The Definitive List of Best Cities to Raise a Family in California

Best Cities to Raise a Family

Choosing a place to settle down and raise a family can be a very difficult decision. Although the country is filled with numerous liveable communities, finding the right balance between factors like job prospects, cost of living or safety can be very daunting. With the right guidance, however, you can find areas that suit your needs.

In fact, we’ve outlined the 5 best cities to settle down in:

  1. Los Angeles

With a population of roughly 4 million people, LA is arguably one of the best places to live, especially for young professionals. It offers a ton of job prospects, boasting a median household income of $58,385; a few thousands above the national average. The cost of living is high, as the average rent per year almost doubles the national average of $949. Niche grades education in LA as A+, i.e. of the highest quality.

LA’s weather is mostly warm, with temperature peaks in July to October. Los Angeles is also one of the most accessible cities in the world; which means you can visit relatives whenever you want. The crime rate in LA hangs in the balance; with highs and lows in violent crimes and property crimes respectively. LA’s major city resources are its bars, restaurants, parks and coffee shops which create an urban feel.

2. San Jose

With an overall niche grade of A-, this city has a diverse population of 1 million+, and boasts really excellent weather of long, warm summers and short, cool winters. San Jose boasts a large availability of high paying job prospects with an average household income of $104,234; twice that of the national income average. The cost of living in San Jose is high with an average rent of $1,970. However, the availability of jobs in the city offsets its cost of living, as 57% of residents personally own their own homes.

San Jose offers all levels of education, with many of its schools, public and private, well renowned in the country. The city is also safe to live in, although certain crime rates like motor vehicle theft, robbery and rape are above the national average. Proximity to family is not an issue in San Jose, as the city operates a light rail transportation system that gets you around neighbourhoods quickly. Being Silicon Valley’s largest city, San Jose boasts high technology and similar innovative city resources.

3. San Francisco

According to Niche, San Francisco comes in 2nd place on the best cities for young professionals in America list. The city is home to a population of over 850,000 persons. San Francisco offers a dense urban feel, which attracts young career-driven people. The cost of living here, however, is high with an average rent of $1,805; twice that of the national rent average. That being said, more than 60% of the populace pays rent.

San Francisco is a great place to find job prospects. In fact, the city’s average household income of $104,552 doubles that of the national average. Being home to many reputable firms, young professionals can secure gainful employment quite easily. San Francisco has good public transport, with its bus and metro system linking all parts of the city; but suffers daily traffic.

Where education is concerned, San Francisco has some of the best public and private schools in its city. San Francisco enjoys good weather, giving off the usual warm and dry summer and the cool and rainy winter. The city suffers a high crime rate, especially with the regular occurrence of burglary and robbery. San Francisco major resources are natural boasting high volumes of construction materials and energy sources.

Moving to San Francisco, here is some useful info to give you better insight into the city.

4. San Diego

Niche ranks San Diego among one of the cities with the best public school education in America. In fact, many San Diego public schools are highly regarded in the country. Having a diverse population of little over 1.4 million people, San Diego gives residents a mix of urban and suburban vibes. It is arguably one of the best places to live in California. The cost of living is high with an average housing rent of $1,611; and only about 47% own their homes outright.

San Diego offers many job prospects, with the city’s average household income amounting to $75,456. A lot of the residents hold some form of college degree, and its neighbourhoods are pretty safe, except for high crime rates of motor vehicle theft. The most exciting thing about San Diego is its never-ending circus of outdoor activities, with its weather being temperate all year round. San Diego’s natural resources are none other than its Bay, which contains beautiful shallow waters and intertidal shorelines. San Diego has a decent transport system, such as its MTS Bus system that connects to all areas of the city.

6. Sacramento

With a population of 495,000, Sacramento is one of the smaller cities in California. Regardless, it offers a rich urban suburban mix that attracts residents. The cost of living is not so high, with an average rent of $1,179. In Sacramento, 48% of the populace own homes, which is quite impressive. As per job a prospect, Sacramento does well enough, providing an average household income of $58,456 per year. Licenced health practitioners stand to benefit the most from Sacramento’s work opportunities.

Sacramento has public and private schools that provide top-notch education. The crime rate of the city is relatively low as neighbourhoods are very safe to live in. Except for the odd occurrence of motor vehicle theft, assault or robbery, Sacramento is one of the safest places to be.

The weather in Sacramento is split two ways: hot, sunny and dry in the summer; and frequently rainy during winter. Residents in Sacramento enjoy pretty decent transport system. You can easily move around the city by car, as there are numerous parking spaces across the area. Sacramento also has growing city resources in government and real-estate industries. The city is also credited with building many thriving companies in the healthcare, clean technology and agriculture industries.

Conclusion Overall, all of these cities are fantastic places to live and start a family. Our pick of the crop is San Francisco, because it is the perfect place for young professionals, like you, to establish meaningful careers.