Checklist For Traveling To The US – Get Yourself Ready For A Hassle-Free Trip!

Traveling To The US

Before traveling to the US, you need to get together all essential items which will make your journey as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Remember, the US authorities strictly screen all travelers so that only those who are authorized to enter the country can do so.

Key Details to Get Ready

US authorities require the following details from every individual who wants to travel to the US, so keep it ready along with the details of all who are going with you:

?    Full name as given in passport, date of birth, gender, nationality

?    Passport number and country that has issued it

?    The country that you live in and the address in which you will stay in the US

?    Alien registration number and redress number, if you have one

In addition to the above, you also need to take various items that you will need during your U.S stay as they will add to your comfort and safety. Here is a look at the checklist to be followed before traveling to the US:

?    Passport and Visa – Your passport must be stamped with an appropriate visa for entry into the country, but this is not needed if you are a visa exempted

?    ESTA – Get your ESTA ready and take a print out of it. Keep it with other important travel documents

?    Money – Decide early on how you are going to carry your money. Decide if it will be cash, travelers’ cheque or credit card

?    Tickets – Get your tickets for the date of journey either online or through the travel agent

?    Accommodation – Check out the hotels which offer comfort at an affordable price and make the booking online or through a travel agent

?    Driving & Phone – Look into the rules that have to be followed by travelers when they need to get around the city by driving and while using a phone.

?    Voltage – You will undoubtedly be carrying some electronic appliances, so check if they are compatible with US voltage

?    Medication – All mediation taken must be in their proper packing along with prescription

?    Travel Insurances– Do you have all travel insurance ready? If not apply right away

?    Contact numbers – Make a list of significant contact numbers of your family and friends in your local city and the US

?    Getting around – Read up as much as possible on how to get around and explore the city where you are staying

Follow the checklist to have all essential items available at all times and enjoy a fabulous journey and have a wonderful time in the US!

Image Credits: Traveling To The US from ilikestudio/Shutterstock