50+ Grunge Texture for free download

To add background effects to your new or old design, you can do many things. One of those things can be, adding a new texture. That will keep your design fresh & artistic.

With many options available, today we will be adding grunge texture to our list of freebies.

All the texture images, in the list below, are linked directly to the download sources, and also have other formats, if needed. Do send us your textures, to add it in this list. We would be grateful with your submissions.

1. Subtle Grunge Textures

2. 6 Grunge Paper Textures by buzillo-stock

3. Bones Texture Stock

4. Dark Grunge Textures

5. vintage grunge textures

6. Victorian Grunge 5 High Res Textures

7. J. Harrison Texture Stock

8. Grunge Textures Pack

9. Victorian grunge texture pack

10. 4 High Resolution Grunge Textures by ImaginaryRosse

11. 20 Grunge Textures

12. Dark Light Grunge Textures

13. Grunge II Texture Pack

14. 7 XL Grunge Textures

15. Grunge Nebulae Textures

16. Grunge Textures v.0.4

17. Tileable Burnt Orange Industrial Grunge Textures

18. Hi-Res Yellow Grunge Concrete Textures

19. Grunge Texture vol.1

20. Grunge floral paper texture

21. 5 Grungy (Wall/Plain/Rust) Textures

22. 4 High Resolution Grunge Wall Textures

23. Natural Grunge Textures

24. White Washed Blue and Beige Grunge Patterns

25. Colorful Grunge Pack

26. 6 Concrete Grunge Textures

27. Grunge Textures and Patterns

28. Grunge Textures – 64

29. Grunge III Texture Pack

30. 5 Grunge Textures by GraphicsFuel

31. Vibrant Grunge Textures

32. Colorful Grunge Fabric Texture – 4

33. Grunge Package

34. Grunge II Texture Pack

35. Girly Grunge Textures

36. Vintage Grungy High Quality Leather Textures – 5

37. Autumn Grunge

38. Scratched Dark Grunge Texture

39. Grunge Texture ii

40. Premade Coloured Grunge Textures Pack

41. Grungy Bokeh Pack

42. Seven Striking Orange Grunge Textures

43. Cathedral of Grunge Textures

44. Dirty Grunge Textures Pack

45. Grungy Cement

46. Nyctophobia Grunge Texture

47. Green Grunge Texture

48. Hi-Res Grunge Concrete Wall Textures

49. Merlin Grunge Texture

50. Blue Scratched Grunge Texture