume-Free PSD by Rob Hendricks


Resume by Jonny Rocket


This is a great CV that played a great role in the author getting the job and attracting attention from several hundred applicants.

Resume by Rei-pash


An excellent background texture coupled with a spotlight effect leads to an outstanding backdrop for this CV.

Resume by Ashley Spencer


 Giuliana Castelliti’s creation


Creative Resumes by John Doe


Pau Morgan’s Resume


Resume by zxcxvxc


The paint splash in this resume shows the creative side of the artist.

Pat Schlaich’s self promotion mailer


Pernille Posselt Resume


John Henry Does’ professional resume


Novisurjadi’s Me, Myself Curriculum Vitae


Brazilnut’s resume


This resume has been made attractively with lines, with the logo merging exceptionally.

My resume/CV by Joao Andrade


Gary Corr-Infographic CV


Free creative resume template PSD


Life Chart Resume


This is the author’s first take at visualizing normal tasks. It also showcases important events of the last 20 years.

Typograhy Resume by mac 1388


The name centerpiece in this resume is something unique.

Leonardo Zakour’s work


This is the personal project for the promotion of the author as a graphic designer.

Tai Hsiung Huang’s self promotion


Minimalistic Resume Template PSD


Resume by Arianedenise


My Resume by darthkix


This has beautiful colors, plenty of information and nothing over the top.

Giorgi Bou’s Resume/CV


Eyad Hussein


Modern creative resume template


Resume on Fabric


Sewing has been the biggest passion for this designer and she has displayed it elegantly on her resume.

Resume by cheektocheek


This resume has an arty poster persona and functions brilliantly.

Resume by Vidar Olufsen


Chul hwee Kim self promotion


This is a self-promotional project for the promotion of the author as a graphic designer.

Modern Swiss style resume


Resume by KevinPire


With attention grabbing titles that are bold and the lime green color, this surely is an eye catcher.

My Resume by Gabriel Ghnassia


Loyez Geoffrey’s Resume


Professional One Page Resume


Resume by Kyuzengi


Infographic CV by Ana Lourenco


Errol Veloso self promotion


Free creative and professional photoshop CV template


Kyuzengi’s resume


Alysa Choudri’s personal stationery


Ashley Spencer Resume


CV templates bundle PSD files


Resume by heydani


Navdeep Raj’s My Resume


Nerrison Resume


Resume by twolapdesigns


Temitope Shoda

Michael Anderson

Ariane Denise


Sabrina Saccocio

Greg Dizzia

Kristian Leigh Walsh

Krista Gregg

Aditya Wijanarko

Francis Homo

Carole Courouble

Jonathan Wakuda Fischer

Rebecca Fildes

Samuel J. Mallett

Christiano Pires

Michael Farrow

M Danish Zahid

Sean McNally

Gary Meyer

Yingzhu Luqiu

Robert Sexton

Omondi Abudho

Doni Kristian Dachi

Jason Feng

Mathew Anthony Tate

Joe Kelso

FJ Garcia

Jolie O’Dell

Jestor Dizon Edquilag

Eugene Isaac

Sofiane Yaya

Jonathan Wong

Chuck D. Lay

Kate Nadolski

Standley Kortez

Jane Doe

Sid Santos

Melissa Washin

Novi Surjadi

Siti Mariam

L Michelle Dickerson

David A Young

Christa Roethlisberger

H. Sercan Tunali

Mourice Kappelhaf

Steven Duncan


Branko Vukelic

Federico Moral

Benjamin Jancewicz

Anna Yenina

David Bonggas

Aamir Shah

Hailey Thorne

Chris Swanger

Jean-Francois Houssiaux

Kelly Haller

Spencer Creelman

Travis Melton

Andreas Edwitia

Kevin Fernandez

Ziedrick Ruen Giron

Ong Xi Ru

Brian Rutledge

 T-shirt Resume

Tamer Azab

Fran Sancheg

Guillermo Puente Sanchidrian


Vedran Skrtic

Eyad Hussien

Tudor Deleanu



CV Tudor Deleanu

My Old Designer’s Resume by ~ExtremeJuvenile

Curriculum Vitae by Arbrenoir

CV by  Verine

Updated UPDATED CV by ~xchingx

CV by ~Giemax

CV by ~Johnnywall

My Creative Resume by ~liagiannjezreel

My curriculum vitae by ~flaterie

Adam Balazy CV by ~Balazy

Resume by ~Akashrine

Resume Espanol by ~rogaziano



















I am sure that these resumes certainly have inspired you to think out of the box when designing your own resume. But remember that these resumes are not suitable for every kind of job. You have to look at your industry and design the resume according.

In the end, we need yours comments and links to your creative resumes. Looking forward for some great works.

The Most Creative Resumes Ever Made

55 Responses to The Most Creative Resumes Ever Made

  1. These are great, as there are large numbers of people competing for vacancies this could help give you the edge over the rest. They should grab the attention of the employers and get your resume seen. Excellent idea, thanks

  2. Great list of creative example.I think we should learn this. They should grab the attention of the employers and it is easy for you to become an candadite at their office soon.

