27 Best Video Editing Software of 2017 (11 Paid / 16 Free)

Editing a video in 2017 can’t get easier, with the latest technology and the new super duper video capturing devices like GoPro, the quality of raw footage has gone far better. Still, you should always polish a video if you want to impress someone. And if you are looking to become a professional video editor, then starting out with following tools will make the process quick and easy. In this article you will find twenty seven best video editing software (free and paid) that let you edit videos with the help of your computer.

Do check the section of frequently asked questions people usually enquire and hopefully this article will provide you ample of information about video editing.

Top 10 Best Video Editing Software 2017

1. Adobe Premiere Pro CCBuy Now ($19.99 / per month)

(Best overall performance and compatibility)

Platform : Mac, Windows

Adobe Premiere is the most sophisticated, user-friendly and feature rich video editor that is also cross platform, and it has huge number of output format choices for your convenience.

All the things you need everyday are covered with new features like audio remix, haze removal, video collage, enhanced face detection and adjustment layers focus. For Windows 10 users you also get the touch-friendly interface that is complemented with the good old Organizer app to keep photo, videos etc. in a more searchable organized fashion.

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  1. Henrie says

    You wrote about 20+ video editors and missed Bolide Movie Creator. How it is possible?
    It is really lightweight, easy to use, cheap, but powerful. Great choice for the beginners.
    I hope you’ll try it someday

    1. Jaspal Singh says

      Will try it .. if its worthy enough will list it as well.

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