  3. I love these resumes! I just wish that I could be as creative as some of these people are. But I love my job anyways.. :)

  4. This blog is really remarkable. Thanks for sharing this great stuff. Keep sharing more useful and conspicuous stuff like this. Thank you so much.

  5. 59 is extremely creative, and I am inspired to make one like this. It gives me a good understanding of the character…But the picture is a little too pompous. I really like them all.

  6. Wow. I’m seriously considering redesigning my resumes. Thank you really for the this idea! Nobody here in my place has done it. And i think i should be the one to start it.

  7. Yep most of these are really interesting and creatively done resumes but, in my opinion, they will only work if you’re looking for a job at an advertising or design company (the T-Shirt resume probably won’t net you a job anywhere…legal).

    If you’re in the IT however (or Engineering), and you’re thinking of sending this kind of resume you’d better think twice. Especially if the company is known for being rigorous and strict (I wouldn’t send this type of resume to Huawei or some German based company).

    On the other hand if the position for which you’re applying requires creativity I think that sending this kind of resume will greatly improve your chances (if it’s nicely done off course).

  8. I disagree with the guy above me, I would defintely apply for any kinda of job with any kind of resume you showed us. I think I might replicate #90 for for the teaching job I’m after.

  9. Your work and your time invested in these posts is important for us, your readers.
    “T-Shirt Resume” was very funny.

  10. I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you create this website yourself? Plz reply back as I’m looking to create my own blog and would like to know wheere u got this from.

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  12. I was a annoyed by the title “100 Most Creative Example Resumes”

    I almost didn’t enter the site because of it – wild claims remind me of spam.

    I did find the examples useful.

  13. There are a lot of really bad ones in here… Some are great, but others are plain garbage. Being “original” doesn’t necessarily make it good, as 99 proves for example. Readability is the most important aspect in a resume yet I didn’t even want to start reading 99.

  14. There are a lot of really bad ones in here… Some are great, but others are plain garbage. Being “original” doesn’t necessarily make it good, as 99 proves for example.

    • I have been in the position of hiring writers for ad agencies and also form internal creative/marketing departments for major international agencies. First of all, most people still have to apply online — and I many of these resumes could not be scanned by the hr dept software — which means you can’t even get in the door, because hr has to see them first, and then gives ME the ones they have pulled out as matching and appropriate. Secondly, if it came to me directly, I would find it REALLY irritating to have to “follow the yellow brick road” or go blind trying to follow something like #46 or #48. I would, quite frankly, throw them in the trash. Some of these are clean and attractive and colorful and eye catching. But my job – -and the job of my department — is to communicate information as quickly and clearly as possible to my target audience. The majority of these make it far more DIFFICULT for me to understand what the person’s experience and skills are — in other words, it’s a bunch of narcissistic masturbation, really. If it’s not clear and attractive and easy to understand at a glance — you’ve removed yourself from the competition. Maybe if you’re looking for a job as a fine artist…but ones like #80, #96 are just embarrassing (look like someone who’s 12 designed them — and a PHOTO?! never!) ; 80, 90 (REALLY?!) and #64, #67 — eeesh! And does #74 really think that a busy person has any interest in trying to decipher whatever this is? Into the trash it goes! I would FAR prefer a plain resume that is easy to read and easy to understand at a glance to most of these annoyingly overdesigned misguided attempt at…whatever. Far too many of these actually serve only to prove to me how terrible their sense of design (and how great their lack of taste and understanding of commercial communications) is. Presumably, that isn’t the goal?

  15. They say if you can’t take criticism then you’re in the wrong field when it comes to design. I speak from experience when I say that there are many GOOD examples in here. However, there are a ton of examples that I’d steer far far away from.

    I won’t single any particular one out but here are some things to think about. The goal of visual communication is to what..? “illustrate a message”! Here are some things that get in the way of that. 1. Wordy or hard to read text. 2. over the top complex graphics. I say this one especially because you want potential employers to what?…”read about you”, and complex graphics all over the place is too much to keep someone’s attention.

    One other thing, I notice everyone is sticking to the typical letter size format. I’ll just say this, it’s okay to break the rules.. By the way, the best “looking” resume in here is a tie between #82 and #63. Clean and inviting conceptually, flows easy and easy to read.

    • Mostly TERRIBLE ideas, with a couple of interesting ones thrown in. I’ve been in marketing and advertising for 20 years. Most of these, if they came across my desk, would go straight into the garbage can. They’re the kind of thing that SCREAMS “I’m in art school and I have NO understanding of the fact that commercial art and fine art are two different things…hire me, and you’ll be saying hello to temperament, ego and trouble from someone who doesn’t understand what we’re here to do…”

  16. Some really nice ideas. Goes to show that you can deviate from the usual CV layouts. I think that having a CV that catches a prospective employers eye could be a deciding factor in some cases.

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